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Best lacrosse backstop nets guide
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Well, it’s frustrating when you try to shoot on the lacrosse goal with all the efforts,

but you miss it

And miss once again.


Before you realize it, most of your lax balls are gone above from the lax goal.

Get a lacrosse backstop net and you’ll never shag a ball again or break your neighbor’s window.


The very main purpose of a lacrosse net is to prevent balls from going past the nets. Most of the time in practice sessions, the entire flow is broken as there are hardly any good backstop available. Also finding and collecting the balls is very tiring for players.

They allow you to freely shoot the balls as hard as you want without worrying about passing them over, or finding them again & again.

The Top Lacrosse Backstops in 2020

Best Overall : Smart Backstop for Lacrosse Goals , GEN 3

Best Value : EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder

Goal + Backstop :  Bownet 9.6″ x 17’6″ Portable Backstop

Best Nets : Net World Sports Freestanding Ball Stop Netting

[VIDEO REVIEW] See the Smart Backstop in Action (2 Minutes)

#10 Best Lacrosse Backstop Nets and the Cheapest Places to Buy

So you spend all your money on buying lax balls but what’s the point if you miss the cage all the time.

Here’s a solution: A lacrosse backstop!

Place a lacrosse backstop behind your net and forget about losing any of your balls.

Lacrosse Backstops are perfectly suited for the players who shoot anywhere woods, lakes or next to some old building nearby.

Don’t forget the drama in case you end up breaking someone’s window. A lacrosse backstop will protect you from such a mess and let you play your desired shot without second thoughts.

Important Note: There are two different types of lacrosse backstops and lacrosse ball stops that you can go for:

  • Lacrosse Goal Backstop : A Lacrosse backstop is placed just against the lacrosse goal, or at a 5 feet distance from the lacrosse goal. They are usually 10 feet in size. These barriers have a very narrow scope and sometimes they won’t be compatible due to the thickness issues.
  • Lacrosse Net Backstop: It is a lacrosse backstop that you place around 10 to 20 feet behind your lacrosse goal. These are larger backstops of 10×20 feet size. And these come with ropes and clips around the corner. This helps in fixing the backstop on field in a very tight & secure manner.
  • Replacement Backstop Netting: Get lax backstop netting from a variety of brands to replace your old & torn systems.

Best Lacrosse Goal Backstops

#1. Smart Backstop for Lacrosse Goals , GEN 3

The most advanced Smart Backstop with tougher, sleeker and smarter GEN 3 is here.

This smart designed backstops gets easily attached to goals and allows more shooting, less shagging and avoids broken windows.

It fits all regulation size, 6’x6’ lacrosse goals including goals with round or square corners and even goals with net lacing bars.

In lacrosse you can never become a pro sniper by shooting the balls in the middle of the goal.

A smart player aims to shoot at edges and this backstop encourages smart shooting. Being designed by Parents, coaches and players makes it the smartest backstop.

Product Key Features 

  • Practice Smart: Stop wasting time chasing balls and practice smart with this ultimate lacrosse backstop. The strong netting takes impactful shots without any difficulties.
  • Wide Coverage: This lax backstop has wide coverage around the goal which enables more shooting and prevents balls getting lost and shagging. No need to worry about anything as you shoot into the goal.
  • Easy Installation: Very easy to install and gets ready for the game in no time. No additional tools are required. The backstop is easy to attach to the existing goals. It can be folded quickly, and can stay on the ground near the goal.
  • Free Shipping in 24 Hrs : Yes, this product is shipped in just 24 Hours and FREE of cost.
  • Goal Not Included

#2. EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder

Shoot hard in the corners, in whichever direction you desire like a pro without chasing the ball for 100 of feet when you have EZGoal.

Say no to lost balls, dented garage doors and broken windows.

This Backstop Rebounder can fold forward for side shots and backward for game play. This backstop comes off from ground in no time.

A great tool to improve accuracy, performance and consistency.

Product Key Features 

  • Perfect for Practising Corner Shots: It is perfect backstop to practise corner shots like a pro without worrying about losing balls, breaking windows or running 100 feet to search those balls. Also, it folds forward for side shots very easily.
  • Easy To Connect & Remove: EZGoal backstop connects to all goals with bungees and it can be removed fast as well. Further by folding forward, side shots can be practised and folded back for: Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer & Football.
  • Backstop ( L x H) : 11 ft. X 8 ft. (335cm x 243cm) fits all 6’x6’ goals. And Goal Pro 4’x8’ spring rebounder pro-heavy duty net removes in no time for gameplay.
  • Tough & Powder Coated Steel : The tough & powder coated steel makes this backstop very strong. It has a 12-gauge rock solid welded folding system. It folds easily within a few seconds without the backstop.

#3. Bownet 9.6″ x 17’6″ Portable Backstop

This 17.6′ wide x 9.6′ backstop is worldwide preferred by Coaches & players for lax balls getting lost behind the net and maintaining spectacular views of the game for viewers.

