Top 10 Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads In 2020 – Review by Pro Player

Lacrosse shoulder pads are the backbone of your lax pads and strongly recommended by Professionals.

They are the piece of lacrosse equipment that keep your shoulder from falling out of its socket and protect your upper body from any kind serious injuries.

Lacrosse shoulder pads helps to keep your sternum intact when you are actually out on the lax field and playing your best game.

With added safety and protection, these shoulder pads also adds a strong look to the player which helps in the game.

Listen Up:

If you choose the wrong lax shoulder pads, then your accuracy of shots, agility, flexibility and safety will be at a huge risk.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you choose the perfect ones…

The Top Lacrosse Shoulder Pads in 2020:

Best Overall: STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad
Best Value: Maverik Lacrosse Charger Shoulder Pad
Best Youth: Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

Believe it or not, so many laxers around the country uses Hockey shoulder pads in lax fields. And they surely look too bulky and unprofessional.

We are in 2020 now. You can now easily get the best lacrosse shoulder pads perfectly suited for your Game & Size. Providing Lightweight padding, breathable protection, perfect flexibility, awesome ventilation.

In this super detailed buying guide, we’ll cover the most important factors like Player Age, Height and Position, when choosing a new pair of shoulder pads in 2020.

And we present you amazing deals of the best shoulder pads over amazon with unbelievable discounts.

Want a piece of detailed information on Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Sizing, watch this

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Sizing Chart Lacrosse Player Height Lacrosse Player Age
Small or Youth 4’0″ & Under 6-10
Medium 4’6″ – 5’6″ 11-13
Large 5’6″ – 6’0″ 14-17
Extra Large (XL) 6’0″ & Over 18+

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads by Position

As we just discussed, there are shoulder pads perfectly suited to the position you play. So whether you play at Attack, Defence, Middie or Goalie will decide shoulder pads for you.


If you are someone who plays at attack position the you must be the one who takes most of the hits and offence.

Hence, attack position requires maximum protection out of your lacrosse padding. Also, you need flexibility at this position to dodge and shoot during the game.

Hence, you must go for the shoulder pads that provides maximum protection from strong hits & shots and perfect flexibility to move smoothly on the lax field.


Middies are the most relaxed players in the game. They don’t have to deal with too many hits or dodge impactful shots.

So, Protection isn’t their prime focus as the attackers in lacrosse game.

This is why most of the middies prefer lightweight and flexible shoulder pads called “Speedpads” with no upper bicep arm pads.

Middies can definitely be little relaxed and pick the shoulder pads providing moderate protection.


If you are playing at defence position, you are defending multiple hits and slashes during the game. This requires high amount of flexibility on the field to perform your best game.
Being a player at defense position, you must go for lightweight speedpad or liner which are not too bulky or heavy. These will help you to move freely and fastly too.


Goalies requires all-together a different kind of Shoulder pads in the lacrosse game. As a goalie you will need extra protection in the form of Chest protectors.

These will cover all of your chest and stomach from attacking shots.

But remember this

There are no rules and restrictions to use a particular type of shoulder pads. You might play at Attack and still go with lightweight pads.

So, it all comes down to your choice. You must choose the best shoulder pads according to your own comfort and requirements.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads in 2020 :

As promised above, We’ve broken down this list of lacrosse shoulder pads based on the position you play & amount protection required at that place.

Don’t forget, the position you play and other lacrosse pads you will be wearing to dictate how protective you want your pads to be.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack

Here our priority is Protection. As an attackman in lacrosse, you are most likely to take a beating. Your shoulder pads takes the responsibility of saving your body from the Hard slashes, Diving shots and every damn movement on the field.

They will save you from serious injuries like broken collar bone or dislocated shoulder blade.
Don’t overthink. Get a full set of lacrosse shoulder pads, not just a basic lacrosse liner, speed, or lite set for best protection & flexibility. They are perfect for defense and middies.

STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad:

STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad is lightweight, inexpensive and the amazon’s bestseller pick in 2020. These are manufactured from 100% fibre covering which protects the new players very effectively.STX Stallion 50

If you are looking for lacrosse shoulder pads which are lightweight, protective & lets you move swiftly, then you must try this out.


Product key features :

  • Positions & Size : Best suitable for Playerpositions: Attack, Middies, Defense and face-off. Pick from variableAvailable Size: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.
  • 100% Pure Fibre : STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pads are made with 100% pure fiber which ensures player’s safety and optimum game experience on the field.
  • Expanded Adjustability : Easy to adjust the shoulder pads according to the player size and comfort. This makes it perfect fit for varied sizes.
  • Extra Protection : More protection at Back as compared to other shoulder pads. An extra heart pad which protects from the hard lacrosse ball shots.
  • Name Tag : Comes with Name tags which makes sure your shoulder pad won’t go missing or get replaced with someone else’s.

Maverik Lacrosse Charger Shoulder Pad

Maverik Lacrosse Charger

Maverik Lacrosse Charger Shoulder Pad is perfect option for highest level of protection to charge your way up the ranks. This shoulder pad provides sternum protection when you need it the most.

