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Lacrosse gloves are one of the most important lacrosse gear in the popular sport.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves protects a player from unwanted injuries and any kind of damage. These gloves serve the purpose of protecting Fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms from high impact lacrosse shots.

Both Men & Women wear lacrosse gloves to ensure safety and much-needed protection.

Gloves may differ according to the role of a player. For example: Goal tenders require different gloves than other players. This is why choosing the right lacrosse gloves from the variety available is very crucial.

You know what happens when we choose cheap gloves ? Our Stick handling and safety pays the price.

This is what happens..

Either the texture of gloves didn’t help to hold lax shafts firmly

The protection couldn’t withstand nasty slashes

There was no comfort to fingers & palm, no proper ventilation that made gloves smell like garbage.

And the ripped palms are the worst thing about those cheap & low quality gloves.

The Bottom Line :
You deserve much better. (Just the way your ex told you)

So if you’re looking for the best lacrosse gloves and level up your game then you are at the right place.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves for the 2020 Season:

Best Overall : Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Best Value : STX Lacrosse Stallion 100 Gloves

Best Youth : STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Gloves

Best Girls :  Brine Women’s Dynasty Glove (WARM)

Things to look out for :

  1. Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Grip
  4. Ventilation
  5. Price
    And that’s never enough.

We are well aware with the costly lacrosse gear. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you the best lacrosse gloves within your budget that are available on Amazon.
You’ll find lacrosse gloves by Warrior, Brine, STX, Maverik, and even Nike. All designs, all styles, all sizes.

Top Best Lacrosse Gloves in 2020

The list features of

  • Best Selling Men’s Lacrosse Gloves
  • Goalie Lacrosse Gloves
  • Girls Lacrosse Gloves
  • Box Lacrosse Gloves

Mark our words when we say you need to buy the best lacrosse gloves. If you still choose to buy cheaper ones, be ready to get your palms rip off, loose grip from stick and get injured too.

Hence, you must go for high quality & branded gloves.

The Best Selling Lacrosse Gloves for 2020.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Gloves

The new Stallion 50 Youth gloves by STX are made with 100% fibre with imported ventilated palm and gussets for improved breathability.

Also avoids smelling of gloves. They are lightweight construction in a robust polyester shell.They are applicable to positions Attack, Midfield, Defense, Faceoff for beginner skill level. Available in sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L.

Product Key Features

  • Ventilated Palms & Gussets : STX palm gives you ventilated palms and gussets that makes the gloves breathable & more comfortable. This avoids extra sweat to the palms and helps to hold the lax stick very firmly without slipping.
  • Lightweight Construction : These gloves are lightweight and made with a polyester shell that makes them stronger. Being light they are easy to carry, move hands freely and improve your game tremendously.
  • Aspirational Back-of-hand Design : The unique design of the gloves helps to have better grip from the back of hand. It gives more stick control during passing the ball from one player to another.
  • Multiple Positions : Another great thing about this gloves is you can use them for multiple positions. Be it you’re player at Attack, Midfield, Defence, Faceoff.

Just go through the reviews on Amazon & you’ll know how amazing this gloves are!

#2. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

King Superlight 2 by Brine is the lightest lacrosse in the world. But Don’t take it lightly.

A glove that is light, flexible and never compromise performance.

These gloves keeps you cool during heat by providing ventilation. Textured Nash palms that improves grip, gives extra confidence and control in the game.

Available in attractive colors like : Red, Carolina, Maroon, Navy, Orange, White, Royal.

Product Key Features

  • Superlight & Perfect Fit : King Superlight are the lightest yet very protective lacrosse gloves. They fit perfectly to the hands without even makes you feel if you have them on.
  • Ventilation : TruVents ventilation provides the much needed ventilation to the backhand that keeps your hands cool when there is too much heat.
  • Floating Cuff for Faceoffs : Floating cuff around wrists gives you protection during faceoffs and scooping the ground balls effectively.
  • Textured Nash Palm : This superlight gloves has Textured Nash Palm which helps for better grip on the stick. Also gives much better feel & confidence during the game.

#3. Epoch Lacrosse id Gloves

High Performance, Lightweight, Flexible, Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie and Defensemen

The id gloves engineered with many of the similar features found in industry leading Integra gloves. These gloves provide great protection without neglecting protection and comfort.

The flexible thumb keeps hands agile with comfort and the triple foam stack adds more protection & ventilation.

