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If you invested in the bad lacrosse goal and net and start on your Lacrosse journey, there is a lot that can make or break your practice.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a budding aspirant as getting started on your venture can be as important as keeping in the game.

For a good practice session, not only do you need a good rebounder, but a goal post plays an equally important role in strengthening your skillset.

It isn’t surprising that Lacrosse goals can be pretty expensive, and it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to make this investment without knowing what you’re signing up for.

The better the equipment you train with, the more you can concentrate on your actual task at hand.

That’s why we have come up with a pretty comprehensive list of some of the best Lacrosse goals on sale in 2020.

The Best Lacrosse Goals for Sale in 2020

Let’s begin to take a look at some of the actual products out there.

We have come up with an equipped descriptive list to walk you through some of the best Lacrosse goals on sale in 2020.

There is a meticulous description of the make, size, pricing and specific features for each of the products to help you navigate through what ticks your boxes to make the perfect Lacrosse goal.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s get started!

#1. SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal

Build: A 1.5 inch thick steel frame for the goal post, a 3mm braided lacrosse net with holders.
Dimensions: 6 x 6 lacrosse goal post.
The SGS lacrosse goal is the perfect choice for your back yard gameplay. It is lower on the price rung which makes it more affordable for beginners and those looking out to start a little practice in their backyards.

It has a well build steel frame and standard size for practicing multiple skills.

Another merit lies in the portability factor.

If you are someone who wants to carry a goal for practice on a daily basis and then bring it along later, this can be a good option.

Even though it is not foldable, the metal strings rods and net are not too heavy and can be easily carried.

This makes a good balance at the price point and quality of product at availability.

If you’re an aspirant who’s just starting out and wants to invest in an affordable but good quality product, this is the one for you.

#2.Gladiator Lacrosse Goal

Build: 2” steel frame with welded corners, 90 % polyester 10 % cotton product
Dimensions: Official 6 x 6 lacrosse goal as per regulation size.
Another good quality lacrosse goal in the cheaper price range.

Gladiator is one of the popularly sold goal posts and is often found with discount offers despite being in the lower price range as it is.

This is a really good product for the price being made of 100 percent steel. There is also a lacrosse goal shooting net backup included which makes it real value for money.

It has welded corners and a rust proof coating with orange over zinc coated steel.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or professional; this stands to be one of the best products in the market hands down. No wonder, it is so popular in the first place.

If you don’t want to experiment with features and want a standard basic good quality product, this is definitely the product for you.

#3. SKLZ Quickster Folding Lacrosse Goal

Build: Heavy steel and fiberglass frame, folding lacrosse goal
Dimensions: 6 x 6 lacrosse goal as per regulation size
If you want to go for something more sturdy and heavy duty you can look into this product. It is lightweight and portable in its design.

This a folding lacrosse goal with tension- tite technology to help ensure goal depth and ball retention.

One of the best made products to ensure premium game play. Ground stakes and carry bag are also included within the price which is a good bargain.

If you’re looking for a real heavy duty, portable product with some sophisticated considerations to improve gameplay, this is a good product for your backyard.

This can be a good product for intermediate and higher level players who want to experience a better equipment receptive to a higher level of gameplay.

#4. Bownet Folding Lacrosse Goal

Build: a rigid steel frame, BOW-poles, and a tear resistant netting, Folding lacrosse goal
Dimensions: 6 x 6 lacrosse goal, 25 pounds
Bownet is a brand that offers consistent good quality lacrosse equipment. The bownet goal is a foldable lacrosse goal with a good quality construction.

It uses the EAS technology to diffuse ball energy throughout the net to offer more stability and a much better gameplay.

It is definitely one of the more sophisticated products and the most expensive one on today’s list.

The folding nature obviously makes it super portable which is great if that is something that you are looking for.

With an added flexibility and premium features this is a high end product that is best for professionals.

If you have some extra bucks to shed, you can invest in this good quality lacrosse goal post.

#5. Official Predator Lacrosse Goal (High School)

Build: 1.75 inch powder coated steel frame with a 5mm lacrosse goal net
Dimensions: Official sized 6 x 6 lacrosse goal and height
This is a high school version of a lacrosse game goal with a heavy duty steel construction.