Worried about stiff neck after the game? No worries. These pads comes with neck padding for more comfort.

Product’s Key Features :

  • Variable Size : Available in sizes from kids to adults. Including Extra Small, Small & Medium as per your choice & requirement.
  • Protection & Comfort : Provides Extra Sternum protection where a player needs the most. Also comes with Neck padding for more comfort.
  • Adjustable & Proper Fit : Assures proper fit for all size players with adjustable velcro options. Flexible and just perfect protection.

STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Mens Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

STX Lacrosse Cell 4

Looking for a lightweight and fully upgraded shoulder pads ? STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad designed with New eoflex II technology are the best ones specially for you.

Compared to other pads these pads are lightweight & 25% more flexible. Also allows air to flow through it to avoid excessive sweating.

Product Key Features :

  • New Geoflex Technology II : This enables shoulder pads to be even lighter & 25% more flexible than other shoulder pads available.
  • Breathable Protection : Yes, these pads provides perfect ventilation while playing and protects excessive sweating.
  • Preformed Shoulder Caps : These caps are designed in a way which makes the shoulder pads more anatomical fit.
  • Removable Bicep Pads : The STX Lacrosse shoulder pads comes with removable bicep pads and makes it easy to move freely for a player.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Middie

As lacrosse middie don’t get quite as much pounding as an attackman, but a middie surely do get plenty of slashes from running & sweating out in middle of the field.

If You’re a middie then you will definitely want mid lacrosse shoulder pads that can withstand nasty checks and will have great protection with flexibility.

Epoch Lacrosse iD Shoulder Pads

Epoch Lacrosse iD

High Performance, Lightweight, Flexible, Lacrosse for Attack, Middie and Defencemen.

Epoch Lacrosse shoulder pads are engineered for the pro’s and built just for you. These are designed for perfect fit, flexibility and perfection in the game. The removable bicep pad and neck liner adds more protection during the game.

For middies, the Epoche shoulder pads are perfect pick being lightweight & flexible.

Product Key Features :

  • Reinforced : The reinforced chest plate provides protection, while maintaining ease and comfort during rigorous play.
  • Find Your Identity : The Epoch iD Lacrosse shoulder pad was designed for the emerging lacrosse players. They are engineered with some of the most popular features and technology on the market, iD aims to provide safe and comfortable performance at the best value in the game.
  • High Performance & Lightweight : If you are in the market for high performing, lightweight & flexible shoulder pads, iD is the only choice for you.
  • Adjustable Rib Strap : It comes with the adjustable rib strap with slim fit allows for easy adjustment and added flexibility.
  • Slim Fit :The adjustable rib strap with slim fit allows for easy adjustment and comfortable wear for every player.

Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad:

Brine Clutch Mid

In case you are looking for extremely light & comfortable shoulder pads for your middie kid, then Brine Clutch is the one for you.

Clutch means speed. Clutch gives faster reaction time, more freedom to react and getting to every spot before your opponent.

It is made with series of anatomically-fitting, weight saving and armour-reinforcing technologies to make sure a middie is faster without sacrificing strength and comfort.

Product Key Features :

  • Compression Molded Foam : This absorbs extreme impact while staying extremely light and comfortable whole time.
  • Grid-Flees Pattern : An unique grid pattern with adjusted silhouette increases comfort and protection.
  • Ventilator Liner : It is the best solution to tackle extreme sweating. The ventilator liner keeps you dry and fresh during the game.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Defence

As we saw earlier, a player at defence needs more lightweight lacrosse shoulder pads, like a liner or speed pad.

If you play defence, then you will be laying some nasty lacrosse hits on those dangerous attackman, so keep in mind you may want shoulder caps to ensure your safety.

So you must go for the shoulder pads that are lighter and small.

Maverik Lacrosse Max Speed Pad

Maverik Lacrosse Max Speed

The best shoulder pad for player at defence must be able withstand the high velocity impacts with ease & perfection. Maverik Lacrosse Max Speed Pads are the best one available to fulfill this criteria.

These are lightweight, comfortable & protective on various body parts.

It is used by many experienced players as it is one of the best to tackle all those strong shots from aggressive attackmans on the field.

So, if you’re looking something especially for a player at defence then you must try this out.

Product Key Features :

  • Comfort & Mobility : Maverik Lacrosse Max Speed Pads are all about Comfort & Mobility which are the prime requirements of any player at defence.
  • Sweat Evaporation : 37.5 inches of Liner helps to evaporate the sweat faster and keeps the speed pad breathable & the player, protected.
  • Chest & Spine Plates : Chest & Spine plates with this speed pad gives the extra safety and protection for a defence player.
  • Easier Movement : The Durastretch panels across the Torso allows easy & fast movement during the game.

Maverik Lacrosse M3 Speed Shoulder Pad

Maverik Lacrosse M3

Another great option for players at defence is Maverik Lacrosse M3 Shoulder pads. These pads provide maximum protection with high amount of comfort and mobility to the player.

It has exact qualities a defence player in the lacrosse would expect.
It comes with 37.5 Technology mesh liner and very easy to adjust the size according to a player’s requirements.

