Top 10 Best Lacrosse Heads 2021 | Detailed Buying Guide

The lacrosse head is one of the major pieces of lacrosse equipment you’ll require as a lacrosse player. and you should choose best lacrosse head wisely.

If you know about lacrosse then you must have a lot of information about lacrosse head, if you’ll have a good quality of lacrosse head, it would definitely elevate your game to the next level.

Your passes will be harder, shots will be faster and ground-level balls will be smoother.

This is the thing for which you’ll be dying to get if you are a true laxer fan/player.
Now you might be thinking, is it a profitable bet?

If you’re looking it monetarily then you need to know that, you might have to spend slightly more for your lacrosse heads than your whole lacrosse gear, but if you can see the profits behind your investment then for sure it’ll be a profitable bet.

All successful players out there, won’t be on the height they are if they had thought about money and played without a lacrosse head. So spend wisely and don’t hesitate to spend a little extra because as you know investment pays off in the last.

If you would like to play like an elite laxer…then

The Best Lacrosse Heads for Sale in 2020:

Best for Defense: STX Hammer

Best for Goalies: STX Eclipse

Structure of divided sections:

  • Face-offs offensive lacrosse heads
  • Defensive lacrosse heads
  • Goalie lacrosse heads
  • Box lacrosse heads

And here we go again:

Best Lacrosse Head

Face-offs Offensive Lacrosse Heads for Attack and Middies

If you are an attacker then you know lacrosse attack stick, that should be slimmer neck and narrower head because these two features can affect your game, pinched head helps to keep the ball safe in your lacrosse head’s pocket even after your lacrosse attack stick gets checked.

To through tight passes and place a perfect shot, both shooters and dodgers need a narrower stick. There are some of the best lacrosse heads for attack you should try.

#1. East Coast Dyes Mirage Lacrosse Head

It’s built to be string, which means it comes unstrung you can string it according to your comfort. Its narrow-faced shape allows you to control the tightness of the lacrosse head’s pocket according to your comfort.

It’s lightweight and has a strong head, perfect for hard passes and fast shots and it’s really good in the

matter of controlling it. UV resistant material is used in its production which makes it withstand checks and provides it the toughness for an aggressive game. It’s designed for elite middies and attackers.

ECD has worked again and again till getting a perfect one and people are also loving it, It’s reviews and ratings are very good, and it doesn’t coast a lot and you can find it on Amazon.

#2. Epoch Women’s Purpose Ladder Pocket With 15-Degree Bottom Rail

It is designed for elite lacrosse players, it has designed with flex iQ4 technology which provides it a flexible frame and strong as well so that it doesn’t bend or break while tough strikes.

It’s 15- degree bottom rails technology drives the ball high in the pocket, its only alike product in the whole lacrosse market it comes strung because of its unique design it’s not easy for anyone to tie the string, the string is done by specialists.

It comes with strut design which keeps it lightweight and makes it stiff/strong/durable for all positions. It is designed with a composite injected polymer which makes it stronger, flexible and stiffer.

Yet it is an elite lacrosse head it can coast you slightly expensive than other lacrosse heads.

#3. East Coast Dyes- Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head

The Rebel offensive gives the power and control that you’ll need to elevate your game to the next level.

It has pinched scoop which helps in holding the ball even after with stand checks.

It is lightweight which provides the benefit of enhanced control and comfort

Its scoop is round-shaped which is good in breezing ground level balls form any surface and from any angle. Its average in price won’t be a burden on your wallet you can find it on Amazon.

This the best lacrosse head available in the market

#4. Warrior EVO 4X Lacrosse Head

Warrior EVO series is new in the lacrosse market and tested by professional players. It was designed with the thought of rigidity and as their efforts, it turned out to be rigid throughout the head.

With a lot of strength, it is lightweight as well which feels good in hands and you can also feel the ball.

Warrior EVO 4X introduced the new SYM-RAIL design which means, the interior

sidewall mirrors the outside sidewall, which provides stability and makes it lightweight.

You can easily string this EVO 4X because it comes with maximum numbers of holes throughout the head so you can have a perfect pocket as per your need and comfort. Price may vary with colors as it comes in different colors and all colors have a different price but the same quality, if you go for the black one then it will cost you around $80.

Well, it gives you the freedom to customize your lacrosse head’s pocket, so you can get it done by your friend for the whole season or dot it for a certain game or day. It is available on Amazon at a convenient price.

#5. STX Super power Lacrosse Head

STX super power lacrosse head has been built upon a tested design to come out with more perfection, it’s lightweight, strong and comes with a lot of stringing holes for the perfect customizable pocket.

