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STX challenger lacrosse equipment bag
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Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks – Playing lax requires to wear a lot of gear for both boys and girls

Like lacrosse sticks, headwear, pads, cleats, gloves, jerseys, mouthguard, water bottle and much more.

But carrying all these equipment from lacrosse gear can be a tough job and frustrating too.

Here’s the solution for you:

You need the right lacrosse bag or backpack.

As the popularity of the game is growing, the quality of lacrosse bags & lacrosse backpack is improving as well.

Our Top 3 Lacrosse Bags in 2020

Best Guys: STX Challenger Lacrosse Bag

Best Girls: STX Essential Women’s Stick Bag

Best Backpack: STX Lacrosse SideWinder Backpack

The Top Lacrosse Backpacks (Guys & Girls)

Lacrosse Ball Bags and Lacrosse Backpacks are different from full sized bags and stick bags as they are worn like a backpack. The Ball bags are specially designed to store and carry balls for games while the backpack is designed to hold a gear.

But if you need a full sized bag to place your gear in backpack style, there are multiple choices available to check which one is large enough to hold all you got.

#1. STX Lacrosse SideWinder Backpack

The STX Sidewinder backpack comes with cushioned straps and back and two large pockets with vented mesh front pocket and outside clip.

Heavy duty base and jersey lined inside accessories pockets make this bag perfect for lacrosse and hockey athletes.

And the outside adjustable strap securely holds lacrosse or field hockey sticks. This bag is available in 3 amazing colors combined with Black.

Product Key Features :

  • Cushioned Shoulder Straps : This bag features cushioned and back panel which makes it comfortable to carry on shoulder for longer duration without any difficulties.
  • Adjustable Side Straps : With adjustable straps it is very easy to hold the stick properly and customise it according to the player’s need.
  • Two Large Compartments : The bag has two large compartments which ensure all stuff is placed properly inside. Also a vented runt pocket helps a lot.
  • Heavy Duty Base : The heavy-duty base of the bag makes it durable for longer duration without any danger of damage.
  • Dimensions : This bag is perfectly designed to carry most of your equipment. The dimensions are : 19.25 inch L x 14 inch W x 9 inch D.

#2. Brine Lacrosse Jetpack Backpack

Brine is a high quality brand of bag manufacturer which ensures quick delivery of all custom products. Wide range of custom colors in different sizes are available with durable material.

They also offer custom embroidery of team logos, names and numbers for great experience and fun for players. You can talk to the sales rep to know more about this program & get your team ready.

Product Key Features

  • Great Design & Quality : The Jetpack backpack by brine is designed by professionals who make sure it is top quality and durable for a long time.
  • Perfect for Kids : A perfect bag for children & teens who don’t need large space to place their equipment. But if you own larger pads then this bag won’t work for you.
  • Separate Pocket : A separate pocket in the front of the bag can hold cleats, chest protector, gloves, pennies, etc.
  • Adjustable Loops : The adjustable loops on the side of the bag can hold a stick by sliding into it.

#3. Harrow Lacrosse Gear Pack Backpack

The Harrow elite backpack is perfect for any multi-sport athlete. It has 3 large compartments with cushioned mesh backing which comfortably stores a gear.

Also, the stick holder on each side of the bag helps to be hand free and carry your lacrosse sticks without added efforts.

Product Key Features 

  • 3 Large Compartments : The 3 large compartments provided with this bag holds all of your equipment at one place. Additional space can be used to place jerseys or water bottles.
  • Stick Holders : The lacrosse sticks can be placed into the stick holders present on each side of the bag. It lets you be hand free and carry sticks with ease.
  • Added Durability : This bag is constructed with 600 denier fabric and reinforced straps which makes it more durable. It is highly durable than other bags available.
  • Cushioned Back : Back of this bag is made with cushioned mesh which makes it softer and comfortable for the player who carries it on or off the field.

#4. Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Backpack

Under Armour backpack is a great choice that is super durable, comfortable and full of space that holds all of your equipment at one place. You can definitely carry this one on your back every single day.

This backpack has everything you need, padded shoulder pads, tough materials and pockets on pockets. And this bag is available in total 17 amazing colors.

Product Key Features

  • UA Storm Technology : This exclusive technology delivers an element-battling, water resistant finish to the backpack. The bottom panel of the backpack is tough and abrasion-resistant.
  • Water Repellent : The front valuable pockets are water repellent which keeps the stuff inside dry and safe from water or moisture.
  • Pockets on Pockets : The soft lined laptop sleeve can hold a 15” sized laptop easily. Also, a large,gusseted front laundry or shoe pocket is placed at the bottom of the bag and two side water bottle pockets.
  • Adjustable HeatGear Shoulder Straps : Adjustable shoulder straps of this backpack ensures great comfort. It comes with one size which fits all.

Best Full Sized Lacrosse Gear Bags

A full sized lacrosse bag consists of multiple compartments, pockets and straps that helps to place stuff & carry it easily. These bags are perfect picks for boys and goalies as well.

