TOP 10 Best Lacrosse Arm & Elbow Pads 2020 Detailed Buying Guide

Best Lacrosse Arm & Elbow Pads – Have you ever been hit hard on your arm?

It hurts so bad and can cause serious injury.

So, if you don’t wear the right lacrosse elbow pads then you’ll end up getting hurt very badly.

Listen up:

This buying guide will show you the 3 keys to buy the best lacrosse elbow pads in 2020.

And guess what ? We have got you top 10 lax elbow pads of this season with the cheapest price.

Lacrosse is a fun game though there is possibility of multiple injuries and that’s why you need to be careful. So if you want to protect yourself from unwanted injuries then it is important to select the right elbow pads.

To make you choose the correct elbow pads we are here with a much needed detailed article.

TOP Lacrosse Elbow Pads For Sale 2020:

Best Overall: STX Cell 3 Arm Pads

Best Protection: STX Stallion HD Arm Guards

Lightest: Brine Clutch Elbow Pad

Best for Kids: Warrior Rabil NXt

Here’s Best Lacrosse Arm Guards…

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Arm Pads In 2020

Different playing positions require different kinds of athleticism and levels of protection during the lacrosse game. Also, your playing position decides the type of arm pad you’ll need.

In this detailed guide you’ll find lacrosse arm guards categorized on the basis of whether you play attack, defense or midfield.

STX, Warrior, and Brine lacrosse Elbow pads are the most popular brands among all.

Here’s the list of Best Lacrosse Arm & Elbow Pads

The Best Lacrosse Arm Guards For Attack

Besides Goalies, attackmen are the players who receive most of the abuse from anyone on the field. So, if you’re an attack player it’s important to wear the right and protective lacrosse arm guards. The best choice for attackmen is wearing a full lacrosse arm guard. You’ll be very satisfied to know that you have six feet of carbon fibre coming down.

There are different styles of attack which need different kinds of protection, too. Lacrosse arm pads with less padding will be the best option for you if you are a finisher with good off-ball movement. Considering the amount of slashes a dodger will take, he needs to choose a robust gear like lacrosse arm guards.

Though sometimes crease attackmen choose small lacrosse arm pads but any dodger will definitely have to take more hits on the field.

Don’t delay, get your lax arm pads now and be protected.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion HD Arm Guards

The New STX Stallion HD arm guards are crafted with High Def.

Polymer and material which makes it lighter than other products available. It weighs half of the other arm pads without compromising on the protection.

It comes with a full length breathable sleeve which enables ergonomic comfort and makes it easier to keep the pad in place all the time.

The STX Stallion products will keep you protected and allow you to run without reigns.

Product Key Features

  • High Def. Polymer : The STX arm guards are built with High def. Polymer which makes it stronger as well as light weight. It makes the pads light and allows free motion of arms on the field.
  • New Fit System : The arm straps for these Arm pads are improved and manufactured in a way to provide anatomical fit. It fits perfectly on the arms and does it’s job of protection just as you need it.
  • Breathable Sleeve : Full length breathable sleeves of these pads gives an ergonomic comfort to the player. Also helps to keep the arm pads in the right place at all times. So, it makes sure the qualities like Comfort and protection.
  • Improved Liner & Interior Silicone Nubs : These arm pads come with improved liner and interior silicone nubs. It prevents the pads from slipping and avoids any major arm injuries.

#2. STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards

The STX Cell 3 Arm Guards are designed with the patent pending Geo Flex Technology developed by STX. This new technology helps to disperse the energy evenly upon the impact without affecting it’s flexibility.

Also it works with the player’s body and helps him play better than ever before. These are pretty good against the slashes and provide good mobility and protection.

Product Key Features

  • New STX Geo Flex Technology : This Exclusive STX technology makes this arm guards flexible and lightweight in nature. It reduces the resistance caused by any serious hits or slashes.
  • Hard Plastic Elbow Cap : The new hard plastic elbow cap with these guards provides protection in a contoured and low-profile design. It helps to design the pads in a more protective way.
  • Innovative Strap System : Strap System for these arm pads is very innovative from the rest of the available products. It offers full range adjustability and eliminates the snags very easily.
  • 360 Degree Interior Silicone Nubs : Being manufactured 360 degree silicone nubs, these arm guards by STX are slip resistant and promise consistent support & protection.
  • Targeted Forearm Protection : The much needed targeted forearm protection from ground balls in lacrosse games is given by these guards. It gives you the coverage you would like to have for better protection.