Available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Product Key Features

  • Find Your Identity : Epoch id Lacrosse gloves are just made for emerging players. These gloves are engineered with most of the popular features & technology that promises to provide comfort as well as top quality performance. If you’re looking for high performing & safe gloves then epoch id is the best one for you.
  • Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam : These gloves are created with three layers of dual density foam in form of layers. It is a stack like structure in which softer foam on bottom layer while denser one on upper for protection. It ensures comfort & safety, both.
  • Extended Cuff : All laxers wants cuffs that move swiftly without sacrificing the protection. Most of the gloves available do provide protection but they are either too bulky or too heavy. Such gloves not only adds extra weight but also restricts the movement. But the extended cuff in these gloves allows protective portion to remain out of the way when you flex your wrists.
  • Nash, Vented and Reinforced Palm : Gloves by epoch are constructed with material that never compromises on comfort, safety & ventilation. These gloves ensures Nash, Vented and Reinforced palms.

#4. Warrior 2017 Evo Gloves

The Evo collection by Warrior achieves the perfect balance on-field performance and the most innovative technology in the game.

These comes with New Authentic Pro Palm for more comfort and extended durability.

The New Bone System of molded PE (poly-ethylene) board layered in with other foam in key impact zones provides superior impact performance.

Also, the Truvents and Wartech liner provide great ventilation and kick off unwanted moisture.

Available in sizes from Small to Large in two attractive colours : Black & Royal Blue.

Product Key Features

  • New Authentic Pro Palm : Being engineered with New Authentic pro palm, Evo gloves will make you happy with more comfort & better flexibility. This also increases the durability of gloves and prevents from early ripping off.
  • New Bone System : Molded PE (poly-ethylene) board New Bone system helps to improve performance in key areas. It hugely affects player’s accuracy and makes the game easier.
  • Truvents and Wartech Liner : Truvents & Waretch liner avoids your gloves to smell that will irritate your teammates. The liner solves the problem of ventilation quite well & make your gloves breathable.

#5. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Glove

If you’re one of those laxers looking for a high performing gloves in every aspect possible, Maverik M3 Glove is the one for you.

These are totally different from other maverik gloves. Traditional fit & additional volume for fingers allows for extra comfort & flexibility.

These Gloves are very soft and natural feel with Ax Suede and the inhaler mesh palm allows for more airflow through it.

Available in 4 different colours: Black, Red, Royal & White in Medium & Large sizing.

Product Key Features

  • Traditional Fit Profile : Difference between other Maverik gloves & M3 is the traditional fit and extra volume in the fingers and in the back of the hand. These extra features provides much needed comfort & mobility and control.
  • 37.5 Technology Liner : No one wants to play with dirty & sweaty gloves. The 37.5 Technology liner helps to evaporate the sweat and heat from within the gloves. This liner technology makes sure that your gloves smell fresh & doesn’t spoil your mood in the game.
  • Soft & Durable : Being crafted with AX Suede, these gloves are soft and very natural to feel on hands. This also makes them more durable than other hard & uncomfortable gloves.
  • More Airflow : The extra sweat not only produces smell but also makes your hands slip easily. The inhaler mesh palms allows air to pass through the gloves & eliminates the problem of slipping from sweat.

#6. STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Glove

STX Lacrosse Cell 4 is a Next generation of protective gloves designed for any playing style.

Chosen & recommended by pros, this glove is designed for the elite player seeking durability, comfort & functionality.

It is crafted with newest technologies and ensured protection.

Available in 6 colors: Black, White, Royal, Red, Grey & Navy. And sizing from Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.

Product Key Features

  • Stretch Thumb : Unique design that allows to move & rotate thumb freely and avoid any serious injuries. Stretch thumb is one of the coolest technologies used in these gloves.
  • Power Fit : Comes with Power fit that provides wide volume in the back of the hand. It is perfectly suited feature for the power players. It enables more volume & wrist flexibility.
  • Geoflex II : Patent pending technology that gives flexible protection on the back of hand & thumb. You’ll be able to maintain a high level of movement & feel while remaining protected.
  • Flared Cuff : New technology of flared cuff promises another cool feature to these gloves. It increases wrist mobility of a laxer & help to perform better on the field.

#7. Maverik Lacrosse Charger Glove

The CHARGER is the perfect glove to begin your quest for the kingdom. It is created from the same DNA as the Rome glove.

Engineered with latest DILLOWFLEX technology that provides amazing mobility with these gloves.

Comes with padding that ensures protection without restricting the movement of hands.

Available in Sizes: Small & X-small in Black colour.

Product Key Features

  • Total Mobility : DILLOWFLEX technology provides total mobility which helps to tackle whacks from sticks. Unlike other gloves, these do provide back of hand protection with flexible hands.
  • Increased Protection : The Industry first entry level wrist cuff that increases protection required in the game. Wrists injuries can be very dangerous to deal with. These gloves works perfectly to increase protection.
  • Better Feel : AX SUEDE Palm material is used in these gloves for better feel and grip. It allows a player to hold lax equipment firmly without slipping.

#8. Brine King 5 Gloves

Last in the list but not least at all. Brine King 5 Gloves are crafted with patented arch-tech which improves flexibility and venting with extra protection.

