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This is a kind of Best Lacrosse Shafts DETAILED buying guide.

Yes, you read it right!

It’s fully crowded with the information/tips and tricks you must know before going for any random shaft.

This article is about best lacrosse shafts buying guide.

We’ll help you pick the best lacrosse shafts ( they won’t break)
We will suggest you the best and top brands [best Brine, Warrior, Epoch, etc.] which you can buy according to your gameplay, we have varieties for the attack, defense or goalie.

The Best Lax Shafts of 2020

Best Offense: Epoch Dragonfly Select
Best Defense: STX Lacrosse Crux 600

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shafts for 2020:

Below we have enlisted the best shafts from top brands with their reviews, and the best thing is if your Lacrosse shaft got damaged in that case few of the manufacturers also give you warranty you can get replacement unless you try to replace the fake product with the original one.

These products are easily available on Amazon we’ll also give you the product’s purchasing link with a review.

Length: Defender needs 60 inches lacrosse shaft, attacker/Middies needs 30 inches lacrosse shaft and goalie needs 40 inches lacrosse shaft.

Weight: Your Lacrosse shaft should be light in weight as it would allow you to make a tighter grip and it will help you hit good shots.

Material: Most preferable materials for lacrosse shaft are alloys Titanium and scandium and the second material is carbon fiber which provides flexibility to the lacrosse shaft and that is what players prefer for good shots

Grip: Three kinds of grips, all have their benefits, smooth one lets you allow to make grip according to your preference and comfort with the help of grip tape, or you can go for the predesigned grip shaft.

Shape: The most preferable and common shape is a hexagonal shape that is comfortable for almost every player.

Best Middie and Attack Lacrosse Shafts Out There

#1. Epoch Dragonfly Select

The carbon shaft is structured with the FLEX 5 technology which provides more flex to the player while hitting the ball. The carbon fibers provide flexibility to the shaft. Also, it gives strength and velocity with accurate shots.

This East Coast Dyes lacrosse shaft comes with pre-designed sandpaper or grit grip, the is popular nowadays, because of the solid quality of grip. It offers to feel in all kinds of weather and if it got damaged in the first six months you’ve had it, you can get a free replacement.

#2. STX lacrosse k18 Attack and midfield lax shaft

STX k18 lacrosse shaft is constructed from 7075 aluminum alloy series that have a lotof benefits such as it minimizes bending and denting which shows that its strength is really good.

It comes in a very unique and cool graphics which looks too classy, it’s grip comes with a smooth non-slip finish, k18 is designed for the younger players.

It has a concave octagon shape which gives a comfortable feel while holding and it’s available in cyan and black color.

STX offers 6 months warranty, with this durable product.

#3. East Coast Dyes Carbon PRO Shaft

Amazon provides this lacrosse shaft in black color only, the East Coast Dyes PRO is  the one step ahead from the carbon lacrosse shaft. It’s designed with the

new technology. If you look closely you may find the Carbon fiber is designed with composite materials it gives strength to shot. 

#4. Epoch lacrosse Dragonfly Eight

The newest Dragonfly has arrived. It’s, power, strength, and performance are taking over the market 2018 dragonfly eight with surface Veil Technology (SVT), it’s a chance to improve your performance to the next level.

The Dragonfly Eight is one of the lightest carbon fiber shafts on the market, and it’s still dent-resistant and extremely durable.

Carbon fiber/composites are the fastest-growing categories in the game and leading the charge.

Now is the time to elevate your game and try a Dragonfly lacrosse shaft with advanced aerospace-grade composite materials like carbon fiber and Dragonfly Eight is loaded with technologies such as flex IQ3, Torque Box2, A.C.L., and our newest tech point For Surface Veil Technology.

The Dragonfly’s Uniform shaft body is specially designed to maximize shaft performance by creating a super flex point just above your top hand when shooting and passing.

It comes with the grit or sandpaper grip coating which is preferred by most of the players, and it allows a strong grip in all weather, and it also doesn’t affect the movement of the shaft, it can still move freely.

#5. Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik’s traditional shape gives the smooth non-slippery finish so that attackers and

middies can feel light and make the change between a factory/unspecialized shaft to a specialized shaft, the shape and grip offer proper comfort to the attacker.