#3. Maverik Rome NXT Lax Arm Guards

The Maverik Rome NXT arm guards are built for the offensive players who look out for a traditional protection profile without the bulk.

His is a slim-fit pad which is definitely a go-to-pad for going to the goal.

These are great arm pads with lightweight body, solid protection and much needed ventilation for a laxer on the field.

Product Key Features

  • Durastretch Technology : The Maverik Rome arm guard is made with the Durastretch Technology which ensures the pads are stretchable and allows the player to move on the field without any resistance.
  • Extendable Upper Portion : Unlike other arm guards the upper portion of these can easily extend by 1-2 inches. It allows the pads to cover and protect more area of the arm.
  • Moisture Wicking Liner : If you are someone who sweats a lot on the field then the moisture wicking liner of these guards will do your job. It makes the arm guards breathable and avoids you sweating too much.

The Best Lacrosse Arm Pads for Midfield

The Midfielders, be it Offensive, defensive or longistick they all generally run with less padding because of the nature of their game. You won’t get too many slashes or checks while dodging against a middie with a short stick.

Usually the middies can wear smaller arm pads with less padding as they don’t get the same kind of abuse that an attackman does against a defenseman. So the LSMs and defensive middies can go with lax elbow pads and lax arm pads depending on the involvement in the game.

If you love running off the field with some offensive lax possessions, then you need lax elbow pads. And if you like to take it to the cage then go for lax arm pads.

#1. STX Stallion 300 Lacrosse Arm Pad

The STX Stallion Arm pads are specifically designed for evolving players of the lacrosse game.

This stallion 300 pads provides the perfect comfort and protection that a player needs during the game.

With these pads on, the player focuses on the game instead of what gear he/she is wearing. It is available in very attractive colors like Blue and red.

Product Key Features

  • Three Piece Pad : Three piece pad makes the pads more flexible and a balanced fit for anyone. Also, it provides protection to arms from heavy and aggressive shots in the game.
  • 360+ Strap : The 360 degree strap of these pads makes them highly adjustable as per the player’s requirement and provides maximum retention.
  • Full Length Interior Sleeve : The full length interior sleeve makes sure the pad is Comfortable, soft in texture and breathable for ventilation.

#2. Maverik M3 Lacrosse Arm Pads

M3 Lacrosse Arm Pads by Maverik are specifically designed for the offensive players on the field. These arm pads provide protection without affecting the player’s range of motion.

These unique pads are very comfortable in nature and protect the middies from any kinds of unwanted injuries while running off the field.

Product Key Features

  • Maximum Comfort & Optimized Fit : The pads come with an unique sleeve attachment to the protective padding which allows for maximum comfort and optimized fit for the players.
  • Free Flex Seam Attachment : The Free flex seam attachment of these pads allows a player to open the pad without removing to disburse the heat at greater rate while resting after a tiring game.
  • Faster Evaporation : The 37.5 Technology Liner allows for faster evaporation of heat and sweat from within the pads. It also helps to reduce the smell of sweat.

#3. Maverik Rome NXT Arm Pads

The Rome NXT Arm Pads from Maverik are fantastic which are designed for expert level players.

These are versatile pads for players who do it all on the field. It allows unrestrained movement and eliminates the worry of a hard check.

These pads provide a comfortable fit with reliable protection from the aggressive shots. Available in Black color with Large size.

Product Key Features :

  • Durastretch Technology : Being made with Durastretch technology, arm pads gives a comfortable fit with much needed adjustments. This allows players to play without worrying about movement.
  • SharkGel Technology : The SharkGel technology hardens the arm pad at the point of impact to protect you where you need it the most. It reduces the impact of attacking shots with ease.
  • Moisture Wicking Liner : Moisture wicking liner of the pads keeps you dry from unwanted sweat and wetness. It also reduces the danger of smell.

The Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads For Defense

For a laxer who plays at defense, you will be very satisfied with smaller lacrosse elbow pads. The D-sticks hardly do any kind of offensive dodging, so the lax elbow pads are the best option. But yeah, you need to be aware of the attackmen who might try to come for your weakness.

If you’re someone with longstick and still getting consistently slashes then you’re probably doing a mistake, unless you are Michael Manly.

#1. Brine Clutch Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The Brine Clutch Elbow pads are all about Speed.

The clutch means speed, faster reaction to time, more freedom to react and getting every spot before anyone else.

Clutch line is designed to keep you one step ahead of the defense.

These elbow pads are made with anatomically fitting, weight saving and armor-reinforcing technologies which takes care of safety as well as comfort.

