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Have you added the coolest accessory to your lax helmet?

It’s a Lacrosse Helmet Visor !

A lacrosse visor keeps you safe from finger pokes, particles and objects in the air that could obstruct your vision.

Check Best Visor in the market: EliteTek Clear Vision Visor 

The traditional tinted football visors looks darn rad and are out of fashion now. And you can never show off this tinted visors as they are banned by NFHS.
But what if you get to play lacrosse with a men’s lacrosse visor into your Pro7 or CPXR helmet.

Casey Powell, a lax pro have a lacrosse helmet shield & it looks super dope.

We’re here for you. This is a detailed guide to help you out

  1. The Official Lacrosse Helmet Visor Rules
  2. Where To Buy Lacrosse Helmet Visors
  3. Video Review & How To Insert a Lacrosse Helmet Visor

Get the Best Lacrosse Visor on the Market

#1. EliteTek Clear Vision Visor 

is the only lacrosse specific visor available on amazon.

It has rapidly became a big thing in among other visors. This lacrosse visor is specifically designed for lacrosse which also legal.

And guess what? You can use this visor for football & lacrosse, both.
It is a product of USA Family owned business.

All the customer service & queries are handled in San Diego, Ca USA.

They assure optimum quality & money-back guarantee in case of any issues.

Product Key Features :

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee :EliteTek Visors provide you option of getting your 100% money back if you aren’t satisfied with them. You can contact this US based business and get your queries solved in no time.
  • Approved For All Leagues : Yes, these lacrosse visors are legal. Approved for all youth, HS and College games. These visors have been used in the NFL, NCAA, Youth, and High School games.
  • Protect Your Eyes :Eye & nose injuries are the worst in games like lacrosse or tackle football. Prevent your eyes from getting poked. These visors can withstand tackle football without breaking with Impact Resistant and Durable PolyCarbonate injection mold design.
  • United States Business :Isn’t it so relieving to buy from local business ? This is located in San Diego, California. Promises to provide quick and improves customer service.

Do not forget to watch the video below on how to install EliteTek Visor

Application on Youth XS and S helmets may be difficult but we have found is possible. It just requires adjustment and patience.

Here are some product highlights that you may want to consider before actually buying the visor

  • Approved for all Leagues
  • Used By NFL & NCAA 
  • Durable Poly Carbonate Mold
  • Protection for Eyes & Nose
  • United States Business
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee

The Polycarbonate Mold used in the EliteTek visor is probably  the best material. It allows visor to be transparent that makes sure the rules are followed.

It is extremely tough & durable material  which makes the visor last for longer duration.

No one wants to break their lacrosse visors right after few initial shots. The EliteTek visors are capable of tackling impactful shots without getting any scratches on the visor.

1. Lacrosse Helmet Visor Rules

We are aware of all the confusion going around about the subject of lacrosse helmet visor kits used in game.

Here is the rule regarding visor use from Section 5, Article 3 and Sub section C of the NHFS rule book. You can find it on Page 32 of the book.

“Lacrosse helmet visors are legal so long as they are clear, molded and non-rigid. If worn a player may also wear clear glasses, but may not wear an eye shield and tinted glasses. Tinted eye shields are not allowed.”

So, there you go.

You can use a clear lacrosse helmet visor as long as it’s not tinted.

If you’re looking for a lacrosse helmet sun visor, you will have to go for sunglasses.

These might not be comfortable like tinted visor but satisfies the NHFS rules.

Even if you come up with a doctor’s prescription for being light sensitive, you won’t be granted a permission to use tinted visors.

The Reason Why

The tinted visors are illegal in lacrosse because of safety.

It is hard to check your eyes and face for coaches, paramedics and refs when you get hit hard. This might lead to concussion or other serious injuries.

They will not be able to diagnose you if you’re wearing a lacrosse helmet eye visor.

Even when you have conditions like retina sunlight sensitivity , using a tinted lacrosse helmet visor is still illegal.

If you need Eye protection, wear sunglasses inside your helmet. You won’t violate any rules.

There are other few things you need to keep in mind apart from general rules. The first one is Visibility.

You would never want to be that player who runs in wrong direction & bump into someone due to lack of visibility.

It is necessary to buy anti-fog visor that  doesn’t affect visibility during weather changes.

2. Where to Buy Lacrosse Helmet Visors

We have put our best efforts to find you the best lacrosse helmet visors that are safe & legal too.

Unfortunately Big brands like Nike, Brine, Cascade and Warrior don’t offer lacrosse helmet visors. No worries, EliteTek visor is the perfect pick for you.

The Final Word

And we are done with describing all about the best lacrosse helmet visor available on Amazon.

This visor will keep you safe from any kind of injuries on Eye, nose and other facial parts. We hope you’re no more confused about choosing a visor that is safe & legal as well.

Put your helmet visor & get the job done!

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