Best Lacrosse Rib Pads: Kidney Protectors for Adults & Youth

Best Lacrosse Rib Pads – The protective equipment for lacrosse will give you enough protection during the fast-paced lacrosse games.

There is a whole lot of protective gear that you required to wear for keeping yourself on the safe side.

These gear will keep you covered from head to toe. There are many new rib pads in the market that are gaining performance.

Regardless of the level of lacrosse games, you need to buy these essential pieces for ensuring that you will get the successful results in the games of lacrosse along with the protection.

Each of the other high-quality equipment that will allow you to hone your skills while staying safe.

This article will give you the idea of the top picked lacrosse rib pads in 2020.

For Whom Are These Rib Pads Essential?

In lacrosse games, there is much importance of the padding than in any other game.

You will get the equipment that will give you protection when you are checked by the defenders.

The players must have the rib pads on the field. Attack Men should always be considered wearing them.

Again, if you are in charge of handling the ball, you should also wear rib pads. Sometimes, even the confidence boosters must wear it without hesitation.

However, the midfielders don’t require the pads in the field of lacrosse.

Midfielders always need to run from one part of the field to the other. In this case, the rib pad restricts some movement.

There is a defenseman who has light padding usually and do not require the extra pad.

Rib Pads Sizing Chart in Lacrosse

When it comes to the lacrosse games, you can get customized options according to your size.

They are also available in many sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large. You will also get some youth rib pad sizing.

The sizing Essentials are dependent upon the gear that will fit across the ribs.

These gears are neither too high across the chest nor too low that it moves into the hip regions.

They will never restrict the movement while playing the games on the main field. The sizes are-

  1. For the age of 5 to 9 years, you can opt for small or youth small.
  2. For 10 to 12 years, you can opt for a small or youth medium.
  3. For 13 to 16 years, you can opt for medium.
  4. For 17 + age, you can opt for large or extra-large.

Top RIB Pad Picks

#1. Epoch Integra X Box Lacrosse

This is the comfortable protective and flexible new protective gear for the Lacrosse games.

It comes in the form of the elite box gear that will give the right amount of protection. It can be also balanced for the game with the level of flexibility.

The original piece from Epoch will now handle the tough competition when you are in the main field.

  • It is truly a masterpiece which is also eye appealing.
  • The prospective gear is designed and Engineered by the National lacrosse league to perfection.
  • It comes with the good phase change technology that can absorb the shock and store heat for optimal thermal comfort
  • It is engineered with the thermoplastic shells and foam that will give the maximum protection in the key areas.
  • There is also additional spine protection due to the higher grade hard shell
  • there is also an adjustable system for the strapping along with thermoplastic shells

#2. STX Stallion 100 Youth

The lacrosse rib pads are now new and good for the younger players as well as anyone else playing with the box lacrosse.

These are the pads that will come with the full backspace and will give better playability in the fields.

There are acceptable straps and double protective cushions in the front regions to give you the maximum protection.

  • When you wear this, you can rest assured that the ribcage will be protected against the horrible stress as well. The STX lacrosse rib pads now come with extra protection with a plastic moulded sheet.
  • The material is soft and supple one for allowing the pad to be flexible yet protective. At the same time, the youngest people who are in the games of lacrosse will also love it because it is less heavy when compared to some other alternatives.
  • STX lacrosse now offers Great Value and quality to the players playing with the games. The high-quality pad can be durable for a longer time.
  • This protective gear will save you at all circumstances. When  you are on the field you can rest assured that it will keep the abdominal and rib cage areas away from any chances of risk
  • It will also give you the moisture control option when you are on the field

#3. STX Agent Lacrosse

This lacrosse rib pad comes with a reinforced shield for the Dispersion of the high impact hacks.

When you are on the field of lacrosse, you can wear this wrap-around pad that will automatically contour the shape of your hips, spine, and ribs.

  • it is made from the breathable mesh vest design as well as the wide elastic straps
  • Overall, you will get the custom sizes to fit. You will get the availability of this model in different sizes. So, you should go through the sizing chart to ensure the best fit
  • It comes with the multi-layer foam construction that will give the impact protection
  • It becomes a super soft material with the liner that will give you comfortable stay all day long
  • It will keep away moisture at all circumstances
  • The STX agents will ensure that you will be able to run across the field without feeling tight or heavy.
  • However, there is a problem that these rib pads are not good enough for the intermediate players who find it is restricting their movement
  • It is also available at an affordable rate on online websites

#4. Warrior Burn Lacrosse

This rib pad comes with overall specifications that will make it better than the competitive models.

It has the VPS venting throughout the pad for giving the increased breathability. as well as an overall reduction of the weight.