Product Key Features

  • Grid Flex : The Single piece construction with Grid-flex provides a flexible form fit. It makes sure the pad is fit to the elbow without any difficulties.
  • Compression Molded Foam : Compression molded foam of this pad absorbs the extreme impact easily. Also it makes the pad extremely light and low profile.
  • Ventilator Stretch Sleeve : This ventilator stretch sleeve provides superior fit, comfort and flexibility and keeps you dry from sweat.
  • No Slip Gel Print : The No slip gel print keeps the pad in the correct place very firm without fear being loosen off during the game.

#2. Brine LoPro Superlight Elbow Pads

Brine LoPro elbow pads are a new midline series of protective gear which is the lightest and flexible equipment made.

This is perfect for someone who is looking for lightweight elbow pads with less padding and protection.

These pads are thin, superlight which don’t slip or ride up. Available in 9 amazing colors and sizes ranging from Small to Large.

Product Key Features

  • Ideal Protection and Flexibility : The 1-piece compression molded pad provides an ideal protection and flexibility just as you need on the field.
  • Superlight : The pads are almost 36 percent lighter than other pads available. This helps to increase mobility and avoids any restriction in movement.
  • Contour Mesh Sleeve : Contour mesh sleeve of the pad helps to contour the pad according to shape and size of your arm. It provides a form fit without any slippage.

#3. STX Cell 3 Elbow Pads

The Cell 3 elbow pads by STX features patent pending Geo Flex technology by STX.

This new technology disperses the energy evenly upon the impact it receives while remaining flexible all the time.

These are lightweight, comfortable and protective elbow pads by STX. Available in pairs with white color.

Product Key Features :

  • Geo Flex Technology : Exclusive patent pending Geo Flex technology by STX provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance from the aggressive hits on the elbow.
  • Lower Maintenance Fit : There are no straps for lower profile which makes these pads low maintenance fit without any complications.
  • Lightweight Compression Sleeve : Comfort and breathability of this elbow pad is maintained with the help of lightweight compression sleeve. It makes sure the pad is a perfect fit and has proper ventilation.
  • Slip Resistant : The 360 degree interior silicone nubs improve slip resistance of the pads and helps to avoid slipping due to any reason.

Best Youth Lacrosse Arm Pads for Kids

All the younger players who are just getting started need to get more protective lacrosse elbow pads. To be honest, if you are someone who is still learning the game, you must get the maximum amount of protection which will be provided by Youth lacrosse arm pads. This will keep you safe from getting injured.

If you are not sure what to choose then look at what other players at your level are wearing to keep them protected. This way you will know what you really need, and the best way to pick one is to actually try one of them.

#1. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Arm Pad

Rabil Next Collection is specifically crafted for the Next generation of elite players including the performed floating coat and FLX mesh sleeves technologies.

These are highly recommended pads for youth players which fits perfectly and also protects very well. Available in X-small size with White color.

Product Key Features

  • Dual Adjustment Straps : Rabil arm pads have dual adjustment straps that help to adjust them as per player’s comfort. And the full length FLX Mesh sleeve keeps the arm safe.
  • Added Protection : This arm pad has internal plastic elbow cap and forearm plate for added protection as the young player needs it the most.
  • Available in 5 Sizes : Available in 5 different sizes like : M/L, YL, YM, YS, YXS.

#2. STX Lacrosse Stinger Youth Arm Pad

STX Boys stinger arm pads provide wraparound protection for forearm, elbow and bicep.

A high impact PE elbow cap is given for excellent protection. These are contoured for maximum coverage with minimum bulk.

The durable polyester construction is suited for multi-season play. Also, it has EVA foam in key areas, lycra sleeves with adjustable strap and super soft lining.

Product Key Features :

  • Synthetic : These arm pads are crafted with Synthetic material especially developed with beginner and youth players in mind.
  • Durable Shell Construction : The Durable shell construction of the arm pads makes it perfect for multi-season play.
  • Flexible & Lightweight : Perfect design makes it Flexible and being lightweight it is very easy to move on the field easily.
  • Custom Fit : No-Slip Spandex Sleeve with adjustable straps at top and bottom gives the custom fit according to player’s requirement.
  • Super Soft Liner : The super soft liner makes the pad very comfortable and removes moisture easily.

#3. Brine Uprising Youth Lacrosse Arm Guards

The Brine Uprising Youth Arm Guards comes with Adjustable dual arm straps with full length sleeves to create a comfortable fit for every player.

And the dual foam with internal cap system provides added impact absorption and comfort.

Available in Black color in different sizes: Medium and Large.

