Best Lacrosse Mini Sticks Sets 2021 | Who’s Best?

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Choosing Best Mini lacrosse sticks are too much fun!

They help kids, coaches and even advanced lacrosse players to play with their lax sticks and learn new moves, improve their stick handling and develop more skills.

Every player who has played in league 2020 will admit to practising with fiddlesticks to learn new lacrosse stick tricks.

The Best Mini Sticks Sets:

Best Set : STX Fiddle Sticks (With Goal)

Best Stick : STX Mini Sticks (Set of 2)

The lacrosse fiddle sticks can be used as a replacement to youth lacrosse sticks if your kids are very young or just beginners.

Because a full sized lacrosse stick can be too much to handle for those just starting out. This lacrosse mini stick can help your kid to learn the basics of the game without buying the actual stick.

Guess what? Many parents, grandparents and even dogs love to play with these mini sticks.

Full List & Guide to Buying Mini Lacrosse Sticks

There are two options for you to buy, you can either go for a full fiddlesticks lacrosse set which includes a soft orange ball, goal, goalie stick and 4 lacrosse sticks. Another is, a traditional mini lacrosse stick which includes a set of 2 fiddlesticks.

Go through the following list of cheapest and high quality products to buy from Amazon.

Top 5 Complete Mini Lacrosse Sticks Sets

If you are looking for a mini lacrosse stick that comes with multiple sticks, goalie stick and a mini goal then these are perfect options for you. The STX fiddlesticks set is our most favourite among all.

#1. STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

This is a scaled down version of STX’s most popular sticks. “FiddleSticks” is the best set of mini sticks for you.

The set includes:
1 Durable 3′ x 3′ PVC goal with sleeve net
2 Classic Fiddlesticks
1 Mini goalie stick
2 Soft mini balls
Instruction book and game play rules

Product Key Features

  • Most Popular Stick : FiddleSTX is the world’s most popular lacrosse mini stick available in the market. It is a top quality and also the most loved stick by the players of all age groups and skill levels.
  • Set Includes : This FIddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick Set includes two telescoping mini field players sticks with one mini goalie stick, FiddleSTX goal, two soft mini balls and an instruction book and game play rules.
  • Rugged plastic heads and shafts : The heads and shafts included in the set are made with rugged plastic which makes them strong, durable and a perfect hold for the player.

#2. Brine Mini Lacrosse Goal Set with Sticks

The 2nd choice we have for you is Brine Mini Lacrosse Goal Set with Sticks. This set gets you up for set-up for backyard lacrosse fun.

It can be set up anywhere, in your basement indoors, outdoor or in your backyard too.

This set features a mini goal with net, 2 Mini Nitrous Sticks, 1 Mini Money Goalie Stick and 2 soft mini balls. Available in Mini size with orange color.

Product Key Features

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use : This lacrosse goal set is perfect for use in your Indoor, outdoor and even in the backyard of your house. It is very easy to set up in less time.
  • Perfect Size for Backyard : This set is a perfect size for Backyard. It comes with sticks which are made up of plastic. And they are very durable & come as a bonus with a set.
  • Includes : This Brine Mini Lacrosse Goal set includes 2 mini sticks, 1 mini goalie stick, goal, net and pack of 2 mini lacrosse balls.

#3. Maverik Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The Maverik Mini Lacrosse Set is the perfect tool for setting young prospects used to the game.

This is a great tool for the players who just can’t get themselves off the field. The items included in this set gives you the real feel of the game with durable netting.

It includes 2 Juice Jr. Mini Sticks, 1 Base Jr. Goalie Stick, 2 Soft Balls and 1 PVC Goal with netting. With this set you can stay home and be in your comfort.

Product Key Features

  • Perfect Tool : This Maverik Mini Lacrosse Stick Set is the perfect tool to get used to the young prospects of the game. It is great for players who love the game of lacrosse so much.
  • Ready For Different Places : Yes, this amazing lacrosse stick can be set up in backyard, beach or basement play. This is for Recreational use only.
  • Full Set Includes : The Maverik set includes 1 Mini Goal with Netting, 2 Mini Lax sticks
    1 Mini Goalie Stick and 2 Mini foam Balls.

