Top 10 Best Lacrosse Sticks in 2020 (Review and Buying Guide)

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It’s tough to purchase Best Lacrosse stick no matter how experienced you are or you have just started enjoying this game. While buying these sticks you may find all look similar in shape and sizes.

But to win a Lacrosse game you need a perfect piece of equipment that can match your spirit and performance in the game. So, we are going to discuss everything like brand, size, quality, and price.

Best Lacrosse Sticks Available Online For Purchase

Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks for Kids

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete


Position: Attack, Midfield, Face-off
Skill Level/Length: Beginner/Youth
Legality: Youth Only
STX is the major producer of Lacrosse Sticks and other equipment. Even the price of this lacrosse stick is low and it comes with Stallion 550 head.

The head is made in such a way to give a forgiving response. That is why it made in best youth lacrosse sticks for kids

Stallion 50 is suitable for Lacrosse Sticks for youths and kids because of its short length and thin handle which lets them easy handling to learn the game in the best way possible.

#2. WARRIOR Mako Junior Lacrosse Stick


Length: Half Inches, a Shorter stick
Skill Level/Length: Beginner/Youth
Legality: Youth Only

Young boy lacrosse players love Warrior Mako Jr. Warrior Mako Junior is not as durable as other sticks but length, weight, and diameter are good for little hands and little kids.

But these youth lacrosse sticks are not allowed in a high school play or sports events. You can prefer this lacrosse stick for practicing purposes only.

Due to lightweight, Warrior Mako makes the game more fun. So, kept it in the list of Youth Lacrosse sticks for kids based on its uses. Based on its durability this stick is in the list of best youth lacrosse sticks fo kids.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

#1. STX 200 standard lacrosse stick for men STX Lacrosse Stick


Position: Attack, Midfield, Defense, Face-off
Skill Level: Beginner
Length: Attack/ Midfield – 30
Weight: 13.6 oz

The STX 200U stallion is another step for those who know the game and want to take it to the next level.

It has a durable and light aluminum handle, good balance and an excellent legal reading head.

This means that you can use this key not only for business days but also for events sponsored by the NCAA or NFHS.

The 200U standard weighs less than a pound, which means it is not a ball and a chain.

The universal head is suitable for virtually any style of play and has a good whip that can make very aggressive passes and punches.

Using this whip can take a while. But if you’re an advanced player, you want something like this.

The Stallion 200U is not only light, handy and legal, but also a wonderful wand that effectively combines form and function.

So you will not be ashamed to use it in real game situations. Some advanced users may want to sew factory mesh bags to their specific tastes, but for most of them, it’s more than enough.

Although not a single universal lacrosse racket, the Stallion 200U is a noticeable feature, at least for beginners and advanced riders of all ages.

It is strong, light, flexible, attractive and is often used for various sports. So start playing because there are many advantages to playing lacrosse.

#2. String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick


Type: 2x Semi-Hard mesh
Weight: 4.9 ounce
Recommended for: Age Group between 10-14 Years old
Due to lightweight shaft, it saves your strength also most of your movements are sliding movements, which means that the speed of your stick works for every inch.

It is best for beginners.

Age group between 10-14 years old prefer this Lacrosse Stick on the field for an attack. You can make adjustments and win with no wastage of time.

You can also replace the head of this lacrosse stick to enjoy the game right away.

#3. Maverik Lacrosse Lacrosse Stick Maverik Lacrosse Charger


Shaft: 6000 series aluminum
Position: Attackers and midfielders, Electricityand control in a single factory
Weight: 1.2 pounds

The Maverik Charger is one step ahead when it comes to a complete, ready-to-use embroidery screen.

It has a level 3 bottom rail for more precision and power, a larger area and a narrow groove to improve control of the ball as you move.

The bag is designed with a competition-designed mesh that more advanced players want to change as they please, but it’s more than satisfactory.

The word “Ideal” in the name indicates
that it is a mixture of tree and head. There is not a single head or handle.

The column is made of 6000 series aluminum. So, it is durable and flexible. It is 30 cm long, which means it is intended for attackers and midfielders.