It has a large overhang that protects from foul balls and can work as catcher during soft-toss, tee work, infield practices and more.

Bownet’s proprietary E.A.S. Technology (Energy Absorption System) makes it more durable than others.

Also, it helps to reduce stress and tension during netting, creates perfect balance as per needed.

It includes backstop netting, ground frame, four stakes, the BOW-poles, baffle net, and roller case for easy portability and storage.

One year manufacturer warranty is available.

Product Key Features 

  • Safety Sidewings: The 17 feet safety sidewings of Bownet’s backstop extends to provide extra protection from errant throws and shots played in lacrosse, baseball or other games.
  • E.A.S. Technology: Bownet’s proprietary Energy Absorption Technology makes it stand out from the rest. It diffuses ball energy throughout the net to extend its lifespan. Also gives more stability, balance and flexibility upon impactful shots.
  • BOW-Poles and Powder Coated Steel: The proprietary Poles and powder coated steel frame of this backstop have non-marking feet that prevents damage to floors. And provide stability and traction.
  • Superfast Installation: Set up this backstop in 3 minutes even with just two people and no tools. This is the fastest setup in the market.

#4. Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Backstop

Play hard and train longer by containing those stray shots in the lacrosse game when you got Franklin Sports Backstop.

This fiber tech backstop easily assembles to any 72 inch steel goal and covers 12′ wide x 9′ high area.

Don’t worry about missing corners and hitting windows or garage doors when you have this backstop.

This goal add-on allows you to play longer duration in shooting and less in finding the missing balls.

Designed for official use and as a training tool for all the players.

Product Key Features 

  • The Ideal Addition: Designed for official players Franklin Backstop is an ideal addition to the lacrosse goal. It works as the best option for backyard and recreational play.
  • Contains Stray Shots: The 12′ (w) x 9′ (H) backstop contains all the stray & rash shots by players. This helps to practice longer & get better at it.
  • Universal Steel Goal Clamps : Includes universal steel goal clamps that get attached as well as detach to the top corners of the goal. The net quickly attaches with 14 steel carabiner clips that allows easy set up & removal too.
  • Fits To Most Goals: This backstop is designed to fit to the most goals and improve the gameplay of every lax player.

#5. PowerNet 12 ft x 9 ft Sports Barrier Net

The 12ft x 9ft Barrier net by PowerNet is Built tough and ultra portable. It perfectly fulfils demands for the long season due to its toughness.

You can carry it on your own with the shoulder straps.

Train anywhere indoors or outdoors in any weather conditions like Rain or sunshine.

The double stitched seam makes this net durable to strong shots with added protection.  Another great feature of this net is protection of spectators and property from any kind of danger.

Product Key Features 

  • 12’x9′ BARRIER NET: This net is perfect for instant protection or backstop for any game. The large frame of this net allows larger hitting surface or protective area for players.
  • Easy Quick Setup / Ultra Portable: This net sets up in just 3 minutes with no tools required. Also includes ground stakes for added stability. These nets can withstand high impact shots very effectively. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere without any trouble.
  • Durable: The Powernet is designed to take the hardest hits, throws & shots without any damage. This knotless & polyester net with PU coating has steel frame and flexible fibreglass bow poles that provide steady base.
  • Train Anywhere / Anytime: Great net for indoor and outdoor use. It is perfect to protect spectators and players, tee work, hitting, pitching, batting, fielding drills. This portable net can be used anywhere, backyard, garage or any other field.
  • Includes : This includes Net, Frame, Ground Stakes, and Canvas Carry Bag.

#6. Flair Sports Pitch Back Rebound Net

The Flair Sports rebounder net is for Lacrosse, Baseball, softball and any other sports. The bright neon colors are loved by all players of all ages.

This heavy duty net is long lasting that live for many years.

The bright Neon Orange of this rebounder net increases its visibility that easily shows the player where to hit in the net.

It is a great product with even better customer service whenever you need assistance.

Product Key Features 

  • Heavy Duty: This is a Heavy Duty Rebound net of Highest quality with thickest steel frame. The great quality material makes this net durable for many years.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Stay away from the cheap lightweight nets made with low quality netting, cheap bungees and thin metal frames. This is a long lasting net manufactured with top quality materials.
  • Practice By Yourself : No, you don’t need a partner to practice with this net. The net will rebound whenever you throw at it like a trampoline. It can be used for throwing ground balls, fly balls and many more uses.
  • Flair Sport Guarantee: If you’re facing any kind of problems with the Net/ Striking Zone then Contact Flair Sports and your issue will be resolved in no time.
  • Help With Assembly: For any difficulties in assembling the net, contact the Customer Service for a video to help.

The Best Lacrosse Net Backstops

#1. Predator Lacrosse Backstop Barrier

Freestanding Netting 3mm Black [Misc.]

The Predator Sports Free Standing Backstop barrier truly sets the higher standards in terms of quality and reliability. Barrier system stands firm on its own with sturdy T-Bar construction.

