Best Lacrosse Goggles in 2021 | Who’s Best in Town?

Lacrosse goggles become a mandatory piece for both men and women. One must choose the lacrosse goggles as a uniform.

Finding the perfect pair of glasses becomes a challenging entity. You should also look for the comfortable fit ones that will maximize visibility while giving at the protection.

In this article, you will come to know about handpicked Men & women’s lacrosse goggles that will compile impact.

Each of these lacrosse goggles is reviewed by the customers and tested by experts before listing them on the online websites.

Read on to find more about the lacrosse goggles.

Point to Be Noted:

There have been modifications to the Girls Lacrosse Rules By NFHS. The introduction of the changes was marked on July 24, 2019. Keeping up with these changes, we feel that it’s essential to follow the 2-7-2 norm.

It suggests that eyewear in the field of women lacrosse games must be SEI certified. Moreover, it must be listed on the SEI website. Also, not suggests that it must have the SEI mark for certification. The deadline indicated by the authority is January 1, 2025. 

We Have Focused Following Things to Pick the Girls & Men’s Lacrosse Goggles

We have mentioned only the products that abide by these criteria.

  • Price: $20 or more
  • Certification: SEI
  • Design: Metal Wire, Silicone Frame
  • Gender: female
  • Ages: All Ages

Here’s best lacrosse goggles…

Best Lacrosse Goggles

#1. STX 4 Sight +S Adult

Are you dreaming of becoming the next champion in the field of lacrosse? If it’s so, we are there to assist you.

Try out the STX 4 Sight +S Adult lacrosse goggles that will come with the Silicon padding and a wired design.

What makes this a standard model is that it makes use of the form-fitting technology.

Overall, the excellent visibility, comfort, and productiveness that you will get from this model will never be available on other models.

The best lacrosse goggles are reliable, affordable, and will provide excellent protection.


  • It is occupying the top spot in the field of high-quality Goggles for STX 4.
  • The stylish look you will allow you are wearing it at every level of the lacrosse sports.
  • It comes with the oval-shaped wireframe offering impact resistance and enhanced visibility.
  • The most particular part of these goggles is that it will completely contour the structure of your face.
  • You can also take it for cleaning whenever you feel like it’s put to prolonged use for many days at a stretch. The superior grade availability of the form-fitting silicone pad makes it easy to clean.
  • It is SEI certified for meeting with the 2020 playing rules.
  • It is also loaded with the features for keeping away the deposition of water or sweat. It complies with all the standards of the 2020 women’s lacrosse games.

#2. STX 4Sight + S Youth

This designed piece is quite similar to the previous model. But the only difference is that it is suitable for youth level players.

Again, this model comes with them a design that will increase the visibility at every level.

The availability of the form-fitting silicone padding makes this model a standard one.

You do not need to employ many maintenance tips for wearing it regularly.


  • It will absorb sweat, water, and ensure you get the added protection.
  • the youth goggle is available now in the superior form for giving you the added eye protection.
  • You will never find a sturdy piece in the modern-day markets because most of them deal with the low standard material build-up.
  • The goggle is a low profile design. It will ensure that you will get minimal interference with visibility. So, whenever you are exposed to the field of lacrosse, you can look at every angle.
  • You can also get plenty of colours on online websites with different size ranges.
  • It also protects you from the glare of the sun and Reflection. The ultimate lacrosse goggle is a lightweight model that comes around at only 4.48 ounces.

#3. STX Women’s Focus-S

 STX Women’s Focus-S is a lacrosse goggle that will keep your focus in the game and will never distract you while wearing it.

The STX women’s goggles will come with the form-fitting feature for offering you the needed protection.

What makes this model a particular one is that it will never sacrifice with the vision while you are playing on the fields of lacrosse games.

Though it comes at a higher price, yet it will give you the custom fit and professional approach. There is substantial impact resistance with the comfortable Silicon design.

Overall, it will provide you with excellent value for the money that you are paying for.


  • The most professional lacrosse players love this goggle over many prescription glasses while actively participating in the lacrosse field.
  • You will get the availability of the same in 13 different colours.
  • The prices will also vary according to the colour. So, you should plan out your budget before choosing one.
  • It makes use of the patented oval wire design for getting the maximum visibility and comfort.
  • The availability of the lightweight frame will ensure the absorption of sweat or moisture.
  • It is an SEI certified and will meet with the new norms related to the women’s lacrosse goggles 2020.
  • The item weighs around only 4.8 ounces that makes it easy for the person to carry it in position without risks of sliding.