The entire head bar is only 40 inches long. The Maverick loader also has what the company calls “grip zone” technology, which seems a little annoying but offers a good grip in almost all situations.

In this price range, It is one of the best complete clubs. However, a potential problem is a ram, which tends to absorb water.

Again, this can affect performance. Some people recommend changing it immediately, but it’s probably best to wait and see what you think first.

Finally, the Maverik charger offers you a competitive stick that can take your performance to the next level. And that’s all

#4. NIKE Vapor 6000 Lacrosse Men’s Lacrosse Stick


Brand: Nike
Head: Steam LT
Pocket: Soft mesh pocket
Skill level: Beginners or advanced

Sports expert Nike Lacrosse entered the equipment market with this perfect entry-level stick, called Steam 6000 for Men.

6000 is an extension of the well-known and respected steam product line. Flutter lets the bucket play fast, while the 30-inch handle is an attacker’s or midfielder’s weapon.

In-store, which includes everything from golf clubs to nails, with an emphasis on style and performance.

The Vapor 6000 lacrosse stick is certainly beautiful, but it is beautiful and light, well balanced, with a large and durable head that allows aggressive play and promotes good shape.

With a little practice, beginner and advanced players will reach the mark more regularly.

The Steam 6000 is a low pocket and high trigger point, where you can apply a little power behind your shots.

Wood is not the most difficult in the market, but it will last a long time and will not be thrown when first encountered or an unpleasant fall.

Although the 6000 is marketed as a universal racquet, it is best suited for mid-level players who are working on improving their passing and shooting skills with skills in the basics.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Girls

#1. STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick


Player Level: Entry level
Length: 36-inch
Pocket Type: Precision pocket
Colors: Lime, Pink, Columbia Blue, White.

The String King full stick is ready to use. This is a pre-fight for a factory with a semi-rigid mesh pocket while promoting a better look while allowing for a more aggressive attack style.

The stick and the head work well together. They are light and perfectly balanced, which means they don’t move you.

If you are new, you will appreciate the ease of handling the stick.

If you are an advanced user, you will appreciate the fact that it allows you to take quick and precise photos and that it has a good amount of whip under control.

For more advanced users, however, the job board is more than enough.

These features make it to the best lacrosse sticks for girls.

The String King Complete Attack Stick is at the top of the price range, but there is no doubt that it is durable, versatile, beautiful and ready to play.

So it justifies its costs. The build quality is first-rate and comes with a pre-cut glute roll that gives you a better grip. Over time, stability decreases.

#2. Lacrosse Stick Warrior Evo Warp Lacrosse stick next


Model: EWNSA18
Shaft Type: Aluminum alloy shaft
Position: Attackers and midfielders

The device weighs 1 pound. The Warrior EvoTana is a full stock racket designed to help players develop better handling.

While it is meant to be played, it should be seen as a truly advanced tool not only for advanced players but also for riders and budding fielders.

So that is why keeping it in the list of best lacrosse sticks.

However, the racket is nice and light, so don’t get tired, whether you use it for long workouts or sporting situations.

Mesh pockets with greater concentration than normal pockets promote good projection movement. If your bases are not healthy, you simply cannot make a good pitch.

And this is a good thing. This will help you or your child develop healthy skills over the long term.

The shaft is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Factory-installed synthetic mesh bags do not absorb large amounts of water under the rain and affect performance.

And the balance of the stick is generally remarkable. The stick is good and comfortable to hold for a long time.

However, he does have a 30-inch club, which means it is not a defense club. The real goal of the warrior Ivo Tana is to help beginners to develop their skills.Keep this in mind.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

#1. STX FiddleSTX Three Player Game Set



Length: 30-inch rods
Model : FX 923 MP / MP
Weight: 1 Pound

STX is one of the first names for lacrosse devices and their FiddleSTX lacrosse stick is a great idea for new ideas in the game.

They are light and balanced rods that are not so heavy as they are carried by the novice. This is a complete set.

You receive two field player sticks one goalie stick mini goal and balls.