Product Key Features :

  • High Level Protection & Comfort : This is the main focus of makers to provide high level protection without sacrificing player’s comfort and mobility. Just makes a perfect combo.
  • 37.5 Technology mesh line : It helps with quick evaporation of sweat and heat from within and makes a player more comfortable. Also it eliminates the use of shoulder pads.
  • Adjustable Comfort Fit Arch : Super cool part about M3 pad is it’s personalise fit and protection based on the style of play. You can use it as per your requirements.

Warrior Regulator Hitlyte Youth Shoulder Pad

Warrior Regulator Hitlyte

Hey Middies and all the youth lacrosse players out there, here is the one cool shoulder pad you are looking for.

Warrior Youth shoulder pad has the New IMPAX molded foam technology which provides best-in-class impact absorption in key areas of shoulder and chest.

So youth, what are you waiting for? Go, grab this one right now.

Product Key Features :

  • Bone Protection : Bone Protection in shoulder area for extra protection ensuring an injury free game for players.
  • Slim-Bib Fit : The SlimBib fit allows easier playability and comfort to the players.
  • War-Tech liner : A perfect solution to excess sweating or heating is the WAR-TECH liner. It works perfectly to tackle both of these issues.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Kids

We understand that every parent is very concerned about their kid’s safety. Especially during the game like Lacrosse. Well thankfully, Amazon has some awesome Shoulder pads for your kid with great deals & discounts.

Take a look at the best youth lacrosse shoulder pads. These are some of the best shoulder pads solely designed for lacrosse as a youngster or a new player.

They have good protection, lightweight & cheap as well.It is better to go for a cheaper option when you are buying for kids.

But keep in mind, the shoulder pads must still provide the mobility and protection that are an essential need of lacrosse.

Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

Warrior Youth Rabil

Let’s be clear & straight to the point. Warrior Rabil NXT shoulder pads might be the best pick for all the kids out there.

These are specially designed for the Next generation of elite lacrosse players with latest technology.

Available at very cheap price yet provides the best quality & safety.

Product Key Features :

  • Performed Floating Shoulder Caps : These floating shoulder pads improve performance of young players with ease.
  • Integrated Protection : Integrated rib protection and external sternum plate that ensures on safety of a young and new player of the game.
  • Available in 5 sizes: Pick the best suited size from : ML/, YL, TM, YS, YXS

Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad

Brine Youth Uprising

Something very stylish and attractive just what your kid will love to play with & be safe in front of your eyes. Brine shoulder pads are colourful & protective shoulder pads designed for entry level lacrosse players.

These are one of best pads available for new players to help them devleop their skills quickly.

Product Key Features :

  • Sleek Design : Perfectly sleek & cool looking design ensuring the increased protection for youth players without compromising on the flexibility.
  • Internal Plate System : This makes helps to deal with high impact zones where the most attacks needs to tackled.
  • Dual-density Protection : These lightweight & flexible shoulder pads provides dual density protection and more flexibility.

STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Boy’s Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Boy's

Another good option of best shoulder pads for an entry level player are the STX Lacrosse cell 100.

It is designed by one of the trusted brands i.e. STX which are one of the best sellers & with great quality also.

Great for the youth just starting out to play which definitely takes care of their safety first.

Product Key Features:

  • Built for Entry Level Player : Being made for the entry level, youth players makes this product a very empowering & safe.
  • Cardiac Silhouette Coverage : Additional protection to young players as it promises Lacrosse cardiac silhouette coverage and raised chest plate for protection.
  • Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps : Shoulders being high impact areas, hard plastic shoulder caps are provided by STX. Hence, it is a great pick for players just starting out.
  • Multiple Sizes: Available on amazon with sizes: Small, X-small & XX-small.

STX Lacrosse Impact Shoulder Pad

STX Lacrosse Impact

What? Your kid is not happy with the previous one ? Well, here is another Shoulder pad manufactured by same brand STX. It comes with different colors & looks than earlier.

The STX Impact shoulder pads promises good fitting & protection for emerging lacrosse players.

Product Key Features:

  • Cool Looking : Available in combination of Black & yellow which makes it look very attractive to the young players of the game.
  • Exposed Plastic Shoulder Cap : These Emerging new players are provided additional support with exposed plastic shoulder caps.
  • Contoured Fit : A very unique feature which enables maximum flexibility and mobility for players of all sizes.
  • Adjustable / Removable Bicep Pads : This feature makes it easy for the young players to handle these shoulder pads & enjoy the game without getting hurt.

The Final Word

Guess we are done with listing down the best lacrosse shoulder pads according to Playing positions, Protection, Mobility and many more factors.

The most common mistake people make while buying shoulder pads is not choosing the right ones by considering all the important factors.

This is why we have made your task easy and real quick to buy the best lacrosse shoulder pads just for you.

We hope this detailed buying guide will help you pick the right product for you in no time & no confusions.

Still haven’t found shoulder pads ? Don’t worry. There are tonnes of products available and you can easily get the one you need.

Play hard & Play Safe with Lacrosse Shoulder pads!


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