This is one of the products which can be great for school grounds that need to keep in line with the regulations.

This fulfils all the high school requirements while exceeding expectations in its capacity to offer some pretty good features.

It is moderately priced but pretty heavy duty which justifies the few extra bucks it costs.

This is not a good option if you are looking for a portable goal as it’s heavy and non-foldable.

However, it offers and decent make and will be great for practicing any skill by students and even intermediate players.

#6. Official Champion Lacrosse Goal (NCAA Collegiate)

Build: A 2” thick steel piping with a one piece welded top rail, Includes a 5mm polyester lacrosse net
Dimensions:NCAA regulation lacrosse goal (6 x 6 lacrosse goal), weighs 114 pounds.
Features:This is an official pro sized goal meant for professional use. The plus here lies in the price range which even though not minimal provides a good range of features as compared to some of the products out there.

It is sturdy and durable with a weatherproof galvanized steel framing and a welded top rail.

It is suitable to build any type of skill for beginners, intermediaries and advanced level players all the same.

You can practice shooting in your backyard with this easy to assemble goal post.

If you want a heavy duty goal built to last, this might be the one for you. It also has a flat bottom goal base for a official style game play.

This is a great professional product which lies in a good budget range.

#7. Official STX Lacrosse Goal (High School)

Build:1.7” thick steel piping with rounded edges for the goal post, with a 3mm polyester net
Dimensions: a 6×6 lacrosse goal as per high school regulations.
It is a high school version Lacrosse goal with a orange powder coated finish to it. This can be compared to the NCAA goal in the official category but with certain differences in features.

If you’re looking for a proper heavy duty goal, this isn’t the one for you.

The frame is made to be safe with rounded edges for school use but doesn’t weigh as much.

It comes with a polyester net, lacing bars and can be assembled with ease.

This can be a good Lacrosse rebounder for kids beginning into the sport or someone starting out with some light practice.

Best Lacrosse Goals & Nets Buyer’s Guide

Before we start talking about these much-loved products, the first question that comes is –‘What is it that you’re looking for?

You might be a new player or someone who has been playing for years, in each case your requirements will be different.

What Do You Need?

When buying new sports gear people are often caught up in wanting to get the best set of features and probably even the single best product available That is, however, not a very good shopping strategy to help you to find what suits you the best.

Going over budget for features in a piece of equipment that you will not even use will truly be a waste.

Sometimes one even tends to opt for high end features just overwhelmed with enthusiasm and motivation to learn the sport.

Keep in mind, you can always upgrade to a more professional product.

However, a high budget investment that you regret later cannot be undone.

Have a strategy!

Are you chasing your dream equipment like a wild goose? Don’t! It is no news that a plethora of products and features are out there to overwhelm one out of their wits.

You want it all, and you want it now! This is what leads you to invest in the wrong product when you are just trapped by how exciting something looks.

Without a strategy for what you want to look out for, your search is truly in vain! But how will you know what you need to look out for?

To help solve this dilemma, we have come up with an easy buyer’s guide for you.

Don’t know the technicalities?

Don’t worry about it! Just ask yourself some simple questions to know exactly what you want.

This is the part where you need to read along carefully.

If you’re new or don’t know what features make or break a lacrosse goal, here is a buyer’s guide that will answer all your queries.

Ask Yourself These 4 Simple Questions!

You are just four questions away from exploring the perfect goal equipment for your practice. Pro tip- Don’t get carried away by what looks good and try to stick to what you need. Let’s begin!

Q1. What Size Lacrosse Goal to You Want?

The first question you can ask yourself is how big or small do you want your goal post to be. This can help to eliminate a lot of products that do not fit your size requirements.

The standard size of most goal posts according to regulation stands to be 6 x 6 feet. This is the standard official size.

However, there are larger and smaller sizes available that you can pick for your use.

Maybe you have a small backyard and want to fit in a mini goal post. Then you can look into those options specifically.