Price may vary according to the color you choose it’s around $140 and so on for different colors, this is a premier shaft to opt for.

#6. Maverik Wonderboy Lacrosse Shaft


Maverik released a flagship product. Marverik Wonderboy has 5-star reviews, theWonderboy lacrosse shaft is designed with 9000 series alloy and strong grip technology which makes it bends.

Dent resistance and it feels light in your hands and its grip is strong enough that it’s approximately impossible to slip off your hands in any situation especially on rainy days.

The reviews for this lacrosse shaft are good due to its good quality and budget-friendly price.

Best Lacrosse Defense Shafts You Can Buy

#1. Warrior Burn Diamond PRO Defense


The Warrior Burn Pro shaft was designed with such technology that it is the lightest Warrior shaft in the market.

Made with Krypto pro alloy, this shaft is light in weight and strong as well, this is the quality of a good shaft.

This shaft is especially for intermediate and advanced players, especially if warrior Burn is your trusted brand, the market reputation of Warrior Burn shaft is premium as it comes with good quality.

#2. EPOCH Dragonfly Nine 9 C60 iQ3 defense lacrosse shaft

It’s lightweight and strong as well they have introduced this model with new HD Resintechnology for their best performance.

EPOCH also allows players to choose different handle shapes like C60×C60 and E60 will comfort players while holding it.

It comes with Flex iQ3 technology and it provides enhanced flex performance while passing, checking and shooting.

New HD Resin + SVT made it super durable and dent resistant.

#3. Maverik Caliber Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The Maverik Caliber lacrosse shaft is designed for intermediate and advanced players.  the Caliber is ultra-light and strong.

The Caliber is made from Scandium and Titanium and this is thinner than other shafts which provide the benefit of a strong grip for fingers and thumb placement.

According to the players, the shaft is very thin, which can be important for an increase feel but it can get damaged or permanently break easily if somehow got hit on that particular spot.

It is budget-friendly lacrosse shaft for the midfielder who can afford it easily. It has a strong body and also preferable for middies but for attackers, it can be a bit uncomfortable.

#4. Warrior platinum 14 defender Lacrosse shaft

This is the perfect lacrosse shaft for mid-level players who are not very well known and moving up to a performance alloy.

Platinum grade construction is 2x stronger than standard aluminum which makes it bend and dent free also it has a lot of strength.

It’s designed for youth and high- school level players yet they are not very experienced, they can go for it, it’s budget-friendly and durable.

#5. Harrow DFLEX lacrosse Defense shaft

The D-FLEX line is the most technologically advanced defense graphite shaft present in the market.

Engineered in three distinctive weight and flex performance categories.

The FLEX line is revolutionary in its approach to providing the long – stick defenseman the option to choose the optimal shaft to fit their style and level of play.

And like all graphite shafts, the D-FLEX will never dent or bent.

Best Goalie Lacrosse Shafts You Can Buy

#1. East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

This shaft has own customer’s trust by gaining 5-star ratings.

East Coast dyes are wellknown for their amazing lacrosse shaft, even though it was the first-ever launched technology from ECD And we are here to give you a true review and we won’t lie.

The East Coast Dyes dragonfly shaft is really good in every way, where carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are ruling the whole industry of lacrosse shafts, following the same companies like EPOCH have launched the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft, it’s up to your either follow the trend of carbon fiber shaft or left behind.

#2. Maverik A1 2020 Goalie Shaft


The Maverik A1 2020 lacrosse shaft is an aggressive weapon.

The Maverik A1 shaft is lightweight which provides the benefit of making fast moves and excellent shots to the player.

Maverik was able to create a durable and very lightweight shaft, because of its proper shape and size.

It’s come with predesigned Grit or sandpaper grip technology, the A1 shaft has a strong grip and stays tough in even the wet weather or humid conditions, it’s perfect for goalies who need to hold onto their sticks, Maverik’s new adjustable butt gives increased stability at the bottom of the shaft.

#3. Warrior Krpytolye 11 Goalie Shaft

Warrior krpytolye lacrosse shafts offer top-notch performance at a great price.