#4. Mylec Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

Mylec Mini lacrosse stick set is the cheapest option available on Amazon. The durability of these sticks can’t be promised.

Anyway, no mini sticks are made for real play so don’t worry.

It is manufactured with synthetic material which makes it strong and durable.

You can turn your backyard into a miniaturized lacrosse field with this durable kit. Available in 31 x 31 in dimension with white color.

Product Key Features

  • Miniaturized lacrosse field : With this mini lacrosse sticks set you can turn your backyard into miniaturized lacrosse field with this durable kit.
  • Synthetic : The set is made with synthetic material which improves its strength and durability.
  • Sleeve Netting System : The Sleeve Netting system used in this set makes it easy and quick to set up. It sets up within a few minutes.
  • Optimal Stability : The weighted bottom of this set ensures optimal stability of the set on the field.

The Best 2-Packs of Mini Lacrosse Sticks

If you don’t need a goal or mini goalie lax sticks then you must check out a pack of 2 Mini Lacrosse Sticks. This is a great option for just tossing around in the backyard. Mini wooden lacrosse sticks can be used as well.

#1. STX Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

With this lacrosse sticks set enjoy all the action and fun of lacrosse with 30 miniature sticks. Each stick from this set has a soft mesh pocket and durable plastic handle.

This mini lacrosse set is perfect for young players who want to play indoors as well as outdoors. And each stick is packaged with a soft orange ball.

Product Key Features

  • World’s Most Popular : FiddleSTX is the World’s most popular lacrosse mini stick in the game. It is highly recommended by many happy users.
  • Packaged with a Ball : Each stick from this set is packaged with one orange lacrosse ball. This proves great while practising for the game.
  • Rugged Plastic Heads & Shafts : The heads and shafts of this sticks are made with rugged plastic which makes the set super durable.
  • Perfect For Kids : This stick set is perfect for toddlers and young players as it helps to improve their skills on the field.

#2. Brine Super Toss Mini Lacrosse Sticks

In case you are looking for a basic set of mini lacrosse sticks to mess around and work on your lacrosse stick tricks, you must try out this product. The set includes 2 pack with 1 mini ball in assorted color.

It has plastic handles which ensures firm grip and helps in practising with ease. A soft mini ball is also provided with this stick set.

Product Key Features

  • Basic Mini Set : This is a basic mini set which can be used to practise and improve lacrosse stick tricks. It is a great product when you just want to pass around and work on your skills.
  • Plastic Handles : The sticks have plastic handles which are easy and comfortable to hold. Also it makes the sticks durable and waterproof.
  • Soft Mini Ball : The set includes a soft mini ball with the two mini lacrosse sticks. This ball can be used for practise.

#3. Toysmith Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

Toysmith Mini lacrosse stick set is a great tool to teach the basics of the game. The Fiddlestick and ball set is perfect for beginners with short arms.

It is also a great tool as on-the-go set for all age groups.

You can have outdoor fun while exercising with this great set from Toysmith. These are made with high quality and safe material which provides loads of fun. This is recommended for age 3 and up.

Product Key Features

  • Perfect For Beginners : This Fiddle stick and ball set is perfectly designed for the beginners and players with shorter arms. It is also on-the-go set for players of all age groups.
  • Includes : Each set includes 31 inch long plastic lacrosse sticks with nylon webbed catch baskets and a 2.25 inch diameter rubber ball which provides a real life gameplay experience.
  • Brightly Colored : The balls are brightly colored which ensures easy recovery in tall grass or bushes. So you don’t need to worry about losing any of them.
  • High Quality & Safe : This set is made with high quality and safe material just as you need for your kids. These fiddle sticks are designed for kids of age 3 and above to have loads of fun.
  • Most Imaginative Toy : Toysimth is committed to provide most imaginative toys with the highest safety standard, which makes it appropriate for all age groups.

The 5 Lacrosse Fiddle Sticks We Love

If you are just looking for individual mini lacrosse sticks, checkout the following high quality options of defensive, attack, goalie mini lacrosse stick options too !

