Top 10 Best Lacrosse Helmets 2020 |Who’s Best? Detailed Buying Guide

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The best lacrosse helmet is between you and an injury that ends your career.

You need to get these Lacrosse helmets right.

Lacrosse is a very difficult sport that requires protection at all stages. Having a helmet is important because it protects against head injuries and helps you stay focused on the game without worrying.

Besides, having a full contact holder can cause serious injury, so you always need the right helmet. At the end, We’ve put together this shopping guide to get you through everything you need to know when buying the best helmet.

The Top Best Lacrosse Helmets For Sale in 2020

Before proceeding for all kind of helmets lets have a look at some of Lacrosse Helmets available for sale

The price of these helmets may vary due to different sizes. If you think these helmets are not suitable for you. In this case we have categorized the helmets and its different customizers to make it look cool. All these helmets are available on Amazon.

The Best Cascade Lacrosse Helmets

Cascade helmets are popular among lacrosse players. Cascade lacrosse is made my lacrosse helmets since 1980 and it is legal in MLL since 2000 officially. These lacrosse helmets are just similar to Warrior helmets. It’s classy and loos better every

#1. Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask

If you want to purchase flagship helmets. This matte Cascade R lacrosse helmet gives you a real warrior strength and view as well.

While watching MLL match you must have noticed this masterpiece over those experienced players. Cascade R Matte has been developed after the R&D of Cascade Helmets.

The skin present over the bottom of this lacrosse helmet gives a really nice view of matte color.

Special design lets you feel the very little amount of impact after the ball hits this helmet. 360 cover keeps your full head safe and keeps you extra protected.

Everyone loved this helmet since after it’s release.

This helmet can be customized by the user itself. Due to it’s lightweight everyone has given a high rating and good review to this Cascade R Matte helmet.

  • Lightweight
  • Matte color
  • Easily customized


  • One color

#2. Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet:

This is a difficult product to find on the Internet because it actually skipped the cascade and used models like CPV-R instead.

You can get them at a very cheap Coast because technology is a bit outdated.

At the time, it looked like a helmet, so it could still protect your head.

The technology is that protective gear which is constantly improving, but in reality, there is always a level of basic safety.

The helmet can still have that capacity to deal with any outcome you encounter in a lacrosse game this Make this helmet a valid option.

The shell is of a beautiful standard ABS shell. It is just like previous helmets, but it still meets or exceeds all the criteria for MLL, college, and high school lacrosse.

Your head is fine. In terms of fit and comfort, it has a full pivot tail and an adjustable switch similar to the Cascade Cask Genesis CS Caskay.

This means you can find your feet faster than we say in the product description.

Of course, this helmet is not the best on this list. But if you are looking for quality on a budget, you should think about it. What we are saying is check out the size guide and make sure if it doesn’t suit you you can return it.


  • Good level of protection
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Affordable pricing


  • Obsolete design
  • One color option

#3. Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet with Black Face Mask

(Choose Your Shell Color)

The Lacrosse Cascade CPV-R helmet is our third helmet.

This is the third built by Cascade. It’s one of the biggest and best brands in the industry, and it’s no accident that players of all levels, from kids to pros, wear this helmet.

The most popular of the mid-range helmets is the CPV-R.

It’s not as good as the Cascade CPX-R helmets, but it cost $ 60 less than that. But don’t be fooled by the fact that this isn’t a high-quality helmet.

This helmet was developed for players of all ages and sizes (13 years and older) and therefore utilizes a mechanism similar to very expensive models.

The first is the security level. The EPP coating resists multiple effects and gradually returns to its original shape.

This is one of the main differences between this armor and professional armor – the time it takes to recover for the next shot.

But this can save your head. this is the most important. The outer surface of the helmet looks like an ABS casing. This reduces resistance and keeps your head cold.

One of the main reasons we like it so much is that it has an SPR setting similar to the Cascade CPX-R.

The fact that it is holding your head in his arms will make you relax and help you perform better on the field.

In short, this helmet is the perfect compromise between your first helmet and professional armor. However, if you have extra money, we can go straight to CPX-R.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Adjustable
  • View from top to bottom


  • Only ideal for new players

The Best STX Lacrosse Helmets

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet:

We know that you must include at least one helmet from other than Cascade, which so you can consider STX 500 STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet.

We chose this as a high-quality product due to its safety level.

This is among one of the most protective helmets. This Cascade CPX-R Helmet does not look stylish or elegant, but if you are interested in the safety of your head, this cover is for you.

It has a standard ABS shell which is more resistant to variations. The helmet is filled with plastic with small impact modifiers that affect your head.

This is similar to Cascade’s technology investment system but is considered more efficient. Besides, it also has a patented TPU pillow system, which provides extra protection and absorbs more of the impact.

On top of this is the EVA steering pad that allows you to adjust the placement of the helmet and ensure it gives you a good embrace.

Also, the combination of both investments makes it comfortable.

This helmet has the combination of comfort liner and SureFit airliner which covers a large portion of your head and is fully adjustable to match the shape of your head.

Sure, this helmet cascade is no different than the CPX-R, but it’s safer.