Full sized lacrosse bags are designed to carry important gear, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, elbow pads, water bottles, clothes, cleats, chest protector and much more. These lacrosse bags are used by kids, adult players and even professionals.

#1. STX Challenger Lacrosse Bag

The 36 inch STX Challenger Lacrosse Bag is an essential for players to place their equipment. This bag features external straps for additional sticks.

The zippered pockets on the sides provide perfect storage for equipment and personal storage.

This bag can also be used by hockey athletes for storing their important equipment at one place. Choose from two sizes: 36 inch & 42 inch with black color.

Product Key Features

  • Outside Sleeves : The outside sleeve of the bag can hold multiple sticks that cannot fit inside. This allows more space for extra sticks.
  • Large Main Compartment : The large main compartment of the bag can hold all of your major equipment that you need on the field.
  • Small Accessory Pocket : The small items from gear can be placed in the specific small sized pocket. It becomes easy to place and find those small items in the bag.

#2. Warrior Black Hole Shorty Lacrosse Bag

This is the highest selling lacrosse bag by warrior with size 34″L x 10″W x 12″H. It contains multiple pockets to carry lax gear and dirty clothes separate from each other.

It is the downside version of the Black Hole bag but is 8” shorter. Also it has stick storage on the side of the bag.

Product Key Features

  • Toughest Bag : The Black Hole Shorty Lacrosse bag by warrior is one of the toughest bags with top quality material used.
  • Fits Extra Items : Extra sticks or other stuff can be placed without any worry in this bag as more space & pockets are provided.
  • Easy Cleanup : This bag has separate compartments for dirty clothes and important equipment from gear which makes it easy for cleanup.

#3. Maverik 365 Lacrosse Gear Bag

Maverik 365 is the ultimate lacrosse bag for ultimate players. It has vented stink lockers for player’s strongest days on the field.

The storage pocket can store wet/muddy/dry equipment.

365 is manufactured with a built-in stick holder that makes the job easier than ever before. Available in full size with black color.

Product Key Features

  • Vented Stink Lockers : Maverik 365 gear bag comes with vented stink lockers that are very helpful on player’s strongest days.
  • Wet/Dry/Muddy Storage Pockets : It can easily store equipment even if it is wet or dry or muddy in the storage pockets.
  • Built-in Stick Holder : The built in stick holder helps to carry the lacrosse sticks without taking much space. It also maintains the comfort of the bag.

#4. Maverik Monster Lacrosse Bag

This is a classic lacrosse bag for old school Maverik soldiers that don’t believe in bells & whistles.

It is sleek in design and doesn’t take much space, still has enough space to place your equipment inside.

It easily carries most of the gear equipment with some extra space left behind. The bag is available in multiple colors that can match your team.

Product Key Features

  • Team Bag : It is a lacrosse team bag which is sleek designed and comes in colors that your teammates are carrying on & off the field.
  • Heavy Duty Construction : The bag is made with heavy duty construction methods and reinforced handles that helps to carry the bag without any difficulties.
  • Marine Grade Zippers : The high quality Marine Grade Zippers makes sure the bag is perfectly sealed and the equipment inside are safe.

#5. Champion Sports Lacrosse Gear Bag

Champion Sports Lacrosse Gear Bag is the largest premium lacrosse bag available in the market which measures 44 inches long, 15 inches wide and 13 inches high.

It has an extra large compartment that stores all of your lax gear equipment easily.

Also it has a bunch of pockets to hold all of the extra stuff that the player needs on or off the field. Available in total 5 cool colors to choose from.

Product Key Features

  • Deluxe Size : The Champion sports lacrosse bag is the largest lacrosse bag available in the market. It measures 44” long, 15” wide and 13” high.
  • Stores All Equipment : The huge compartment easily stores all of the equipment including cleats, sticks, gloves, helmet, shoulder pad, elbow pad, etc.
  • High Quality Material : This bag is made with high quality material. A heavy duty, top quality nylon material with waterproof bottom lined with polyester . Also it has pockets with mesh and are ventilated on the side.
  • Full Length Stick Compartment : It has an extra long 44 inch stick compartment which makes storage and transportation of all kinds of lacrosse sticks.
  • Comfortable & Appealing Design : The bag has a waterproof bottom with adjustable & easy carrying padded shoulder strap. It’s side pocket can get easily detached for simple embroidery or screen printing.

Best Girls Lacrosse Stick Bags for Sale

Girls lacrosse bags are usually small sized and lightweight to carry gear equipment and transport them without much difficulties. Most girls use bags to store stuff like goggles, mouth guards, and cleats. There are some bags specifically made for sticks with additional pockets to carry clothes and mouth guards.

#1. STX Essential Women’s Stick Bag

The STX Women’s stick bag is a durable nylon bag. It stores upto 3 sticks which means you always have a back-up.

A shoulder strap is included to carry bags & external pockets are provided for personal items.