It’spowered by krpytolye which makes it lightweight and strong it will never dent or bent, as it is lightweight for sure it’s comfortable.

Well it’s come in the new graphic which gives it a fresh look, it feels like comfort while holding it and the best part its grip is perfect.

For every weather and it does not even feel like a burden on your wallet while purchasing it.

#4. Striking metal 2 goalie lacrosse shaft

The metal 2 goalie lacrosse shaft is available in two weights so that it could suitevery player’s playing style.

In its creation, next-generation alloy is used that’s why it’s lighter and stronger than what’s used in the aerospace.

Military means the metal 2 goalie lacrosse shaft can be stronger without weighing you down.

Different goalies have a different playing style. For that it comes in 2 different weights, it’s your wallet-friendly it’ll cost $89-$99, and it also has 6 months warranty.

Best Youth Lacrosse Shafts for kids

Youth lacrosse shafts are for those kids who are learning the game it’s the cost is less than other branded lacrosse shafts. So, it’ll be budget-friendly and very decent on your wallet.

#5. Burd Wood Hickory Lacrosse Shaft

As we can see the increasing demand for wooden lacrosse shafts in the market.

Because wooden shafts are tradition and still in this time mostly defenders use a wooden lacrosse shaft, but now even attackman and youth players are rocking them.

It’s made of handpicked Hickory which means its quality is premium.

Hex-cut this word refers to the fact that this shaft will fit all.

#6. Brine 6000 Kids Lacrosse Shaft

This lacrosse shaft will be the best option for you if you can’t buy an expensive lacrosse shaft. This one is cheaper than others and also good in performance.

Well with this Brine 6000 shaft you get 30 inches of, strong, durable aluminum shaft.
Perfect for new players if you’re convinced with the qualities of Brine 6000 Lacrosse shaft then trust us this will be your best decision.

It comes with the cool Brine king signature graphics and that is cool.

#7. Brine Triumph Power Defense Shaft


The story with the triumph power shaft is the flat edges and deep grooves on the corners of the shaft. This adds to the strength of the shaft and gives players that feel with the thumb and forefinger for better control.

There’s are designed for advancing youth players through high-schools as a solid middle of the line value play that offers good strength and durability.

Its material is alloy and its average weight is 14.3 grams which are not heavy, it comes with a smooth handle shape which is non-slippery and its shape is a concave octagon that gives a comfortable feel while holding it and it also has traditional runner butt end.

3 (Easy) Questions to Choose the Best Lacrosse Shafts in 2020

You’ll get the idea for the best lacrosse shaft based on the way you play and that will also not put any burden on your wallet.

This lacrosse shaft buying guide is going to be very helpful to you. All shafts are not equally created.

The creation of shafts is based on a player’s playing position, height, weight, etc. It’s very important to know which shaft matches your specifications.

Choose your position: Size of shafts you need is based on the position.
Choose your material: Here you can choose your Lacrosse shaft according to your comfort and preference.
Choose your Lacrosse shaft: It’s based on player’s position and age

Which Playing Position You Prefer?

The base for selection of lacrosse shaft is different playing positions whether you play attack, middies, defense, goalie, FOGO, LSM you’ll need a different shaft for each position and the difference between shafts is their different length.

As if you are playing goalie you’ll need a 40 inches shaft, for defense you’ll need a 60 inches shaft and for attack and middies, you’ll need 30 inches shaft.

Middies and attackers can use the same shaft most of the time because attackers and middies shafts are the same in length 30 inches.

Goalie lacrosse shafts are in the mid of attackers/ middies and long poles at 40 inches. Long poles can be 60 inches long.

Attack and Middies Lacrosse shafts

The length for lacrosse shaft keeps changing accordingly who’s the player as for youth lacrosse you’ll need a shaft of 37 inches –42 inches long, At the high school and NCAA lacrosse level, the lacrosse shaft you use that must be 30 inches –32 inches long. You should keep it in your mind of the length of your Lacrosse shaft is longer or shorter as per the rules you’ll get penalized.

