Nike Lunar Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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Nike Lunar Girls Lacrosse Stick Review – If you’re looking for the girl’s lacrosse stick for youth, college, or High School, then it’s worth choosing the Nike lunar LAX stick.

It comes in an affordable range and becomes a good woman shaft.

The Nike lunar girls lacrosse stick comes in an affordable range and becomes a good guaranteed girls shaft.

The high-grade product is a good performer according to the 2019 update.

What Makes It Striking?

What makes this stick extremely valuable is that it has everything in it. The Killer all carbon fibre stick for shaft becomes a great model for the attackers and middies.

We had been working tirelessly for finding the suppliers who would offer such a reliable women’s lacrosse stick.

There is ahead along with sidewalls for enhancing performance. So, you will get a better impact resistance and longer endurance.

The Nike lunar girls lacrosse stick is one of the best selling products today. 

The High-end Specifications of This Stick:

  • The ten-degree Technology will drive the ball to the sweet spot giving an excellent ball feel and quick release.
  • There is an elastomer over mould that leads to the reduction of the ball spin.
  • The pointed scoop also increases the accuracy as well as Precision. When it comes to the passes and scoop structure, the stick will give good whipping quality and accuracy.
  • The minimum sidewall also allows the deepest legal pocket. It comes with the torch 10° shaft. It’s quite different when compared to the men’s lacrosse. 
  • The metal alloy structure makes it a customized piece. The head is also a good one that uses hard materials along with the traditional lacrosse stringing.
  • There is no abnormal mesh in it. The sizing is a great one that falls within the range 35 1/2 and 43 1/4 inches. It also maintains the 7 to 9 inches head size. So, it becomes handy for the goalies.
  • Players usually like this wider head type of lacrosse shaft. The all-new 2019 Nike lunar women’s complete electrostatic shaft has the control and ball retention capability.
  • It has the maximum pinch that increases retention down to the middle channel. The optimal use of shoulder design and scoop ensures improved ground ball play. It also allows the ball to sit back again back into the pocket.
  • Strong yet light head with the complete Runway design features directly impacts the overlapping Centre screen system. So, it allows hugging the ball and flexing out in the pocket. Overall, it will deliver unique and exclusive designs.
  • Players usually appreciate the feature of the 7/8 inches diameter of the Nike lunar composite handle. It will give flexibility in controlling the ball. The Carbon fibre of the shaft also causes easy flex in terms of shooting and passing. It leads to the complete improvement of accuracy. Rising players who are looking for taking the games to the next level find this stick favorable. 

Head and the Handle

There is the availability of the optimal scoop that allows ground play.

The tight transitions will give a wider catching area for the effective placement of the ball. It also meets with the USL specification

The 7 / 8 inches diameter delivers better control over the octagonal profile. Moreover, it gives a better grip and feels.

There is the use of the composite material that will deliver performance in a varied range of temperatures.

Final word

The composite handles of the lunar girl’s lacrosse stick are better angled when compared to others.

The complete stick is perfect for advanced youth and high school teams.

So, if you want an amazing step up for better playability of performance at the college level, then choose this stick for the massive progress. It is perfect for both offensive and defensive players.

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