These gloves assures to absorb the maximum impact from impactful shots. Super comfortable to wear, perfect ventilation & improved feel.

Black & White attractive glove in size 12”.

Don’t forget this is a single glove not a pair.

Product Key Features

  • Skylight Protection : King 5 gloves by Brine gives you skylight protection that absorbs maximum impact from attacking shots. Prevents from serious injuries and fractures on fingers.
  • Patented Arch Tech : This latest technology improves flexibility and venting with extra protection. Helps to use wrists and fingers more freely with comfortable feel.
  • Ventilator : Ventilator fresh liner of the glove helps to keep them dry and odor free. It makes glove breathable by avoiding extra sweat.
  • AX Suede Palm : This palm with mesh makes the glove more comfortable & water resistant. You don’t need to worry about getting them wet by sweat or rain.

The Cheap, But Still Pretty Good Lacrosse Gloves

These lacrosse gloves are cheap yet best sellers for years and recommended by many laxers. Though they are not made with latest technology, does their job perfectly.

If you’re a beginner and looking for gloves that protects your hand in affordable price then go for following gloves. They might not have all the features like expensive gloves still keep you protected.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 100 Gloves

The STX Lacrosse Stallion 100 gloves are ergonomically constructed with maximum mobility.

The finger and top hand area and is constructed from dual density foam for added protection.

Stallion HD Gloves are suitable for entry level lax players available in cheap prices. Get these gloves now in Black & Yellow colour in Small & X-Small sizes.

Product Key Features

  • Dual Density Foam : Added protection is made sure with dual density foam padding. This soft padding protects back of hand & fingers from hard blows in lacrosse game.
  • Improved Fit & Flexibility : The new two piece cuff design and construction of these gloves gives improved fit & flexibility for better game.
  • Entry Level Player : Stallion HD gloves are perfect for entry level players that promises protection & comfort which is much needed for every player.

#2. Brine King Superlight III Gloves

Superlight III gloves by Brine are quite similar to the king V. These gloves sets itself apart with the prevent technology and ax suede tempo palm.

These attributes allow for the glove to minimize its weight while maintaining a dry palm atmosphere with comfort.

Available funky colour combination of Black & White, Red & White and White of sizes: 10”, 13”.

Product Key Features

  • Maximize Comfort : The Backhand & Break Pattern is similar to King V that gives your hands maximized comfort.
  • AX Suede Tempo Palm : This new feature of palm with index finger overlay increases the palm durability. Also gives better feel & grip on the palms.
  • Airflow & Ventilation : Latest Truvents technology in backhand & palm allows air to flow through gloves. This makes sure perfect ventilation & keeping the gloves fresh without smelling.
  • Ventilator Liner : The ventilator liner of gloves keep your hands dry and cool. No need to worry about sweaty & smelly hands like before.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves for Sale

The Lacrosse Gloves listed above already make great gloves for goalies. Yet we decided to share our favourite pick for all the goalies out there.

#1. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

The Brine King Match 3X Goalie Glove features backbone finger-protection technology and offers flexibility and comfort. It helps to prevent hyperextension Mesh between fingers increases breathability of the gloves.

Wrapped thumb offers optimum ball contact zone and the laterally wrapped backhand improves glove shape and comfort.

These Latex foam gloves comes in three colours: Energy Red, Hi Lite and White/Silver/Gold with sizes from 4 to 10”.

Product Key Features

  • German Latex Foam : 3mm German latex foam with 2mm backer provides a smooth & comfortable feel to your hands.
  • Breathable Mesh : The breathable mesh glove body prevents your hands from extra sweat & smell. It looks super cool print embossed EVA backhand.
  • Backbone Protection : The improved backbone protection system helps to prevent Hyper-Extension. This adds more security to gloves.
  • Wrapped Thumb : Elasticized wrist cuffs & wrapped thumb offers optimum ball contact zone. And Laterally wrapped backhand improves glove shape and comfort.

Top Girls and Women’s Lacrosse Gloves

Yeah, Lacrosse for women is not as rough as men, but women get injured too. So they do require proper protection gear to prevent all kinds of injuries.

Don’t expect a long list here again. Here are the lacrosse gloves for women highly recommended highly on Amazon.

#1. Brine Women’s Dynasty Glove (WARM)

Mesh Gloves specially designed for Women.

Dynasty gloves are most popular gloves perfectly suited for warm weather. These are lightweight & flexible gloves made for faster reaction & speed.

If you’re someone who runs moves fast on the field, then dynasty is for you. Pick from three colours: Blue, Black & NPK in all sizes from X-Small to Large.