Defensive Lacrosse Shafts

Defensive lacrosse shafts are the longest one among the attack/middies and goalies. All the defenders use a 60 inches long lacrosse shaft but at night Scholl level, NCAA level, and at the college level some of the league organizers allow the players to use the lacrosse shaft of any length between 42 inches–62 inches after examining that the player is strong enough to handle it or not.

Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

Goalie lacrosse shafts are on the mid of attack/middies and defensive lacrosse shafts as their lengths are 40 inches, 30 inches, and 60 inches respectively. Although the players can use the shaft between 40 inches to 52 inches according to official lacrosse rules most players prefer 40 inches long lacrosse goalie shaft.

What Tyle, Grip and Shape Do You Prefer?

So, now you know that which lacrosse shaft size matches your specifications, now it’s time to decide the shape, grip, and type of material will be comforting you and also which one will make your performance better.

Well as you don’t know much about lacrosse shaft, so now you need to know that it comes in different grips which give different feel in gloves, it comes in different shapes for making players comfortable while holding shafts and it also comes in different materials like titanium, wood, scandium, carbon fiber, etc.

You should try out different shafts for better knowledge ( how each shaft is different from others in grip or how it feels when you hold it )before you go and waste your money in buying any random shaft.

You need to know which shaft suits your playing position. Well, attackers use the shaft with a good grip and flexibility. So, that the can feel the ball on their stick and give a good shot, while middies prefer shafts that can hit the ground level ball and give comfort in all types of weather.

You must know about the type of grips offered by creators of lacrosse shafts: Grit, slick and traditional. Different grips offer a different feel while holding.

Grit (also know a sandpaper coating) on the shaft will provide a tight grip without slippage in gloves especially in wet weather, the Slick grip is in a rubberized coating that won’t feel same as grit but it feels sticky in gloves, but not very much it will be a little stickier, the last is traditional grip, this gives a smooth finish which can be a bit slippery on rainy days or in humid weather.

Lacrosse Shafts Materials

We have enlisted few materials from which lacrosse shafts are made of.

The traditional one is made from wood, and now players don’t use wooden shaft.. but in last few decades top brands like Epoch, Warrior, Brine shaft, etc.

have worked on shafts metal that will be comfortable and the tried to change the material from wood to carbon fiber, and alloys like titanium, scandium.

We strongly recommend you buy carbon fiber lacrosse shaft as it is lightweight and have a better grip with a strong body.

Lacrosse Shafts Grips

There are three types of grips to be considered important.

Nowadays shafts come with predesigned grip materials on it but before this time players had to use lacrosse take, grip sprays on the smooth lacrosse shaft.

Sandpaper: this one gives a tight grip In all kinds of weather
Rubberized: this one feels sticky so that it won’t slip
Traditional: no grip at all

Lacrosse shafts shape

The traditional lacrosse shaft’s shape was used to be oval or circular, but the most common and preferable shape of the lacrosse shaft is an octagon.

The circumference of your Lacrosse shaft won’t be as big as the grip.

You should keep it in mind that you can choose one shape over others as you started playing.

But you should make sure that you choose only one shape of lacrosse shaft to play with because if you’ll change the shape, again and again, it will also discomfort your grip and lacrosse shaft holding habit.

Beginner, Youth and Advanced lacrosse shafts:

If you are a youth player, beginner or an intermediate player so you can go for any random shaft brand according to your comfort, that also won’t be a burden on your wallet, yet you are a beginner so, you can opt for the cheaper one because as now you are learning and the quality of lacrosse shaft doesn’t matter unless you have chosen any wrong shaft that mismatch your specifications.

on the other hand, if you are a good and a bit experienced player and can afford to have top brands lacrosse shaft then go according to quality and opt the better one.

Last Stroke of Best Shafts Buying Guide

So that’s it for best lacrosse shafts.

While picking out of shaft you must know that how much strength to use if you are a professional player then it’s going to break so you keep yourself prepare for it because very few of the manufacturer gives warranty.

You can go for more strong metal like carbon fiber it won’t bend like other metals shafts, metal shafts also have their benefits that up to you what you prefer.

one thing you must keep in mind shape the size and material you want, now go and buy accordingly.

Happy Buying Best Lacrosse Shaft

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