10 Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing of 2021 | Detailed Buying Guide

StringKing Shooters pack
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One of the most essential pieces of lax gear you’ll ever need is lacrosse mesh. and we’re here to help you choose the best lacrosse mesh & Strings.

The lax mesh you choose decides your passing, cradling and shooting.


If you choose the wrong lax stringing then you’ll face problems in each game or practice.

And you can even get a pebnalty for an illegal pocket.

Don’t worry:

We have made a complete guide on how to choose the best lacrosse mesh available in the market.

The Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing in 2021

Best Mesh: Easy Coast Dyes HeroMesh

Best String: East Coast Dyes HeroStrings

Best Kit: East Coast Dyes Herokit

In 2021 there are so many different types of lacrosse mesh kits & styles available. So you have got multiple options from brands like East Coast Mesh, StringKing Mesh and Throne Mesh but it will be hard to choose one.

This Guide Consists of :

  • The 3 Types of Lacrosse Mesh
  • Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Mesh
  • Reviews of the Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall Strings
  • Reviews of Lacrosse Mesh Wax & Accessories

The 3 Different Lacrosse Mesh Types

Soft Mesh :

The Soft mesh makes catching and cradling easier and are ideal for beginner and youth players. But once this mesh gets wet it is impossible to make good passes as it is wet, droopy and sticky.

Hard Mesh :

Hard mesh is the most widely used lacrosse mesh which stings into any pocket design you desire. And it is always unaffected by rain, keeping it’s mold stable. The only disadvantage of this mesh is it takes a while to break in.

Traditional Mesh :

The traditional lacrosse mesh when strung perfectly, can make you the happiest laxer on the field. Stringing traditional lacrosse pockets requires expertise, multiple strings and it takes a while to break in.

Best Lacrosse Mesh Kits for Sale in 2021

Once you know the type of the lacrosse mesh you need, it’s time to pick your own kit. You must be wondering what is the best lacrosse mesh?

In the following list we have honestly reviewed East coast mesh, StringKing Mesh, Jimalax Mesh and Throne of String Mesh. All these brands offer Soft, hard and traditional and custom mesh. Plus launch videos showing how to string a lacrosse head and how to dye lacrosse mesh are provided.

#1. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse HeroMesh with HeroStrings

East Coast Lacrosse Mesh is the best selling brand among all the brands available.

The reason why this is East Coast Mesh is one of the best lacrosse meshes is because it’s fully waterproof.

The HeroMesh doesn’t fully contract or expand hot, cold or rainy weather.

It is a highly durable lacrosse mesh made with the latest technology called LockTec technology.

This mesh is very soft yet exceptionally durable in any weather condition. Available in whooping 15 different colors.

Product Key Features

  • Durable : The HeroStrings are very soft in texture but are very durable and strong. Be it a rainy season, winter season or even a snowing, this mesh performs exceptionally well in all conditions.
  • Weatherproof : The HeroMesh string does not expand or contract in hot weather or cool weather, even during rain. This quality makes it weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about the bad weather.
  • Improved Control : HyperWeave is a special way of keeping a very tight knit pattern with perfectly designed diamond shapes provides a great texture. Further this helps to improve grip and control of the player.
  • Perfect Hold & Smooth Release : This lacrosse mesh weighs only 25gms and is the strongest one which hardly rips or tears apart. And this provides perfect hold and a smooth release in the game.

#2. East Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh (Semi-Hard)

ECD Vortex Hybrid Mesh is designed for the modern game. It features two distinct diamond structures. The vortex creates a sweetspot in the pocket which gives an unparalleled level of control and feel.

The two different diamond structures in specific areas of the mesh which optimizes the performance.

This mesh delivers the most dynamic pocket in the lacrosse. Available in Semi-hard and Semi-soft with two different colors.