It’s STX’s most potent lacrosse head ever and it’s built with the technology of ACP (All Climate Performance). Flexible design for ball feel and clack.

It gives you good control on the ground balls, it’s a great option for both at you which middie because of its reinforcement sidewalls.

You can own this excellent superpower lacrosse head only in $50 on Amazon today.
Striking King Men’s Mark1 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

It comes unstrung which means you have a chance to customize the lacrosse pocket your way. We have enlisted this lacrosse head for its ultra-stiff and superior metals used in construction makes it strong, durable and flexible, because of flex it won’t bend break easily while passing hard shots.

This improves the speed, accuracy, and consistency of the shot.

It’s s rounded aggressive scoop that is tilted forward, it makes easy to attack ground level balls from all the angles, this is a plus point for attackers and middies.

The side rails have a durable design which is really strong and good looking as well. It is a worth buying product, you should try. It is available on Amazon.

#6. Brine Dictator ST Lacrosse Head

This was Brine’s first faceoff lacrosse head. It comes unstrung so, that you can string it your way and enjoy your customized pocket.

Brine has used its technologies from other lacrosse heads and created Dictator ST, especially for a faceoff. Its material is stiffer which provides its strength and durability.

They used the Core-Tech technology ( removal of excess material from inside of the walls to make of lighter and durable) and created a perfect pinch which helps in holding the ball in tough conditions.

#7. Maverik Optik Lacrosse Head

Maverik doesn’t have a big name as Warrior, STX, and Brine because they are ruling

the market of the lacrosse with their advanced technologies and perfect equipment. The Maverik Optik Lacrosse Head comes with a V-shaped scoop, it’s a great lacrosse head for middies who have to scoop up lots of balls they lose.

Its price is the same, it comes unstrung which can be beneficial and its unique design allows the pocket to be deep which can help shoot and pass and it’s lightweight so it’s very to control it, perfect for giving fast and accurate shots.

#8. Warrior Rabil 2 Lacrosse Head

The warrior Rabil 2X lacrosse head is designed by the elite lacrosse player Paul Rabil.

This lacrosse head is designed with SYMRAIL twist technology which keeps the head harder and stronger to prevent checks from bludgeoned the ball loose.
It comes unstrung, which means you can string it as per your comfort and preference. Other elite players have also liked it and they had given great reviews and ratings. That’s why it’s a bit expensive than other lacrosse heads, it can cost you around $95-$110. It is available on Amazon.

#9. Epoch Hawk Prequel Lacrosse Head

Epoch is also a new brand in the market of lacrosse, it is designed to be an authentic lacrosse head, which offers scrappy balls control and delivery on shots and passes.

This lacrosse head is specially designed for attackers and it can be perfect for one-handed dodgers.
Its creation was done with a composite inserted polymer which provides flex and stability to the head. Epoch Hawk’s lacrosse head is designed for offensive games it can withstand checks easily.  Epoch Hawk Prequel lacrosse head on Amazon.

The Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads

Before choosing defensive lacrosse head you need to know that it should be durable and strong because defensemen have to face throwing a strike and smack checks and for sure you don’t want to choose one that breaks in one strike.

It’ll be good to choose a wide neck and wide head, it’ll make easier to pick off passes. It should have a pinched face head for better handling of the ball.

#1. Warrior REVO 3X Lacrosse Head

Manufacturers are working on their products to be stronger and better from others, Warrior also doing the same the worked a lot to make this lacrosse headstrong, you can

say the worked excessively on its strength, to make it last longer for as many seasons as it can. It won’t break by any striking checks.

Warrior REVO3X is still improving, it’s the latest version gives you more sidewalls and reinforcement for the perfect pocket. It is not easy to break it with abuse or strike checks so you can go for it. It is available on Amazon.

#2. Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head

This is a wide and rigid frame lacrosse head. It’s lightweight and stiff so that you swoop into the ground balls and throw tough checks because your lacrosse head can withstand abuse and checks.

It won’t last forever obviously but when you’ll be playing defense it’ll be very good at checking.
This lacrosse head can last for 2 seasons at least. It has a stiff framework that provides durability and strength.

#3. STX Stallion 700 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

It is one of the best lacrosse head for every player, its bottom side rail is pushed a bit outwards which offers you a mid-high pocket with lots of benefits, this edition of STX lacrosse head got great reviews.

It comes unstrung so, that you can string it your way. People who have used this lacrosse head are fully satisfied with STX Stallion 700 Unstrung lacrosse head.

#4. STX Hammer U Lacrosse Head

It was released in the year 2013 still, it is one of the best defensive lacrosse head in the lacrosse market, it is designed with C-Channel technology for more stability and strength while scooping up lost balls and checking.