Product Key Features

  • Lightweight & Flexible : These lightweight & super flexible gloves are great option for everyday use. Be fast & accurate with this great fit gloves.
  • Dual Density Foam : Knuckles and Backhand are protected with softer Dual Density Foam. These key areas are most prone to injuries, which are protected perfectly using these gloves.
  • Flexible Stretch : Flexible stretch mesh & Lyrica makes these provides comfort & fits to hand without any imperfection.
  • Updated Palm : No need to worry about stick slipping from hands. This updated palms gives you natural & ultimate grip to handle stick & ball without slipping.

#2. Under Armour Women’s Illusion Lacrosse Field Glove

Illusion Lacrosse Field Gloves crafted with molded foam technology that provides great protection and flexibility.

These are made for ultimate fit and adjustment as per need of the player. Works great even in rain and absorbs the moisture very effectively.

Available in colours like Black, Navy, Pink, Red and multiple sizes.

Product Key Features

  • Molded Foam Technology : This latest technology of Molded foam provides Great protection and flexibility. It makes sure you’re active and protected on field.
  • Ultimate Fit & Adjustment : Another new technology of Quick Pull Closure helps to adjust the gloves as per your need. It makes the gloves fit perfectly & improve your game.
  • Moisture Transfer : Heatgear delivers superior moisture transfer and keeps your gloves dry and odor free. This avoids your gloves from being sweaty or smelly.

5 BIG Things When Buying the Best Lacrosse Gloves

Go through these 5 Big factors that every laxer needs to know before buying new lacrosse gloves. We will cover everything in detail about Comfort, Protection, Grip, Ventilation and Price.

1. Comfort

The first & very important thing to consider while buying lax gloves is Comfort. Your game will be highly affected if your fingers don’t fit right or your gloves are either too big or too small for you. So, you must make sure that your gloves fit snug, also feels comfortable to your palms. Your gloves shouldn’t loosen up when you try to make a fist during game.

Lacrosse Gloves comes in different sizes as following:

  • (Youth) Small Lacrosse Gloves: 8″ – 10″
  • Medium Lacrosse Gloves: 12″
  • Large Lacrosse Gloves: 13″
  • Extra Large Lacrosse Gloves (XL): 14″
  • Large Lacrosse Gloves: Size 13” is the most common sizing that fits well to the players of age 15 & above.

If you are a beginner or buying for a new lacrosse player then go for smallest gloves of size 10” which comes with a complete lacrosse starter set. These gloves are perfect for kids between 6-12 years.

And if you’re someone with huge & strong hands then, go for extra large lacrosse gloves 14” size.

If your gloves aren’t comfortable then you will waste so much time on adjusting them.

That can cost you many games. Therefore comfort is very important factor with the gloves you choose on field.

2. Protection

This is the reason why you’re here, right? Protection is the main purpose of these gloves. Lacrosse gloves helps to protect you hands and palms from those nasty slashes & checks.

And if you’re a goalie then you have specially manufactured gloves with more padding. This promises more protection from powerful 100MPH shots.

But this doesn’t mean you need to go for heavy gloves. Lightweight yet super-protective lax gloves are in the trend now.

For example: Maverik Rome NXT gloves are very lightweight, still damn protective.

Don’t forget : Choose the gloves whose padding covers both your hands and wrist completely.

The main reason why you’re purchasing gloves is the protection they provide to your hands. And if this requirement isn’t fulfilled, then it is a total waste product.

3. Grip

Another important feature of gloves is grip. If your gloves aren’t made with quality material & latest technology, your hands will slip easily. This will result poor handling of lax stick & degrade performance.

The worst thing about cheap gloves is the palms rip off easily. Such loose grip gloves can cost you a game & huge embarrassment. So do test your gloves properly before wearing them on a game day.

Remember this:You must buy the gloves that are proven best for years.

The lacrosse gloves we list below comes with firm grip that never loosen up or rip off your palms or affect your stick handling during the game. Never ever go for cheap gloves or you will regret later.

4. Ventilation

Do you wanna be that guy on the lax field with smelly gloves? Absolutely not, right? The reason behind those sweaty & smelly gloves is lack of ventilation. This will make your hands slip easily on the stick.

Your gloves must have ventilation holes that allows air to pass for your hands to breathe and avoid extra sweat & smell.

The top quality lacrosse gloves have perfect ventilation that makes them breathable & have perfect ventilation. These gloves promises ventilation without compromising the protection.

Having proper ventilation ensures your hands are dry, hands firmly on stick and lax bag smelling fresh like never before.

The Final Word

We are done with listing the detailed list of Best lacrosse gloves that will satisfy all your needs & expectations.

People often ignore important factors like Comfort, Protection, Ventilation, Flexibility of gloves & go for the cheap ones that rip off in no time.

And we assure you, after reading this article you will definitely make the best choice without any second thoughts.

So wear your perfect lacrosse gloves & go out on the field to impress everyone with your top-class game.

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