Available in multiple colors like Black, blue, navy and hot pink.

Product Key Features

  • Durable Nylon Stick Bag : This durable nylon stick bag stores upto 3 sticks and makes sure you have a backup option in case of emergency.
  • Large Top Opening : Unlike other bags this has a large opening which provides easy access to the sticks inside of the bag.
  • External Zip Pocket : The external zip pockets of the bag are provided for small items such as mouthguard, keys and wallet.
  • Strap Across Chest : Straps are designed either across the chest or over the shoulder to carry the bag easily.

#2. Brine Classic Girls Lacrosse Stick Bag

This lacrosse stick bag is truly a classic one.

It is made exclusively for women’s lacrosse. Though it looks sleek & simple, it can carry your lax gear pretty easily. It has good reviews from many parents and kids.

This 44” long stick bag by Brine is available in 3 different colors.

Product Key Features

  • Inner Mesh Pocket : This lacrosse stick bag has an inner mesh pocket that stores goggles and other small equipment from lax gear.
  • Moisture Resistant Liner : The liner of this bag is highly durable and moisture resistant which makes it a perfect bag.
  • Dimensions : The 44” long stick bag easily store multiple lacrosse sticks and still leaves additional space as a backup.

#3. DeBeer Lacrosse FLUSB Bag

This Debeer lacrosse stick bag is made with durable rip-stop construction.

These bags are closely related to the Brine & STX bags. The bag is 42” long with additional pockets for more space.

Available at a reasonable price with unique colors like Forst green and red.

Product Key Features

  • Unique Dimensions : This stick bag is uniquely designed with dimensions 42” long, 4” wide and 8” high. It holds a lacrosse stick perfectly in it.
  • External Goggle Pocket : An external pocket is provided at the top of the bag which stores Goggles, mouth guards which separates them from the lacrosse stick.
  • Printed Debeer Logo : Very cool and attractive Debeer logo is printed on the side of the stick bag.
  • Attractive Colors : Debeer stick bags are available in unique attractive colors like Forst Green and red.

#4. STX Bucket Ball Bag

STX bucket ball bags can be used by both boys and girls in lacrosse games.

It is a perfect bag for coaches, training sessions and warm-up games. It can hold upto 72 balls inside.

It is a heavy duty construction bag with top quality zippers which makes it strong & durable. A tough ball bag with a base that stands firm on the ground.

Available in Black color.

Product Key Features

  • Holds up to Six Dozen Balls : This ball bag by STX holds up to six dozen lacrosse balls which means almost 72 balls in it.
  • Sturdy Base Construction : STX Bucket bag is made with heavy duty zippers and a sturdy base which ensures the bag stands upright on grass or turf.
  • Perfect Shoulder Strap : The shoulder straps of this bag are perfectly stitched and are made with top quality mesh material. This makes them strong and durable too.

Lacrosse Backpack Buying Guide

There are specific lacrosse bags made for girls with stick holders which are small in size as compared to others. Because there is less space required. While for boys large lacrosse gear bags are available.

The top bags available for sale are personalized, with wheels for easy carry and water resistant to protect the equipment placed inside from water or bad weather.

Still the best lacrosse bag can’t be decided that easily as there are various organization, pockets, sizes and multiple colors.

[VIDEO] A Peak Inside Greg’s Lacrosse Gear Bag

The 3 Types of Lacrosse Bags

  1. Full Sized Lacrosse Bags
  2. Girls Lacrosse Bags
  3. Lacrosse Backpacks

Many teams buy their bags together to match with every teammate, you can still go out and pick what you really like and suits you the best. A perfect lacrosse bag is which carries all of your equipment and makes sure they are dry too.

Nowadays most of the bags are made up of canvas or waterproof lined polyester to avoid in or out of water. So a bag which is easy to open & close is the best option to resist water inside. In case you want to match your bag with your team then you have plenty of color options.

Should you buy a full sized lax bag?

If you are someone who needs to carry equipment and travel with it, as boy’s or girl’s and goalies too, go for a full sized lax bag. This bag will also give you extra space to store sticks and clothes as well.

For most girls, the backpack or stick bag is a perfect pick. There is no need for girls to buy the full sized bag as it will be a waste. You can store a stick either in a pocket or stick holder, and the extra pockets in a lacrosse backpack or bag can help you to place essentials organized.

The latest Scout lacrosse bags are sought after due to their attractive color combinations and wearability on and off the field. With Scout you can also design your own custom lacrosse bag of monogram quality with ease.

So, if you are looking for an amazing bag then forget the lacrosse bag clearance and invest in a bag that is made just for you.

Final Words

Yes, lacrosse gear is a must for protection purpose. And to keep all equipment at one place can be done when you pick the best lacrosse bags & backpacks.

Wasting time to find all of your necessary stuff from gear in a bag is always easier than keeping them scattered everywhere.

So, stop making your life on field hard and choose the best backpack that suits your requirements. And that’s a wrap for lacrosse backpacks and bags!


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