#4. STX 4Sight Plus Junior

The lacrosse goggles come with a patented low-profile design along with the wire configuration.

It has the STX sturdy piece that will be unmatchable for a longer time. It passes through most of the certifications and meets all the requirements for the 2020 rule.

The lacrosse model now becomes a study space for protection of the hair, cheekbones, and the teeth from the fierce balls.

So, most customers have reviewed it as a pleasing model that will be secured in position without giving them additional strains.

One colour and size option model now comes with easy to clean parts and Standards for Hockey cum lacrosse games. What’s more!

The Incredible lightweight model weighs around only 4.48 ounces that makes it easier to run across the field without instances of hanging.


  • It will meet with the requirement for the lacrosse goggles STX 2020 rule.
  • It will allow every player to wear it and play on the field of lacrosse. It becomes the latest introduction from the manufacturer, which is a slightly modified model when compared to the previous version.
  • The lightweight model now comes in the right colours that everyone will love.
  • The piece is designed for defending or scoring the goal and giving the optimal feasibility.
  • Low profile design also eliminates the visual disturbances.
  • It also has the Sweat and moisture absorption capability for meeting the women’s lacrosse sports requirements.
  • It was launched on February 8, 2019, and gained fame in no time.

#5. STX Rookie S Youth Girl’s Goggles

This is the popular goggle that has become a personal favourite of many top female lacrosse players.

They love this lacrosse goggle in the game because they come with the form-fitting controlled mould design.

The silicone moulds will now suit the face while giving the maximum fit and comfort.

It works as a low profile and compact designed piece that will deliver minimal interference.

What you will love in this model the most is that it will focus on the ball that is approaching you and alert you if the opponent approaches.

The goggles are small when compared to many other models. But, they are fit for the younger players.

It comes with the oval design wires that make it superior for the visibility without the high chances of interference.

The goggle will meet with the requirements for the women’s lacrosse games 2020 rules.

So, if you were searching for the different websites for the sturdy and oval model that will comply with the 2020 norms, this is the lacrosse goggles for you.


  • It works with the lightweight frame and is available in the colour that will match the Expectations.
  • The availability of the Silicon padding will let the goggles stay in place on your head and make it comfortable for you.
  • When you are wearing this, you will never face any kind of obstructions. Neither will it feel like a burden on your face.

#6. STX 4Sight Focus Ti

The upgraded model now comes with reduced weight and will make use of innovative technology and comfortable fit.

What makes it better than the other models is that it will give the optimum visibility and necessary protection at all times.

It comes in the affordable range over remaining competitive best selling models.

While wearing it, you can rest assured that the Silicon padding will absorb the shocks while not absorbing the moisture or sweat.

When you are wearing this, the eyes and nose with this safe.

At the same time, you can bear your sleek and modern look. There is the adjustable blackstrap that will give added benefit.

Overall, the model becomes a very customizable unit over other competitive products.


  • It will have the capability of contouring the face because of the metal frame.
  • Female players usually love this model because it will help prevent the development of the acne scars
  • It will come with the customizable units that will be resistant to the shocks.
  • The remarkable part is that after using it, you can easily clean it.
  • There is an SEI certification to meet with the standards of that 2020 playing rules.
  • There is also the minimal double bar that will give improved visibility at all circumstances.
  • The silicon goggles directly come from the US and are manufactured by industry experts. They have good knowledge of the training and professional lacrosse games.
  • So they design the adjustable and washable bands in that way to keep them away from the offensive smell.
  • The superior lacrosse goggle is available on most websites and will weigh around only 3.52 ounces.

#7. Hummingbird Sports Women’s Goggles

The lacrosse Bubbles is perfect for women who want the custom moulded piece.

There is a padded structure that will give you adjustments for getting the precise fit on any type of face.

The goggle will help you achieve a fit that will match according to the structure of your face.


  • The micro carbon ingredients will also give better protection over some competitive models. It has the excellent withstanding capability.
  • The model comes with the hardest carbon steel for maximum vision while offering comfort.
  • What makes it incredible is that it can match the jersey you are wearing and also contour the face.
  • Users love this goggle because it does not tend to slide down when you are running speedily. You can run at any pace while wearing this lightweight and form-fitting face.
  • It has the lightweight and toughened material of Nylon that will be around 5.28 ounces.