You don’t have to purchase everything separately. This makes it the best lacrosse goalie sticks.

However, they are strong enough to withstand the rules of the game and allow the beginner to adapt to attack, run and hit.

The game is quite tougher than what appears on paper.

If you are an experienced lacrosse player, you know what works for you and what doesn’t. He has no messages.

However, there is no doubt that if you or your son or daughter has to get your feet wet in the game, you have to make sure before you lose a lot of money.

For example, fiddlesticks are a great starting stick. This racquet is 30 inches long and is considered ideal for midfielders and attackers.

The head is relatively large so the player can catch the ball relatively easily, anyway.

A traditional lacrosse head with woven pockets allows the ball to jump better, and the entire shaft is lighter and easier to handle.

If your child starts playing this game, he or she can grow up.

They allow for easy catching and passing and do not crash like other sticks that begin after the accidental contact.

#2.Maverik Base Jr Mini Lacrosse Goalie Stick


Shape: Wide face for better grip
Length: 30-inch bars
Construction: Aluminum alloy construction

The Stick Attack and Clutch Attack have been developed specifically for larger than normal heads and allow quick and efficient handling.

It is a mesh pocket factory that helps to promote the correct size and the aluminum alloy handle is lightweight and relatively powerful.

Flutter lets the bucket save a goal and make a let you be a perfect goalkeeper. This gives this lacrosse stick 2nd list for the best goal lacrosse goalie sticks.

Throwing is usually quicker and with less experience, although semi-rigid shovels mean less aggressive player than whips. It is always a harvesting machine that allows you to grab, pick, point and drop everything around you in one movement with precision and speed.

Here are the 4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a New Lacrosse Stick

While purchasing a lacrosse stick, there are several factors to be considered. Many innovative players purchase different rackets and heads separately and then they customize multiple it.

However, beginners do not have to think about such things and only focus on finding an entire setup that meets their needs and allows them to adapt to the game.

How Much You Should Pay For Lacrosse Stick

Most beginners may not realize that not all lacrosse players use the same racket. The price of a Lacrosse stick may vary from 11 $ to 250 $ on Amazon based on brands and specifications. But we are not going to focus on the price we have to find a perfect match for ourselves.

Lacrosse Stick For Boys vs Girls

Boys and girls between 4-8 years old can purchase youth lacrosse sticks as a first stick. But, as they get older, they have to purchase different Lacrosse sticks. Also, Men Lacrosse Sticks vary from the girl’s Lacrosse sticks.

It’s all about the game and skills you have and then decides the Lacrosse stick. Beginners don’t have to purchase an expensive lacrosse stick. Also, an experienced lacrosse player must decide their lacrosse sticks based on their requirements.

Lacrosse Stick length and weight

Most beginners may not realize that not all lacrosse players use the same racket. The scam you choose affects the situation in which you play. Attacking midfielders and small, lightweight rackets is not easy, fast and tiring.

So, the length of the previous post is about 30 inches. For defenders who can add 60 extras. In this way, they can proceed to capture a shot. After all, the goalkeeper’s stick bar is about 40 inches long.

You can run with a small pole as the area they cover is limited. Smaller axes are lighter and therefore maintain higher mobility and react faster.

Lacrosse Sticks Best for Beginners

What’s suitable for you is discussed here based on the requirement. As a beginner, you don’t have to spend lots of money buying head and sticks separately. That will just cost you extra expenses. You can just buy the cheaper one for practice.

If you are experienced then we have really good options for you. Just follow our guide and read the product review to find a perfect match for you.

The Last Stroke:

Lacrosse is a high-intensity sport that requires physical strength. Think of it as ice-free hockey.

But when you’re in hockey, most of your movements are sliding movements, which means that the speed of your stick will have to work for every inch. Therefore, players must have the right lacrosse equipment.

If your racket is larger, heavy-weighted, or unbalanced, it will make you slow down, you will be less efficient, and then it may negatively affect your ability to play the ball properly. Whether you are a beginner or a major league star, you need the right racket.

And That’s it for Best Lacrosse Sticks; Hope this helps you choosing best for your needs.

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