[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Sticks For Women & Girls 2021 – A Review By Pro Player

Best Lacrosse Stick Women

Best Lacrosse Sticks For Women & Girls  – Now, lacrosse is usually played with a lacrosse stick that has two different elements to it. They are:

Lacrosse heads 

Lacrosse heads– This is the top part of your rod, where the ball is caught and thrown from. It comes strung as well as unstrung in a variety of different colours and styles.

#1 Best: STX Lilly Girl’s Lacrosse Stick

#2. Best: The Brine Mantra 4

#3 Best: STX Crux 100 Sticks

To make your job a little bit easier, here are the top ten lacrosse sticks for women and girls.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Women & Girls

1. STX Lilly Girl’s Lacrosse Stick

Build :

  • The overall length of 36 inches.
  • Wide face
  • Flat style scoop
  • Lower sidewalls
  • Larger pocket
  • Handle length doesn’t meet high school or college specifications.

One of the world’s most popular youth lacrosse sticks, the STX Lilly Girl’s Lacrosse Stick acts as a first stick for many players

Girls use a different stick to play than boys- theirs are built to reduce physical contact and aggressive moves.

Most differ based on the shaft, thickness, pocket depth etc.

The STX Lilly Girl’s lacrosse is for children around the age of 6-8 since it sports a tiny stick for fresh beginners. The size is around 36 inches, keeping in mind their short height.

To ensure that it is relatively easy to handle, the stick is lightweight, making it stress-free to carry and move around. The head is full of deep pockets and a large scoop while the light shaft plus thin handle is suitable for a beginner to become comfortable while learning the game.

It offers excellent functionality with attractive colours in addition to being reasonably priced.

2. The Brine Mantra 4

Build :

  • Entry-level alloy shaft
  • Grid-flex pockets
  • Patented vari-flex technology

The Brine Mantra 4 is a good option for those who have learnt a little about the game- ideally, a rookie player.

Different from the starter stick, it has an advanced runner pocket that shoots faster but is a tad harder to throw and catch the ball with.

The stick is mainly for players who need responsive sticks that are not heavy and are very similar to high school level playing sticks.

They offer players the opportunity to learn how to catch and throw with more control. With nice pockets that won’t stretch out, the stick is perfect for learning ground balls- preparing the player to move on to softer pockets that cradle the ball better.

3. STX Crux 100 Sticks

Build :

  • Sidewall design to reduce weight
  • Flexible scoop
  • Includes 6000 handle
  • Raised ball stop

The STX Crux 100 is the first stick in the Crux model, made for players who are progressing into the sports year after year.

The stick has a narrow channel with a v-shaped scoop, ideal for exercising control. An all carbon fibre shaft acts as the perfect shaft type for midfielders and attackers.

The head comes pre-strung with enhanced sidewalls for impact resistance and longer endurance As well as to minimise weight without cutting back on strength.

4. DeBeer Impulse Girl’s Lacrosse Stick

Build :

  • Traditional offset Wall
  • Lower rail
  • Gripper Pro Pocket
  • AL6000 handle

The DeBeer Impulse Girl’s Lacrosse Stick is an old, tried and tested model for the intermediate to advanced player.

Light and responsive with low aerodynamic sidewalls, the head allows for the ball to be placed in the middle, so it gets the most impact while shooting.

The stringing is done in such a way that the net has a gripper centre channel.

This keeps the weight of the ball in the centre of your stick. The shaft provides enhanced movement in ground ball pick up as well as shoot velocity.

Seeing as its an older model released in 2013, you can get it for much cheaper than a new model from the past five years.

One of the top choices in terms of lacrosse sticks, it merges quality with price giving you one of the best sticks in the market!

5. The Brine Mantra 3 Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Build :

  • Curved sidewall
  • Rounded ball stop area
  • Mirror Tech for symmetry in rails
  • Increased ball control and power

The Brine Mantra 3 Women’s Lacrosse Stick features a low sidewall design for a perfect pocket formation, offset technology and a flattering scoop for ground balls.

With one of the most advanced, peak control sticks for all-round players at either end of the field, it is quite versatile in terms of its functionality.

With it, you can get ultimate control since it offers a curved top to bottom sidewall design that provides a consistent pocket depth.

A rounded ball stop area that gives you final ball retention asymmetry in the sidewall rails that reduces thickness and maintains strength- providing the player with maximum ball control and power.

6. STX Crux 600 Complete

Build :

  • Drop rail technology for superior ball retention
  • New Launch 2 pockets
  • Signature face shape for precision and accuracy

The STX Crux 600 has a deep precision pocket- suitable for passing balls from further away and low sidewalls for superior ball retention with a broader range of motion.

The STX Speed Scoop gives top string protection as well as improved ball pickup and drives the ball to the big part of the pocket for quick release along with ensuring the best ball feel in the game while the Launch II Pocket that has target flex points and easy adjustability.

It is a more massive stick but has a multi-purpose option to replace the head if you play for multiple positions- acting as one of the best choices for an attack.