Product Key Features

  • Hybridweave : This Vortex mesh is crafted with all new patent pending HybridWeave which seamlessly and strategically incorporates two distinct diamond shapes in one dynamic mesh.
  • SweetSpot : The unique diamond pattern creates a sweetspot in the pocket that provides a natural release point and an unmatched level of feel and control.
  • Lightweight : The LTH fibers are extremely lightweight and durable. This makes them to deliver faster shots, increased feel without compromising strength.
  • Weatherproof : This lacrosse mesh is created with fully weatherproof fibers. They does not contract or expand in blazing heat, freezing cold,rain or snow.

#3. StringKing Performance Lacrosse Mesh Type 2

StringKing is the next best lacrosse mesh after the East Coast Dyes. Weighing only 30g, Type 2 mesh is 15% lighter than Type 1.

And this mesh is manufactured using a new patent-pending technology called TITE.

This tighter mesh offers superior ball control and more accurate throws. The semi-soft mesh is available in 10+ assorted colors. You must not miss this !

Product Key Features

  • Lighter : This type 2 mesh weighs only 30g which makes it 15% lighter than the Type 1. It is built with new P2 fibers for a lighter and thinner lacrosse mesh that delivers a quicker release & more accuracy.
  • Tighter : Type 2 is made with a patent pending technology called TITE which makes it 30% tighter construction than Type 1. This helps to release shots with more ease and accuracy.
  • Stronger : The P2 fibers also make this lacrosse mesh a very durable product compared to the rest. It’s durability is almost doubled. So you can play for a longer duration with this stronger mesh.
  • Bolder : The color pigments are added before the mesh is woven and it is not dyed after it is made. This results in a much bolder look with true and attractive color to it.
  • Semi-Soft : This type 3 mesh is a semi soft with hardness score of 2 out of 10.

#4. Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh

The Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh comes from a couple of companies that you might have heard of.

StringKing teamed up with Epoch to produce a mesh which has superior water resistance and lighter weight than the traditional mesh.

This Otter mesh is designed to give you a long lasting pocket with zero break in time. According to the reviews from customers, they are pretty happy with this amazing product.

Product Key Features

  • Simply Better : The otter mesh is simply better without any doubts. It’s not marketing, actually it’s science. It is the world’s lightest waterproof lacrosse mesh made with advanced composite materials.
  • UV Protection : Otter Mesh has UV protection which makes it resistant from thermal shrinkage or expansion. Be it a hot day or cool, your pocket will remain consistent no matter what.
  • 100% Recyclable : This mesh has very low elasticity for wet and dry, and exhibits high abrasion resistance. Also it is biologically and chemically very stable. So, Otter mesh is 100% recyclable.
  • iQ6 Rating : It has an iQ6 (medium soft) rating which has the perfect blend between the feel you get with the soft mesh. The performance is of a hard mesh.
  • Ultra lightweight Mesh : This is 50% lighter than conventional and traditional mesh, still provides a great control under all playing conditions. This Otter mesh had made ever head 18g lighter in the market.

#5. Throne of String Lacrosse Throne Mesh

Guide of lacrosse mesh would be incomplete without Throne of Strings fiber 2 Stringing kit. The Fiber 2 system improves the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with the latest fiber di]uo construction.

It provides a lighter and stronger pocket which is backed by the best guarantee in the game.

This Fiber 2 system improves the standard of previous products. Available in two amazing colors.

Product Key Features

  • Fiber 2 System : This lates system improves the original Throng of String Lacrosse Gold Standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction. It gives a lighter and stronger pocket with a guarantee in the game.
  • Strength : The 15 KN Duo fiber construction AMP channel flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess of whip.
  • Agility : The 17 mm HEX Diamond symmetrical structure hugs the ball which gives perfect feel and control for better play.
  • Includes 1 ThroneLacrosse Fiber 2 Stringing Kit : This kit includes 10 Feet Of Sidewall, 1 Shooter Cord, and 2 Shooter Laces in color Amber Orange.

#6. Jimalax 10 Diamond Hard Lacrosse Mesh

The Traditional Hard Mesh is still the most popular of all mesh or we can say as The Grandfather of all mesh. Though traditional hard mesh is easy to break it holds pocket very strong even in poor weather.


This 10 Diamond lacrosse mesh is clearly better than the 6 diamond, and keeps a perfect pocket. Jimalax produces not only high quality lacrosse mesh but also the affordable ones.