The Two Must-have Accessories During the Sports of Women Lacrosse:

#1. Bangerz HS-OTG Protective Eyeguard

Now be ready to combat the impact of the ball, opponents, and other components that might pose a threat to the safety of the athlete in the lacrosse field.

There are several cases of injuries in the US during the games of lacrosse.

So, some state like Florida has made it mandatory to wear the protective eye gear while playing.

It is the well-designed piece that will work as a new glass protective surface for a performer of any skill level.

It will ensure maximum protection to the eye while not reducing the performance.

The high-end shatterproof lens works with the goggle for allowing the optimal vision and preventing discomfort.

It is designed with the small lining in the nose area to give the adjustable control.

It will prevent the collection of sweat at one point and let the player feel refreshed while moving around the field.

There is a non-slip rubber that becomes exceptionally comfortable for use. It can also withstand the high impact of the force.

#2. LokoSphere Women’s Lacrosse

If you want to look stunningly beautiful while wearing the comfortable and colourful lacrosse gear, it’s time for you to boast with the straps for the girls.

They are fit for girls of any age and are made from soft form-fitting materials.

There is an elastic new print touch that makes use of the stable closures on both ends.

Overall, you will find that it is removable to give you maximum comfort during the games.

Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide: Factors to Look for

In this section, you will learn certain factors that you must pay attention to make a refined decision.

  • Size

Goggles are available in different sizes. You must see whether it comes with the metal cage or the plastic lens.

Glass like polycarbonate lens or Titanium cages offer better protection and durability.

You must look for the durable pieces that can withstand the high-velocity impact or cases of Collision.

  • Weight

Weight is an important consideration while purchasing the lacrosse goggles. You must see that it should not feel heavy around your head.

  • Clear vision

While buying the lacrosse goggle, you should see that it can make use of the optimal view. It must have polycarbonates for the detection of exposure to UV rays.

  • Design 

You must look for the comfortable designs that will be imperative for complementing your outfit.

  • Lenses

Players will love goggle that gives better visibility without compromising with the quality.

The glasses come in several designs with the lenses that will prevent a scratch or disrupted vision.

  • Padding

Goggles should have the padding to absorb shocks. It must have water-resistant and antimicrobial factors for withstanding the chances of sweat or impact antimicrobial factors.

A few questions that you must consider while buying – 

Is It Suitable to Wear the Glasses Under the Goggles for Lacrosse?

This is the most common question, and the answer to it is “yes.” You have to wear it as a protective medium.

How Will the Lacrosse Goggles Fit for the Face of Different Sizes?

The goggles you wear should become a fit one. It shouldn’t be overly tied to the bands. It should have the capability of adjusting for keeping the frame firmly in place.

But the problem is that not the face of all styles and shapes with perfect fitting.

So, it’s better to first consider your face size shape and contour before ordering for the lacrosse goggles.

There are many websites where you can find the appropriate Goggles for your face shape. You must go through those lost before buying one.

What Type of Lacrosse Goggles for Girls Should the Girls Wear?

When they are in the main field, the players need protection. The goggles and weight of the steel cage will protect the eyes.

Some players may also choose to have plastic glasses that will give an excellent peripheral vision.

Besides, they must come with adequate gear, head- neck protector, chest protector, gloves, arm, and leg protectors.

Is It Possible to Wear the Glasses Under the Helmet?

When you wear the helmet for the lacrosse games, you can put your glasses in the helmet to make it easy to see things correctly while adjusting.

You should adjust them once you put the head helmet on.

Is It Legal to Wear the Lacrosse Goggles While Playing?

Yes, they are legal. Th are certified by the NCAA and national lacrosse League norms.

So, when you are buying a lacrosse goggle, you should see that each of them is accredited by the two institutions.

They are very safe in avoiding outer things from bumping into you.

Final Word:

We have mentioned the lacrosse Goggles for girls in 2021 that are trending in the present market.

Besides, each of them is SEI certified that it will give you an added benefit.

So pick the one that will be suitable for your purposes the next time you are trying to beat out the competitors. That’s it for lacrosse goggles.

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