Product Key Features :

  • Synthetic : The arm guards are made with Synthetic material which makes sure they are high quality and durable without danger of any damage.
  • Dual Density Foam : The dual density foam with internal cap system provides added impact absorption and comfort to the player.
  • Light & Flexible : These arm guards are not too thick, so very light to carry and run through the field. Also it’s flexibility helps a player to move without any restrictions.

The Best Lacrosse Arm Guards for Box Lacrosse

#4. Gait Lacrosse Gunner Box Bicep Pad

The Gunnar Box Bicep pad has high level bicep protection with a heavy duty PC over foam construction. It has a velcro strap that directly attaches it to the shoulder pad.

For box lacrosse players, protecting a single hand or a targeted area is very important. So, bicep pads are the best one to do that job.

These are worn on the weaker side of the player to ensure the safety.

Product Key Features :

  • High Level Bicep Protection : A perfect and high level bicep protection for the box lacrosse players who needs bulk protection on only one side. It helps to take the aggressive shots easily while the player is dodging the hits.
  • Velcro Strap : The velcro strap of this bicep pad directly attaches to the shoulder pad which gives added protection to the arm.
  • Pad in Place : The bicep pad has the ability to secure the pad in place on the one side where most protection is required.

3 Keys To Picking The Best Lacrosse Arm Pads (Important)

We have previously talked about the importance of Lacrosse Shoulder Pads, just like them figuring out which protection works best for you depends on three key factors. Whether you need lacrosse elbow pads, arm guards or arm pads are dependent on these factors.

  1. Your Style Of Play
  2. How Much Abuse You Can Take
  3. Whether You Play Attack, Middie or Defense

Are you wearing the right one,?

There are 3 different types of arm protection to choose from. The first are arm guards, ideal for attackmen.

These are longer in length than other protective gears which covers the area above and below the elbow for more protection.

The second is Arm pads, perfect for middies which protects the elbow without a hard elbow cap. And the final one is elbow sleeves for defense.

These pads are capable of taking all the hits and protecting your elbows.

Choose Lacrosse Arm Pads for Your Style Of Play

Not everyone needs extra protection of full lacrosse arm guards, especially the guys who are real quick.

These guys will easily dodge the checks and keep their arms free from ripping top cheese.

But the extra lacrosse padding will take away their ability to move fast on the field and play aggressive shots.

While other players like to bull bodge through slides or back their way into the crease.

So if you are someone who runs on the ground, you need bigger lax arm guards for better protection.

How Much Abuse You Can Take With Your Lacrosse Arm Guards

It is not mandatory to gear up with a super protective lacrosse arm guard just because you’re an attackman.

You can definitely go with less protection, but you’ll have to be careful about the bruises and injuries coming your way.

At professional levels of the game, guys get better at moving their feet and avoiding nasty checks, and some players can take checks better than others.

But if this isn’t you, don’t you get discouraged. Getting injured and missing the game is the worst thing to happen for any laxer.

Do invest in the best lacrosse arm guards that give you much needed protection.

Do You Play Attack, Middie or Defense ?

There’s a small difference between lacrosse elbow pads, lacrosse arm pads, and lacrosse arm guards which can make a big impact on the way you play on the lax field.

Your pad requirements depend on the type of position you play.
Lacrosse is a fast, full-contact sport and investing in the right lax pads can make so much difference in the amount of protection and avoiding any injuries.

  • [Attack] Lacrosse Arm Guards : These give you the best protection just below your biceps and above your wrists. The lacrosse arm guards have a hard shell on the outside and extra padding inside to keep your hands safe from hits.
  • [Middie] Lacrosse Arm Pads : These are a little smaller and don’t have protective hard shells on the outside. But they are more comfortable, breathable and flexible
  • [Defense] Lacrosse Elbow Pads : Covers only elbows of your hand. So you must be aware of touching the ball too much as you will be wearing less protective gear.
  • [Youth] Lacrosse Arm Pads for Youth : Pads are specifically designed for kids and are in small size. The sizes are usually Small, or Medium and are labeled as “youth” or “kids” pads.

[Video] How To Size Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The Final Scoop on Choosing the Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads

At the end of a day, you need to pick one between Comfort and Protection. If you need more protection that means more padding is added. But it also reduces your mobility. And less padding means more comfort and easy movement on the field.
The best lacrosse arm and elbow pads are chosen based on the position you play, how you play and how much amount of slashes you can take without getting injured.

We have provided all the necessary guidelines that you need to follow so that you can pick the best and correct protective gear that lets you play with comfort and safety.

And that’s wrap for Best Lacrosse Arm & Elbow pads! Hope you enjoyed it!

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