#1. Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior Mini Evo 4 is made for mini lacrosse play. These are the next generation of Warrior sticks for the backyard, bbq or basement laxing.

Product Key Features :

  • A Mini Lacrosse Ball : This set comes with a Mini Lacrosse ball.
  • Available in Colors : Red, Royal, Orange, Black and White
  • Not intended for any game use : It is only meant for practice purpose and not for any game use.

#2. Warrior Mini Cobra Lacrosse Stick

This Warrior’s one of the best lacrosse sticks into mini form with the Cobra. It is a mini lacrosse stick with an exclusive graphic.

Product Key Features :

  • Mini Ball Included : This set includes mini lacrosse stick mesh and ball included with it.
  • Great Option for Kids : This stick is assumed to be a great option for kids to play.
  • Play With Dog : You can also play with your Dog in the backyard with this mini stick.

#3. Brine Clutch Mini Lacrosse Stick

This is Brine’s mini stick version of the best selling lacrosse stick. Just like the full sized lacrosse stick this mini stick is loved by many players.

Product Key Features 

  • Mini Version of Best Selling Head : The Mini lacrosse stick by brine is a mini version of their Best-selling head.
  • 1 Mini Lacrosse Ball : This mini stick comes with a 1 mini lacrosse ball for practice.
  • Not Intended For Game Use : Mini stick is not intended for Game use at all.

#4. Warrior Evo Warp Mini Complete Lacrosse Stick

Finally a Mini stick that works ! The recreational design of this stick can be kept in your hand all time with its fun-sized package.

The Warp pocket doesn’t need to be adjusted or broken in.

Product Key Features :

  • Warp Technology : The mini stick is manufactured with War technology in N version which ensures the pocket doesn’t need to be adjusted or broken in.
  • Diamond Pocket : This mini stick utilizes a special wide diamond
  • Designed for Recreational Players : EVO warp N is designed for 6U and recreational players.
  • Warrior Tennis Ball : Yes, this comes with a Warrior tennis ball.

#5. Goalie STX Eclipse Mini Lacrosse Stick

The STX Eclipse Mini lacrosse stick is a great option for goalies who want to work on their skill set or have fun practice sessions in the backyard. Stick features 39” overall length for easier handling.

Product Key Features :

  • 48″ Miniature Goalie Stick : This is 48″ miniature goalie stick with mini- Eclipse head, soft goalie mesh pocket and durable metal handle.
  • Mini Eclipsed Head : The Mini eclipsed head is designed similar as the best selling goalie head.
  • Backyard or Beach play : This is perfect stick for Backyard or beach play.

#6. STX Fiddle Replacement Balls, Orange – 2 Pack

The STX FiddleSTX replacement balls are soft rubber lacrosse balls that fit both MiniSTX and FiddleSTX in lacrosse games. And these are very soft balls.

Product Key Features

  • 2 Pack : These soft balls come in 2 pack with Orange color.
  • Fits MiniSTX & FiddleSTX : These balls fit MiniSTX as well as Fiddle STX.

Why you Need Lacrosse Mini Sticks:

The Lacrosse Mini Sticks will make you a better lacrosse player, for both boys and girls.

To become a better player at any sport being able to goof off, play around and get creative will help you become a better player.

Yes, the fundamentals and rules of games need to be followed but the best lacrosse players are those who are creative with their stick handling and dodges.

And the Custom lacrosse mini sticks will help you do that.

2021 Update

We have been working hard and researching to find out a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.

In this detailed guide we will provide you the best lacrosse mini sticks of different brands, sizes and packs just as you need.

Final Words

And here we are done with listing down the best lacrosse mini sticks that you must go for.

These sticks helps best way to improve stick handling skills of players of all age and skill level. Even coaches loves to practice more with these mini sticks.

So if you are working hard on your skills to become a pro, pick the best one from above list and start thriving from today itself !

Go, get it done ! And that’s wrap for Best Lacrosse Mini Sticks! Hope you enjoyed it!

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