  • Higher security.
  • Reasonably comfortable.
  • Cascade is cheaper than CPX-R.


  • This helmet cannot be set as lids.

The Best Warrior Lacrosse Helmets

Warrior might not have gained such popularity as compared to other Lacrosse helmets. But, Warrior lacrosse helmets are one of the impressive helmet gear with solid designs. If you are purchasing this helmet you find different color variants online.

#1. Warrior Tii Helmet

Warrior Tii Helmet is only available in one size. You will not find any color variant of this helmet. This helmet is only available in black color. Its design is shell-visor.

The helmet is very lightweight due to the lightweight mask. Some suggest that that Warrior Tii Helmet is one of the lightest helmets available in the market.

Warrior Tii Helmet has an aggressive facemask design. Due to the large vent hole, you will find it very comfortable over your head also it gives sleek and sightlines.

This helmet is meest and has all NOCSAE standards. It’s worth what you are paying for. If you really love lightweight helmets in the black color you should give a try.


  • Lightweight
  • Larger vent holes
  • Unique Design


  • No color options
  • One size

#2. Warrior Krown PX2 Helmet for Box Lacrosse Black Large

This helmet comes without mask you have paired it with facemask and then you are ready to go. This helmet lets you customize your helmet.

Warrior Krown PX2 gives you a traditional view. It fits nicely over your head and gives protection to your head.

Warrior Krown PX2 is lightweight and you can adjust this helmet yourself easily. This is one of the comfortable lacrosse helmets present in the market. You may find a few color variants for this helmet.

Your head is safe under this optimal multilayered foam and plastic helmet. What you are waiting for purchase Warrior Krown right away and start enjoying your game.


Customizable Helmets
Light Weight
Color Variance


Old design

Youth Lacrosse Helmets

#1. CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

We have included this helmet if you buy it for your children. There is a point where you do not want to borrow an old helmet and they need their protection.

Admittedly, they are not interested in their protection tools.

It is up to you to decide what they want. The Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse helmet is one of the best youth helmets in our opinion.

Made by the same company that makes our best choice, this helmet has advanced technology and amazing design.

Before proceeding with the features and benefits, it should be noted that this coverage is only suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Of course, at Youth Lacrosse Field, you don’t need a high level of protection. It is highly doubtful that a washer will hit 100 miles in an hour.

But it is good to know that if they do, they will be safe. This helmet can provide this level of protection.

It has a strong ABS shell that can withstand severe consequences.
But it is very light.

This is important for junior helmets, as they can cause neck problems when wearing helmets.

It is also a very simple helmet. Children can be prepared and adapted without the help of your trainer or trainer.

This sense of independence helps them build their trust. One of our favorite features is the CS Fit System, and we think it’s yours.

It is designed to allow the player to grow a helmet, so it does not need to be changed every year.

This will save you money and justify your initial investment of over $ 100. CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet is not cheap, but when it comes to head care, safety matters.


  • Very heavy
  • Allowing children to grow up
  • Excellent peripheral appearance


  • For young players
  • Available in only a few color options

#2. CASCADE CPX-R Helmet

Our best choice in this review is the Cascade CPX-R helmet. It as the best lacrosse helmet our list. As an inflatable helmet, this was an easy choice because it is highly respected in the game.

The R-line of helmets is the most protective, high quality and expensive of the waterfalls. It is one of the most widely used helmets, especially in the university lacrosse and MLL sector.

The first and most important thing is to protect your head well. If you have a puddle dump in your head at speeds of 100 mph, you should know that you are safe. Use the Cascade CPX-R helmet.

It is equipped with new technologies to protect you. First, there is a suction technology investment system. According to him, this is a ”

revolutionary mechanism for mitigating the effects” that deals with the immediate effect of energy on your helmet.

So when you hit your head, then the energy will move from your head.

This means that the helmet is immediately ready for the next impact. It is coated with PORN XRD foam, which immediately repeats its shape – like a layer of memory foam – after impact.

On the front of the helmet, there is a new, improved mask that improves peripheral vision so you can see what’s going on in the corner of your eye.

All this invites you to make the most comfortable and protective helmet you can find.
It is one of the most beautiful helmets on the market. He looks worse than everyone else, mainly because of the way he squids all the squid and leans forward.

The color we chose is white with a chrome mask, but it’s personal. Enter the product name on Google and you’ll see hundreds of different headphones with custom group colors.
The last thing you need to do is adjust the helmet.

This is an ideal size for everyone, so if you don’t have a very large or small head, it should fit well. Thanks to Cascade’s SPR Fit system, three jaws can be replaced to make them hospitable.

All you have head is a tightening system. Behind the cover and Velcro. Not to mention the adjustable interior and strap.

How to Choose a Best Lacrosse Helmet?

Reviews – You can learn a lot about the product from customer reviews. The first thing to do when you find our buying guide is to read a review.

The reason behind that is you can see how the product is in the case, the lacrosse helmet – stays on it. It makes more sense than reading product descriptions. If they see something we don’t see, we will look for other experts.

Brand – The brand is important in terms of sports equipment such as lacrosse helmets. Most big brands have R&D teams in technology. It is important that you buy from a trusted brand.