Product Key Features

  • Grandfather Of All Mesh : Jimalax Hard mesh is considered as the Grandfather of all mesh as it is a Traditional hard mesh. It is easy to break in and offers awesome shot speed and holds the pocket in any weather condition.
  • High Quality & Affordable : This hard mesh by Jimalax is a high quality hard mesh which is also very affordable in price. Hence, it is the perfect choice for any player.
  • Pack Includes : This Made in USA product pack contains 10 Diamond Attack Mesh in Black color.

#7. Lacrosse Goalie Mesh – East Coast Dyes 12 Diamond

We have a special mesh for Goalies, a specific goalie mesh to string your lacrosse head perfectly. In this pack you’ll get a 12 diamond goalie lacrosse mesh. Just like all other East coast dyes products, this mesh also holds your pocket firm and strong.

The perfect diamond shape of this mesh helps to increase your accuracy in passing and shooting the ball.

Also, it works perfectly in any weather condition.

Product Key Features

Semi Soft & High Performance : The East coast Dyes Goalie Mesh is a semi soft mesh which is specifically made for goalies. It works to improve shots and more skills of goalies.
Properiatery Wax Coating : This mesh is covered with properiatery wax coating which is infused into the fiber to make the mesh waterproof in case of bad weather.
Soft Pocket : The softness of the pocket and the wax coating cushions helps while saving the balls with ease and comfort.
Superior Hold : This Goalie mesh provides a superior hold which ensures perfect control and feel that helps to play better.

The Best Custom Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall String

Lacrosse mesh often comes with all of the lacrosse mesh, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse stringing supplies that every laxer needs on the field. But the expert players prefer custom lacrosse stringing styles and will buy their lacrosse top strings, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse sidewalls separately. Also the traditional lacrosse stringing styles are very common among other players.

#1. East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Stringing Laces

East Coast Dyes is one of the most popular and loved brands of lacrosse equipment. And HeroMesh has to be in your kit if you are looking for top quality & protection too.

These lax strings are weatherproof that lasts in any weather condition.

Be it rain, heat or snow on the game day. Available in more than 10 cool colors.

Product Key Features

  • Durable : These superior strings are made up with material that makes them last so long. ECD strings are so durable that they can stay unaffected any type of weather on the day.
  • Tightly Woven : Sidewall strings are tightly woven that don’t loosen up easily. The shooters are soft yet very durable and allow smooth release all the time.
  • Weather Proof : Being weatherproof you don’t have to worry what kind of day it is, rainy, sunny or even if it’s snowing outside. Just go out with ECD strings and enjoy the game.

#2. StringKing Lacrosse Sidewall String

StringKing Sidewall Strings are easy to string and are twice as durable and 20% lighter than rest.

With this string you have to restore the lacrosse stick less often and play faster & smarter.

These tough yet lightweight sidewall strings come in multiple bold colors. And loved by many laxers around the world.

Product Key Features

  • Easy To String : Don’t worry about wasting time in stringing your lacrosse stick with this string by StringKing. These strings are twice as durable and 20% lighter than previous versions.
  • Consistency : The strings are made from non-nylon material that doesn’t stretch, shrink or loosen up. Stays consistent all the time, no matter what type of weather it is.
  • Stringability : Perfect diameter and textured stiffness of these strings ensures the head is strung with ease. The knots are very strong to break.
  • Vibrant : Both Sidewalls and laces are available in fifteen vibrant colors that adds personality to your game.

#3. StringKing Lacrosse Shooting Strings

StringKing lacrosse shooters pack comes with shooting lace and cord that promises optimal feel and accuracy in a consistent manner.

These imported strings are very dependable and crisp too.

With this string a consistent optimal feel is promised throughout the game. Choose from more than fifteen colors that adds personality to your lacrosse stick.