7. Maverik Vertigo Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Build :

  • Prevents traditional wear and tear
  • Flat nylon splice lace
  • Strategic grip points

The Maverik Vertigo Women’s Lacrosse Stick is the perfect contender to hone your skills with since it lasts for a long time.

The stick sports a widened head for maximum scoop feasibility and a channel for cutting down passes and defence.

Adding to that, the net acts as a flexible pocket that hugs the ball while cradling and is perfect for the midfielder.

Its pocket design ensures quick releases on passes and shots- making it an excellent and unique option for players.

8. STX Crux 500

Build :

  • Speed scoop technology
  • Drop rail technology
  • A more extensive range of motion

The STX Crux 500 is the perfect stick for the advanced player.

With a 10 degree offset rail it gives your shots and passes exemplary whip and accuracy and is best for attackers or midfielders.

Minimal sidewall development and an offset head allow the ball to sit deeply in the pocket- giving you flex and control when cradling.

The head comes with a pre-strung Launch Pocket that has a tapered runner system giving you great balance as well as power.

It had a patented elastomer over-mould which reduces ball rattle along with a pointed scoop that increases accuracy and provides added snap.

The stick is designed for players who put agility first.

9. STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Complete Stick

Build :

  • Soft scoop
  • Improved pinch for ball retention
  • STX Launch II pocket

The STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Complete Stick is ideal for defenders since it ensures ball handling and smoother control for intense games.

A patented elastomer over mould prevents the ball from rattling while the net includes a unique runway point in which two centre runners and an overlapping centre string system help retain the ball with ease.

The bottom rail has an aggressive incline that ensures a quick release of the ball while the elongated face gives the ball power during release.

The stick also implies a string lock technology which prevents bagging and is available in many colours.

The stick is specifically suitable for intermediate and beginning player, not advanced.

10. STX Lacrosse Women’s EXULT 300 Stick

Build :

  • Scoop angle provide whip and accuracy
  • Runway Pocket
  • Flexible Scoop
  • Stiff sideways for stability

The STX Lacrosse Women’s EXULT 300 Stick is one of the best sticks in the market for the advanced player- ideal for the versatility demanded by midfielders.

The stick provides a scoop angle that promises the accuracy and whip required to pass the ball while running.

The runway pocket overlaps the centre string system and the two centre runners provide better hold of the ball during the game.

Apart from that, it has a flexible scoop to quickly pick up the ball and control in addition to stability is promised with rigid sidewalls.

Overall, the stick is light in weight, durable and comes with grips for secure handling along with right quality strings.

What To Know Before Buying A Lacrosse Stick? (Buying Guide)

Lacrosse Shafts 

These are the long rods attached to the head and help by the player.

There are many types of sticks, made from various materials- depending on the material, the weight and agility of a stick vary.

Players in different positions all have different lengths of rods.

The type of stick you choose depends on the player, of which there are two kinds:


Players just getting introduced to the sport are more likely to use a full head, flatter scooped head to learn how to catch, throw and pick up ground balls.

As for shafts, it is legal to cut rod while you’re a beginning player, but it becomes illegal once you reach the high school level of play.

The length of the shaft should be measured along the back of your shoulder to your fingertips, keeping 1-2 inches for growth.

Advanced players decide on their lacrosse sticks according to their personal preference or their position. They can pick between an off-set or a non-off-set head.

An off-set head allows for increased accuracy, speed, and precision on passes and shots; it is ideal for an attacker or midfielder.

A non-offset head comes with an extreme scoop angle to help with ground balls and a stiffer head for more control; it is ideal for defenders and midfielders.

There are also different positions each player holds within the team that can easily be distributed into three sections:


There are usually four attackers in a team, and their main job is to score goals. These players run the offence, and with the help of the midfielders, they work tic rete scoring opportunities for their team.

Along with scoring and running the offence, they also participate in the re-defend which means that if the offence turns over the ball, the attackers work slowdown the opposing defenders and try to prevent them from moving the ball down the field.


There are four defenders in a team and a stark contrast to the attackers; they work with the midfielders to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.

Most elementary level defences play a man-to-man defence, which means that each defensive player marks one opposing offensive player throughout the whole possession.

As well as playing man-to-man defence, more advanced defences often play a zone defence as well.

A zone defence refers to a technique that gives the defenders a zone to cover instead of marking individual players.

Therefore, any player that enters a defenders’ area is her responsibility.

Along with keeping the other team from scoring, the defence plays a vital role in the transition.

If an opposing team turns over the ball or the goalie makes a save, the defenders have to work to move the ball towards midfielders & attackers.

Unlike the attackers and defenders, the three midfielders can move throughout the field. This gives them the ability to participate in the offence as well as the defence.

Unlike any other position, the three midfielders get the chance to be a part of the draw. One of the three, the centre, will take the draw, while the other two players line up around the centre circle.

Each goalie has a different stick as well as different gear. She is often considered the last line of defence since she is the protector of the goal.

The goalie uses her stick and body to keep the other teams’ shots from crossing the goal line. If she is unable to save the ball, it is upto her to clear the ball out to one of her teammates.

On the other hand, after making a save, the goalie only has ten seconds in the crease, or she must exit the crease, now allowing herself to be guarded by the opposing team.