For the purpose of this guide, we are going to talk about the standard sized goal posts i.e. 6 x 6 feet.

This size is compulsory for some schools and sports regulations for some areas. Decide on the required size and then proceed to the other particulars.

If you’re not sure about what size to go for, then I’d suggest sticking with the standard 6 x 6 feet goal post for now.

It is excellent for gameplay and practicing some skills on your own.

Q2. Do You Need an Official Goal or One for Practice?

You need to narrow down what kind of lacrosse goal post you want. What is the purpose for you buying a goal?

Is it for an institute for official use, or do you just want a goal post for your backyard?

There are goalposts available that are suited for official use. They are made in compliance with the regulations of standard goalposts.

This might not be a concern if you are looking for a goal post practice.

There is no need for an official goal post. Here you can look into some other options available out there.

However, there are many options available for official and non-official goal posts. So, there are no limitations that this element will offer.

You just need to choose if you want a product for official use or if that isn’t really a concern.

Q3. is Portability or a Folding Lacrosse Goal Your Desire?

Portability might be a concern for some people. If you’re going to be carrying around your goal for play and then bringing it back, you might want to make sure it is portable.

You can either go for a folding goal post or one that is lightweight so it can be carried around easily.

Folding lacrosse goal posts come with their own features that are important to analyze.

One needs to make sure that the quality features are intact, and it is not merely convenient for being foldable.

When looking for a specific feature, you need to make sure that the other features are well balanced throughout the product as well.

Thus, you need to decide if a portable and foldable lacrosse goalposts are something that you would be interested in.

Q4. What is Your Budget?

Last but not the least, what is your maximum budget? Some might think to leave this option open-ended and decide as you go.

But believe me when I tell you, that is a bad idea. If you don’t have any idea of the cost range, just browse through a few popular products to see what is a general price range.

And then, decide on a set budget for yourself.

Keeping your budget flexible to a point is fine, but you need to have an upper limit.

The most common issue arises when you find one new product after another each with better features than the previous, and you don’t know where to stop.

The budget can be a really good decider here.

No doubt your budget will limit the features and the availabilities. But that is exactly what you want truly!

To have a fair idea of what kind of features and how much sophistication you desire.
Thus, you need to have a budget in your mind, way before you even start looking for the product.

Have a rough budget with an upper limit, so you know a little bit about where to look. This can be an excellent way to get started with shopping!

The Next Step!

Once you know what features, price range and specifics you are looking out for, it’s time to look into some products that can be the best suited for your lacrosse practice!

Go through our comprehensive list of Lacrosse Goals to help you pick your desired product with the features you desire and that too within a budget!

The list of products below includes some products on budget another with features for portability and ease of play.

The price range fir today’s listing is in between $150 to $550. We have included some of the products that we think are the best for general use and regular play.

For your convenience, we have drawn a table with the products, their price, specific features and links to help you navigate.

Go through the table and then the detailed description of products to help pick your perfect lacrosse goal.

The Final Word

So, now you have a fair idea of what to look out for to get hold of the best quality Lacrosse goal and that too within your budget.

This is a common mistake that many make in extending their budget to buy features that they aren’t even going to use.

That is why we make this collection to exhibit some products that are affordable and might suit your needs perfectly.

Go through all these products to find the right material build, price and features that you are looking for.

It isn’t practically possible to find every single feature that you are looking for in a single goal.

Some might have a different quality make while another might not be available as a foldable goal post.

There are going to be some inconsistencies.

However, we hope that with a comprehensive list of products you can manage to strike a balance between price, features, and functionality to find a goal closest to what you were looking for!

As last words for this guide, I would say that a well educated approach is important to look into the correct features and buy the best product possible.

We hope that this guide and listing proved to be a potent source of insights for you to help you understand what you want and then look into what is most popularly available.

Having said that, if you are looking for more expensive goal posts or any which don’t fall in the categories shown, there are plenty more available for you to pick from.

These are the best few we thought were true value for what they offer.

Invest in a good quality Lacrosse goal to help you build your skill in the game while lasting you for a really long time.

We hope your search is satiated here! Happy shopping!

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