Product Key Features

  • Imported : The shooters pack strings are imported and made with top quality material that actually lasts longer than other products.
  • Accurate : Stringking lacrosse shooter strings guide the ball through the channel of your lacrosse pocket for consistent and accurate shots.
  • Optimal Feel : Being made with optimal cotton-polyester these strings melts into your lacrosse pocket for the best possible feel to every laxer.
  • Crisp : A crisp snap at the end of each release of ball is ensured with a tight thin braid with compact construction of StringKing shooter strings.

#4. Ninjalax Lacrosse Mesh Spool

If you are someone who does lacrosse traditional stringing and fiddling then go for lacrosse mesh spool.

The Ninjalx Sidewall Spool is Double-braided and manufactured with braided inner core which is surrounded by a braided outer sheath.


This unique design provides excellent strength, superior abrasion resistance and low elongation.

Product Key Features

  • Double-Braided : Each spool from NinjaLax mesh spools is double braided and made from braided inner core. This makes the spool very tough and durable.
  • Excellent Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Low Elongation : Every load is shared by both the inner core and outer sheath. This double-braided design provides a performance string with excellent strength, superior abrasion resistance and low elongation.
  • 100 Yard Sidewall Spool : This sidewall pool is 100 yard long that can be used for a longer duration without worrying about damage.

Lacrosse Mesh Wax and Pocket Accessories

Knowing how to string a lacrosse head is not required to to take care of a new lacrosse mesh. We are listing down 2 products below to help you break in lacrosse mesh, clean lacrosse mesh, wax lacrosse mesh and make your lax pocket perfect.

#1. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh Wax

Pocket polish, by East coast dyes is a tube of wax which helps to increase the performance of your lacrosse equipment.

One can simply twist the tube and apply it on mesh, shooting strings, gloves or stick  tape.

The advanced formula of wax works on the fibers of mesh and makes the pocket weatherproof.

This is a must buy product that lasts a whole season.

Product Key Features

Simple To Use : Even if you have no experience with laxing your lax equipment, you can do well with this. Just twist the tube and apply it on lacrosse mesh, strings, gloves or stick tape.
Advanced Wax Formula : This is made with the advanced wax formula that works into the fibers of the lacrosse mesh. Also, it makes your pocket weatherproof.
One Tube Lasts A Season : One tube of this Wax can last the whole season with generous use.
Add Grip To Gloves & Shaft : Applying pocket polish to the gloves makes them feel brand new and improves its grip. And applying it to shaft tape can get you extra grip too.

#2. STX Lacrosse Pocket Pounder

Many laxers after stringing up head wonder how to soften the lacrosse mesh to improve their cradling, hold and grip.

A Stretching pocket and a lacrosse pocket pounder is the best way to do it.

ocket and a lacrosse pocket pounder is the best way to do it.

STX Pocket pounder is perfect for breaking in new pockets and are essential for any player to keep appropriate bag in the pocket of stick.

Product Key Features

  • AL 6000 Handle : This Lacrosse pocket pounder is constructed from AL 6000 handle with a quality STX ball bolted firmly in place.
  • Essential To Keep Appropriate Bag : This is essential for any player to keep an appropriate bag in the pocket of the stick.
  • Required Tool : It is a required tool for any stick stringer and holds very importance.

(VIDEO) How to String a Lacrosse Head

[VIDEO] East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review

Here’s the deal for you:

The difference between choosing best lacrosse mesh and worst is you hitting the back of the lacrosse net or shooting wide right. The Lacrosse stringing & mesh you choose decides your passes, your cradling, your shots, your catching, your ground balls and even the amount of respect you get on the field.

Lacrosse mesh is available in different Sizes, shapes and colors, and it is very important to get your lacrosse head strung with the best lacrosse mesh out there. Ask yourself whether you need hard or soft lacrosse mesh and from where to buy it, like east coast mesh.

Final Words

Just like safety, playing with a legal lacrosse pocket is a must in the game. So you must go for the best lacrosse mesh stringing that fulfils all of your requirements.

Our team has researched all over the market and learnt from many players to bring you this detailed guide so that your skills improve every single day.

Hope you appreciate our efforts and start working on yourself to be a pro! And that’s a wrap for a Best lacrosse mesh stringings! Hope you enjoyed it!

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