Sidewalls are designed with rigidity so that it won’t flex too much while the strike checking.

The stringing holes are oriental to the top of the head, to give it a design of high pocket for reliable passes and releases. Price may vary according to color.

#5. STX X10 Lacrosse Head

This lacrosse head is best for defense. Its sidewalls provide extra strength and stiffness

that can help in tough checks and defensive play, its flexible body provides the ability of better ground play.

It comes unstrung which also a plus point you can string it as per your comfort. It can throw tough strikes, check without head bending and shifting its position. It is tough and durable with a wide face. Available on Amazon.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Head

Lacrosse head for a goalie is different from other lacrosse heads its production/creation is especially done for goalies, a goaltender’s lacrosse head is a bit bigger than others it allows goalies to save the goals easily.

A goalies lacrosse head comes unstrung most of the times because players want to string their lacrosse head as per their comfort, few of them like more pocket depth, on the other hand, some of them prefer more depth of the pocket, it’s a bit difficult for them to adjust with a strung lacrosse goalie head because it may take time and discomfort to adjust with the depth of the pocket.

#1. STX Eclipse Goalie Lacrosse Head

It is the best goalie lacrosse head from the last few years continuously. The STX

Eclipse is designed for an elite goaltender but any player can use it easily as it comes unstrung it allows you to string it with the help of strategically placed holes in the head, that allows the goaltender to eliminate rebounds and allow for accurate, speedy exit passes. It has a strong frame that can absorb the power of the shot and eliminate the opponent’s goal.

#2. STX Zoo Cheap Goalie Lacrosse Head

If you are a beginner then this Goalie lacrosse head is for you, it comes strings if you

are just a beginner who is learning lacrosse or an intermediate player then for sure you can go for it, it’s cheaper as well. You’ll be able to feel the advanced ball control and decreased ball rustle.
Its cheaper that doesn’t mean that it has cons, it comes in normal size, can easily fit in your lacrosse shaft. As it already strung it is best for beginners. You can get it on Amazon.

#3. Warrior Nemesis 2 Unstrung Goalies Head

It comes with SYM-RAIL twist technology, which allows it to lightweight, it comes unstrung and designed with the maximum number of string holes for perfect customization of pocket as per your comfort and preference.

This is light in weight, its head is more rounded than most of the other goalie lacrosse heads, it will allow more control while throws.

Its head is stiff which makes it durable and string that allows it to hit striking checks.

Its head is vulnerable to sidewall cracks so if you take a lot of fast shots it might get a break in that case you should go for the one which is specially made for eliminating fast shots, and match your comfort and specifications.

#4. STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Unstrung Head

This lacrosse head is specially made for beginners and intermediates, but any player can use it except elite players, its walls reinforcement design provides rigidity, which means it has a strong framework, it provides increased/more control and reduced ball rustle.

Its classic triangular-shaped head withstands checks or we can say it absorbs the jerk of shot.

This lacrosse shaft is tested from time to time by a lot of professionals and it is still in good condition.

It comes in unstrung and string as well. It can withstand rigid shots without bending and twisting, it is flexible which is very good. Its stiffness and eligible scoop provide an overview accurate going outpasses.

The Best Box Lacrosse Heads

Box lacrosse is also known as boxla or Indore version of lacrosse, it doesn’t follow the rules of high school and college organizations. Box lacrosse head’s unique design allows rigid passing, better ball control, accurate shooting for Indoregame you require extra control over the ball.

#1. Gait Saber Box

It is stiff and pinched, it gives you the control to place shots accurately if you are looking

for the best box lacrosse head then trust us this is the one. It gives you the ability to shot accurately because of its slim neck, it will help you in delivering excellent shots. It will allow tighter passing because of its pinched (narrow) head.

#2. Nike Lakota 2 Lacrosse Head

The Nike Lakota 2 lacrosse head is an updated version of Lakota which was very successful in the lacrosse market. Lakota 2 is an elite class lacrosse head and it is

designed to middie, it comes strung and as people give their reviews, they love this strung version of lacrosse shaft as it was better in every way its pocket was deep and mid angle with a premium framework its frame is strong so, it allows you to withstand checks, helpful in delivering good, fast and accurate shots.

Well, it is a box lacrosse head so, you can’t play lacrosse with it outdoor it’s not designed in that way. It is from a good brand and cheaper as well.

#3. Under Armour Judgement Box

It’s built for delivering faster shots, it provides more whip so you can pass shots faster that the goaltender fails to track them.