  • There is the new segmented pad design which will allow the player to feel natural while bending the body
  • There is also a double density foam that comes with the key impact zones
  • It is available in all customized sizes for the players
  • The warrior burn pads are now breathable and lightweight for giving you extra protection
  • When you are facing the attacker, the rib pad will always do a good job in protecting the key area.
  • They are quite light and so durability becomes a question.
  • The pads give the freedom of movement from one side of the field to the other without restricting movement at any circumstances.
  • It’s also available at a very affordable on most websites
  • The all-new middle series now comes with the definition of both speed and protection.

#5. Brine Uprising Lacrosse

the rib pad now comes with the added protection that will provide comfort while staying protected.

You won’t ever face restrictions while wearing it and moving on the field.

  • it will let you wear the gears for prolonged periods.
  • There are multiple breaks in order to provide increased mobility and incredible fit
  • it is available in the range of rib pads for giving you better comfort.
  • Now there is a new piece in the market that is the youth uprising II lacrosse rib pad. They are expensive yet lightweight and will give you enhanced mobility. It delivers better mobility over the previous model at the cost of protection. However, they are not too heavy and will give a bit lower protection.
  • Overall, these pads will fit well for the reduction of the sting and prevention of serious injuries.

#6. Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT

This is the rib pad that is built on the Anatomical speed fit Technology for giving a closer fit to the body with the maximized freedom of movement.

  • You will get the ventilated base foams that will give the management of the impact protection as well as allow ventilation for keeping the player cool all day long
  • There are quick dry parts that will keep away the moisture from depositing on the skin
  • The availability of the adjustable elastic suspenders traps will ensure that the player can get personalized fit according to their choice
  • There are also structural materials between the spine pads and the rib pads that will allow increased flexion and movement
  • Giving the ultimate comfort with the flexion parts is the end objective of this model. You will get the high protection with the low profile
  • It is the large designed space that will be quite strong for offering great protection. So, when you are wearing them, you can be confident that no stress can harm you at any cost
  • However, there is only one potential drawback in the manner that the pads come in average weight.  The size and colours are limited
  • The piece is a very affordable one when you are looking for it on the online platform.

#7. Warrior MPG10

This is the lacrosse rib pad that is available for the best protection against slashes and stress approaching the ribs.

  • It comes with the triple-density impact form for offering enhanced protection especially in the areas of impact
  • There is an outer shell with the premium white composite construction. It will make a durable and breathable rib pad
  • there are venting network for a control system that will allow superior ventilation along with the proper airflow
  • Moisture management in this piece is a standard one that will give you the ultimate comfort while keeping away moisture.
  • You can stay secure while playing with the games of lacrosse due to the abdominal pad and phase change Technology

#8. Reebok 10K

The pad sides with the maximum protection and improved range of motion make this designed piece a perfect one for playing the games of lacrosse.

The rib pad comes with the ventilated front construction as well as a comfort fit for giving you the maximized air circulation.

  • the foam interior keeps away the moisture from the body while delivering the maximum comfort
  • There are non-constrictive movement freedom
  • The abdominal strap comes with the low profile flip comfort and flexibility
  • It is of a lightweight type that uses the fully vented mesh straps and will give you the improved range of motion
  • In no way you have to sacrifice the breathability and comfort
  • it is specifically designed to provide an attachment with the added protection against the long stick.
  • You will get the complete adjustability with the designed piece that has the closure and Elastic straps
  • It comes with the removable guards for offering flexibility

#9. Maverik Empire Rib Pad Lacrosse Rib Pads

This is the fully adjustable rib pad that comes with the flex design. In any way, it will not restrict your movement while protecting you.

  • It is fully adjustable for fitting you when you take it right out of the box
  • the breathable moisture-wicking liner will keep you cool throughout the day
  • now get the added spinal pad for protection against the lacrosse players approaching you with aggression
  • It is available now in black colour and the size is of the type of medium
  • It is something that is fit for the sports of lacrosse at all levels.

#10. BRINE Youth LoPro Prodigy

Now be ready to get the added protection with the comfortable pads that will not restrict your freedom of movement. When you buy this lacrosse piece, it will present a range of features.

  • The pad comes with multiple brakes for providing with the increased mobility
  • The item comes with the Incredible fit size and a weight of only 1.2 Pounds
  • You will get additional protection sheath that will protect the areas of the lower back.
  • There are comfortable straps that will give you a proper fit without making you feel like persistent shortness of breath
  • It is designed for fitting properly with the availability of the shoulder pads
  • This piece is for the Youth(Small) and is available in Black


Regardless of the gender and the level of play, you need to buy the proper rib pads for the games of lacrosse.

Choosing the right type will ensure that you will not face serious injuries in any circumstances.

We have mentioned some of the most remarkable products that are trending in the present-day markets.

Each of them is designed technically by the experts and tested for their high-end quality. That’s it for Lacrosse RIB Pads.

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