This 10ft X 30ft net with black polyethylene netting blends into the landscape easily. Suitable to all kinds of weather conditions without any troubles.

Product Key Features 

  • Free Standing Uprights: This backstop net has 1 ½ Galvanized Steel 4 for free standing uprights. This makes the net unique and covers larger areas for preventing balls from getting lost.
  • Polyethylene Net: Being crafted with 3mm Polyethylene net makes it more durable and long lasting without any damage from powerful shots.
  • Fits Most Yards: 10ft wide 30ft height backstop net is an easy fit to most yards. You can practice for corner shots without worrying about balls passing over the net or getting lost in the trees.

#2. Brine Deluxe Lacrosse Backstop

The Lacrosse Backstop by Brine can go on Turf fields with no stakes needed at all. This 10ft x 30ft backstop has a 2.00 mm high extension polyester net.

It can withstand heavy wind, rain and even snow without any signs of wear & tear. Also, it stops the errant shots and throws very easily.

This prevents balls getting lost or breaking windows in the neighbors. Perfect for practice at home.

Product Key Features 

  • Extra Heavy Duty Free Standing Upright Poles: The Brine Deluxe backstop is an extra heavy duty with free standing upright poles. This makes the backstop stand sturdily on the ground without any troubles.
  • Easy To Assemble: Very easy to assemble this backstop as the instructions and guidelines are mentioned with the product. It can be easily set up within a few minutes and gets ready to play.
  • Perfect For Home: This is a perfect pick for practising all those pro level corner shots at home. It does its job of stopping rash shots very well. But it may not be that useful for school or club teams.
  • Goal Not Included: You must make a note that this product does not include a goal. It is a totally free standing Backstop.

#3. Net World Sports Freestanding Ball Stop Netting

Stop that ball system of Net World Sports netting is an excellent choice for the backyard, it works perfectly to protect stray balls from doing any damage.

This heavy duty impressive ball stop net system is suitable at any location, indoor and outdoor.

This is expertly designed with high quality materials, world class longevity is easily achieved with this ball stop netting.

10ft tall and available with 5 set lengths: 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft.

Product Key Features 

  • Backyard Ball Stop System: The freestanding design of this ball stop net makes it perfect for use in the backyards. This 10ft tall system protects your surroundings from damage.
  • Five Widths To Choose From: Choose the perfect ball stop net as per size of your backyard from five width options. Total 5 widths are available : 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft.
  • Extendable Ball Stop Nets: The net is designed with an inventive extender unit. The cutting-edge backyard ball stop net system allows the angle to be altered every 10ft which provides a fully customizable ball stop system.
  • Weatherproof Steel Frame: This sturdy freestanding ball stop net and post system is perfect for one year round use. It has a 34mm zinc plated steel frame powder coated for rust protection and 35in support legs, this is the ultimate outdoor system.

#4. Champion Sports Lacrosse Backstop Net

This 10×30 feet Backstop net by Champion is a foldable one.

You can train at ground or home as per your will. The 2.5mm height net easily takes powerful shots as it is manufactured with durable mesh netting.

Also, this backstop net is suitable for kids as well as young players who are trying to become a pro laxer. A great and trusted deal is waiting for you.

Product Key Features 

  • Pop Up Fence: This Freestanding, sturdy construction backstop by Champion sports can be set up anywhere on the field. The bright white nylon net is a perfect addition to your sports set.
  • Easy Setup: Quickly set up this foldable & collapsable 10×30 barrier net for backyard or field practice. It is made with tough mesh netting which withstands any hard shots during the practice.
  • For Any Skill Level :  Beginners, Intermediate or Professionals, this backstop net is designed to help players of any skill level. It aims to refine the skills of every player and improve them.
  • Versatile Design : The adjustable steel frame allows customized positioning . It gives players a contoured border for games and drills.

Replacement Lacrosse Backstop Netting

#1. Brine Backstop Lacrosse Replacement Net

How is this Backstop different from the previous one?

There are two main differences that this backstop requires stakes and ropes to tie down, and the lacrosse backstop is basically 2.5mm instead of 2mm.

The customers have found it very useful and effective.

Product Key Features 

  • 2.5mm Polyester Net: This is a 2.5mm high extension net polyester replacement net for 10ft x 30ft backstop
  • Heavy Duty Backstop Net: User is totally in love with this nice heavy duty backstop by Brine. It protects the lacrosse ball from going to any unwanted directions or getting lost somewhere.
  • Perfect Blend: The color of this net makes it easily blend in the background. You can’t see it but it’s there for added safety & protection.
  • Suitable To Any Weather: Yes, even in freezing winters, this backstop net easily takes the highly impactful shots. It can work amazingly in any kind of weather conditions.

The Final Word

Guess we are done with listing down the Best lacrosse backstop nets that are just perfect for you.

The most annoying & tiring thing while practicing is losing balls by stray shots over the nets or breaking property nearby.

But with a strong & balanced backstop net, you can shoot for corners and become a pro laxer.

What are you waiting for? Get up and start practicing right now!

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