While throwing tough striking checks, you and your opponents can feel it’s reinforcement.

It also won’t put a burden in your wallet, the players have given great reviews and ratings to it so it’s visible that this is worth buying, you can find it on Amazon.


[VIDEO] The Best 5 Lacrosse Heads 2021

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Lacrosse Head in 2021

Well for the better performance you need to choose the lacrosse head wisely which can give you a good pass, shots, and checks, for that quality, matters a lot, so keep an eye on that.

Lacrosse is still known as a growing game in few of the areas, along with the growth lacrosse manufacturers are also improving the lacrosse gears, lacrosse gears are becoming lighter, stronger, technologically advance and better in every manner. So, that it can elevate your performance and can give you a premium feel.

Sports companies are introducing new, better, and technologically advanced gears every year, you need to be aware of the latest updates of the lacrosse market to find a right lacrosse head.

It’s not necessary that if you have the best lacrosse head, then you can be the best player.

No, it doesn’t make you the best player but for sure it can help improve your game level. The best thing about it that you can customize it according to your comfort and preferences, which means you can dye it, string it, and also can adjust it according to you. And we are here with some best lacrosse heads which you should have in your lacrosse gear.

If you know the different kinds of lacrosse shafts, then stay prepared to know about different types of lacrosse heads. Yes, there are varieties for different playing positions, based on which position you play face-offs, attacks, and defense.

So, before choosing any random lacrosse head you must know which lacrosse head suits your specialties.

So, here we are providing basic knowledge, through which you can choose your lacrosse head.

Same as lacrosse shafts there are few top brands which are doing a great job in the creation of lacrosse heads, like Warrior, Brine, STX and few very popular sports brand like Adidas, Epoch, Tribe7, and Hawk.

So, before going any further you should know, what you want? An unstrung or strung lacrosse head, or what custom, graphics, color you prefer. And the most important what is your playing position?

It’s defense, middie, attack, box, LSM, FOGO, or goalie. You must aware of your playing position, we’ll don’t worry we’ve covered each and everything so you just read attentively and find out profitable one for you.

Unstrung vs Strung?

Strung heads come predesigned, you can’t change its pocket’s size because of the strings are average and aren’t made for any specific gameplay,

but in few positions like an attacker, you must have to string your lacrosse head, but if you have to use it for catching and passing then there is nothing wrong with the string one you can go for that.

Get the Right Lax Head for your Position

Pinched (narrowed) and pockets of lacrosse heads matters a lot for good shots, hard passes.

Defensive Lacrosse heads are built to be strong enough to withstand the jerk while ground balls and lacrosse heads are a bit heavier to withstand checks.

Attack/Middie while purchasing lacrosse head you must read the description carefully that the lacrosse head is pinched or arched. Lacrosse heads are lighter and pinched for good passes and eliminating shots.

Goalie lacrosse head is different from other lacrosse heads its dimensions and measures of its pocket are different and it comes unstrung so that players can customize pockets according to their comfort. For beginners, you can go for strung one.

Faceoff middle lacrosse head should be flexible enough to withstand checks so that it won’t break. That’s why we’ve included the varieties of flexible and strong lacrosse heads.

The Complete List of the Best Lacrosse Heads of All Time You Should Have

Here we’ve enlisted the best lacrosse heads for different playing positions: Attack, middie, defense, box, goalies, and face-offs, we’ve divided it into four sections so, that it could be easy for you to find out the best one for you which suits you.

Their price is around $50, you can also find lacrosse heads cheaper than this, lacrosse heads are also available below $10, $20 but the quality won’t be good enough.

We’ve tried to give you the best suggestions, you might get some discount on these products, all these lacrosse heads are available on Amazon.

Lacrosse Heads Explained: Rules & Regulations

Since the 90s there is no difference in the measurement and dimensions of lacrosse heads. You can land in the penalty.

Lacrosse heads must be three inches wide at least at the neck and this will be the widest point of the laser head, its length should be between 6-10 inches from inside the lacrosse heads.

And its outer length should not exceed 10 inches if, you used a wrong lacrosse head. It can affect your team’s score as well which can lead you to lose the match.

So keep in mind that you have to choose the right lacrosse head as per the rules, before playing you must know the rules. So that it won’t let you down.


While picking out of lacrosse heads you must know what position you have to play, you want it strung or unstrung, the material of lacrosse head, color, a quality each and everything matters a lot.

And do not try to buy it without exact knowledge and you can ask your coach to guide you, s/he will give you the right suggestion.

Go for the one which you think is worth buying and which matches your specifications, don’t go for the looks, go for the quality.

And that’s wrap for Best Lacrosse Heads!

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