Because the helmet is for your safety purposes and you can’t take risks of your safety. Not only do we select the best brand products, but we also look for unknown brands and what they offer.

Price– It is one of the most important factors because everyone’s economic condition is not the same. If you are a professional lacrosse player, the budget for your helmet maybe hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, if you play sports or buy helmets for kids, you don’t want to spend that much money. So we try to provide products at all prices. Find our premium products and our best value for money at both ends of the price range

Features to Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Helmet

Material – Material on your lacrosse helmet is a must. You don’t need anything that can’t protect your head, you don’t want something heavy that doesn’t go down fast. Most modern lacrosse helmets have plastic molds similar to ABS’s, and some have plastic helmets similar to motorcycle helmets. Inside the helmet, you use soft material for the comfort of your head.

Mask – The only thing hidden in your lacrosse helmet is a ball or a stick. This is why it is so important. They are always made of metal and provide enough space for them to be visible from the outside. If the amount of metal is too much in your helmet then your vision may get obscured. Some of the product is designed to give you a better look.

Chin – It is important to attach the lacrosse helmet to your head to prevent injury. If it is too loose, it can cause you serious injury. Chin Protector is the key to complete agility. Once your helmet is installed, you should adjust the ram belt until the helmet is installed.

Lining – The lining is the material inside the helmet. Lining can be made from different materials, but there are certain things you should look out for in your lining: comfort, moisture capacity, and shock absorption. The material should be solid and comfortable, so you will stay solid and control the humidity during training or competition. Helmets that were sold earlier there lining were just for your comfort but now it provides you with extra protection for your head.

Weight -The weight of your helmet is one of the most important factors you should look for while purchasing the product. If it is too heavy, it can harden the game and cause serious injury to the throat.
Of course, if you are more willing to spend money, your helmet will be lighter. But some cheap helmets are still lighter.

Safety -One of the reasons you should buy a lacrosse helmet is safety, so it is wrong to say that this is important. All lacrosse helmets have basic protection, but some are safer than others. you should invest some money and buy a high-quality lacrosse helmet. If you are concerned about safety. They are also equipped with safety equipment that improves shock absorption.

Comfort -When playing lacrosse, the last thing you want is anxiety. This will prevent you from playing and will affect your performance. To make sure your head is comfortable in the game to go for a high-quality lining helmet.

When you play lacrosse at school, you may have received an old smelly helmet that has been used thousands of times. No wonder you came to buy this item. We have checked the best lacrosse helmets on the Internet and narrowed it down to our top pick.

Best Customizers for your Lacrosse Helmet (Stickers, Folding, Holes)

What’s better than getting a headband that can be customized according to your needs? This is nothing else. Customizing helps you add the features you are looking for, allowing you to focus more.

Lacrosse Helmet Visors

Usually, you can’t get a lame helmet with a cornice, so you need to install your own. The brakes on your helmet keep you cool. But are they legal? See our full post about attractive lenses that give you the rules and valuable information on how to install it.

Recommended Read: Best Lacrosse Visors

We recommend a quick tip, the Oakley lacrosse visor, with a few tweaks to install on your curved helmet. Also, keep in mind that NOCSAE does not allow you to look bright, it is against the rules!

Lacrosse Helmet Decals

Depending on the colors of your team, decal decals can make sense to you. You can buy lacrosse decals of any color the helmet offers, which will enhance your style.

You can buy a classic sticker for your loose helmet or you can buy the most traditional Mohawk lacrosse lever decals and a sticker that fits in the back.

Finally, you can place lacquer helmet stickers anywhere, and the cascade looks like thin helmet decals!

Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Curly helmet wraps are a sticky style that can be placed on your loose helmet. Like lacrosse helmet decals, if your rock is a lacrosse helmet during your game, it depends on the team you play. In most tournaments, everything runs smoothly. Be fully aware that your lecture or group lacrosse allows you to apply a specific helmet for lacrosse. Contact your trainer to find out if your team is using lactose helmet wrap or where to buy them. You can check out to see what they pack!

Box Lacrosse Helmets

Lacrosse box players use a variety of helmets to meet the demands of fast and aggressive games. These people buy a hockey helmet and put on a grippy facemask to get a better look.

These players work in tight spaces and must be prepared to catch passes in a lot of motion.

They have an advantage over someone who can wear a flat-screen helmet as they have the added vision of seeing these foods on a multi-faceted side. We recommend the Lacrosse Gate Helmet Face Mask, then spread it on the Hockey Helmet!

Final Stroke:

Choosing the right lacrosse helmet will determine which style is best for you and what type of style you are looking for.

Most lacrosse helmets on the market will protect your head as much as possible. Make sure you don’t buy an old Easton lacrosse helmet.

Unfortunately, you can’t even buy a Brine lacrosse helmet or a Riddell lacrosse helmet.
Finally, the best thing is that you can try old lacrosse helmets or used lacrosse helmets.
Try a friend’s lax helmet to stay healthy or go to a luxury store and look for different products before you eat.

You can find out if the best lacrosse helmet is cheap or not. All of these helmets protect your head, but differences in fit and style can affect how you play.

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