While the goalie is allowed to make her way down the field if she wishes, she is not allowed to score a goal.

The size of the stick depends on the positions held by the players- those on the field have between 35.5 to 43 while a goalie’s shaft measures between 35.5 to 52.

Beginning players are recommended to use a smaller size since it is much easier to handle handling. They need a stick that fits them to ensure they don’t face difficulty while handling it.

The easiest way to make sure a stick is a right fit for a beginner is to measure along with the players and cut the excess, leaving an inch or two so you don’t have to buy a new one every growth spurt.

This practice became illegal in high school competitive lacrosse.

Lacrosse Heads

This is the central part of the stick- it is used to shoot, pass and control the ball. A lacrosse head comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can choose based on what fits your specific requirement.

If you play in the position of an attacker- a pinched head is practical since it prevents the ball from wobbling while you run, but if you are a defender, then it makes more sense to get a full head- easy for scooping or knocking out the ball.

A goalie is more likely to have a head that is around 10 to 12 inches wide.

Before you decide on a new expensive stick, you should prepare yourself with the right information since the more you play and feel the game, the better you will understand your style.

Lacrosse Shafts

The lacrosse shaft is a significant detail, crucial to your success. There are a lot of different types that vary based on who is holding them.

Shafts made of aluminium alloy is heavy and durable for beginners but is more likely to get affected by the change in temperature.

Players are recommended to wear either gloves or tape during the colder weather.

Shafts made of titanium alloy are lightweight so it won’t slow you down while you’re on the field and adds strength for defence intended for advanced players.

Scandium is durable for long-lasting performances, in addition to providing strength. Its lightweight build allows for faster movement meant for elite and pro-level players.

Carbon fibre shafts are a lighter option, designed for experienced players and quick stick work.

It adds an element of difficulty for younger players who haven’t mastered handling but works well with seasoned performers.

The original shafts were made of wood, cumbersome and tedious to grip.

They are ideal for defenders but act as an unnecessary challenge for young players since they are much more difficult to balance than metal shafts.


Last of all, your budget. The quality of equipment regarding any game is always in correlation to quality.

So you are more likely to pay more for better quality equipment.
Your initial course of action should be to research.

Look up as many different types of sticks you can and compare the prices and models according to your position in the game.

Like we said before if you’re a beginner your stick needn’t be the best in the market.

Figure out the price range you’re comfortable with then shortlist some items. Compare every one of them- keeping in mind your needs.

Then and only then, should you proceed to buy one.

A little Lacrosse Game History:

The name lacrosse is said to have originated by French explorers who felt the stick resembled a bishop’s staff or crozier – ‘La Crosse’ in French or that it comes from the French term for field hockey “Jeu de la Crosse.”

The sport is an exhilarating one, fast-paced and full of action. It is played with a stick with a ball- it must be mastered by the player to throw, catch and scoop.

The sport combines several different sports, which is why learning to play or learning how to elevate your play is a challenge.

For dedicated athletes who genuinely love the game and wish to excel at it, it’s a challenge they enjoy facing head-on.

Playing lacrosse is a unique hobby to acquire since nobody can just hop out of bed with simple motivation to run up and down a field for hours on end.

You have to work at your conditioning and your stick skills to reach that level.

And while it may be hard work with a lot of blood, sweat and tears- there are a lot of things you learn from playing the game, or from any other group sport for that matter.

You learn the value of effective communication, the importance of perseverance as well as the element of teamwork and working together.

You realise the virtue of leadership and the necessity of discipline in life.

Intriguingly enough though, lacrosse is one of the oldest sports to exist- originating in the 15th century in Northern America as a way for the Native Americans to solve disputes between tribes and to toughen tribe members in preparation for battle.

The history of women playing lacrosse started in Scotland in the 1890s. A match was played in Scotland at St.

Leonards and the first headmistress of the school, Miss Louisa Lumsden, had the opportunity to visit, where she saw a match played between the Canghuwaya Indians and the Montreal Club.

In a diary entry, Miss Lumsden said,

“It is a wonderful game, beautiful and graceful. (I was so charmed with it that I introduced it to St. Leonards)”.

Soon it was adopted by young women all over the country and slowly- the world, making it a popular hobby as well as a career for young, ambitious women.


After this very extensive guide on lacrosse stick for women, we would hope that you would have gotten a fair idea of what to look for as well as how to get a start on your search for the perfect lacrosse stick.

To make sure you don’t end up paying for something you won’t be using, we urge you to prioritise the features you will use and will have no purpose for.

After shortlisting said features, make your decisions.

While it is not practically possible to find every single element that you are looking for in a lacrosse stick, there will at least be a right amount of features that will be entirely in sync with your specifications.

A well-educated approach is essential to look into to make sure you get the best features for the price you’ll be paying.

We highly recommend investing in good quality, expensive lacrosse stick to help you build your skill in the game and sincerely hope that your search was nothing less than fruitful.

We also hope that the buying guide helped you out on your hunt for best Women’s and girls lacrosse sticks, as a first-time player or a seasoned veteran.

We wish you a successful lacrosse journey as well as hope you have a positive buying journey!

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