Brine Dynasty Elite Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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The Brine Dynasty girls stick for lacrosse is a good piece for the high school girls, youth players, college players, and everyone else who is wishing to take part in the games.

The Dynasty Elite Girls Lacrosse is now available at a reasonable price with a full warranty.


  • The brand Dynasty Elite girl’s lacrosse stick is now available with the full range of features to make it an outstanding one. It is the advanced elite lacrosse stick that makes use of advanced rocket technology.
  • It allows high control of the pocket without sacrificing the speed of the shot.
  • The heads will give the aggressive, offensive touch to the players along with that there is maximum control and versatility.
  • It has a new LOC-THROAT design. So, with the piece, you will get the special women’s game support when you use it, there is a way to harness the ultimate fit lying between the head and handle.
  • There is a Taper Rail design. It will lead to the top rail transitions at the sweet spot. So, with the piece, you will get adequate ball feel and control
  • There is a Unique string hole that depends on the Tilt-Tech design. It allows the formation of the multi-directional string holes. With the feature, you will get the ultimate sweet spot formation.
  • The stick makes use of Strategic Core-Tech. The condition applies to the throat to the sweet spot. However, you can only see the impact on the bottom rail. There is a lightweight feel along with the maximized stiffness in the throat. You will get enough accuracy.
  • That makes it a competitive model is the presence of the Grid-Flex pocket. The design of the pocket will allow the ball to be placed in the sweet spot naturally.
  • It meets with the specifications of the U.S. Lacrosse.

The Verdict Stated by Brine for the Brine Dynasty Elite:

The review about the Brine Dynasty Elite on behalf of the company is that the stick works with the true offset Technology for increasing the ball control and the shot power.

So, when attackers use it, they will get maximized performance that is released for the power shots.

The stick leads to the reduction of the weight without compromising with the strength.

The company also states that it makes use of the bottom rail string holds for the creation of the perfect pocket and the channel.

The availability of the super V scoop will lead to the pinpoint accuracy in case of the passing and shooting strategies.

According to the company, the girl’s lacrosse stick will abide by the rules and regulations as stated by the USA lacrosse.

The features for the lacrosse sticks are different depending upon the gender.

The stick follows the specific rules for the girl’s lacrosse stringing, sticks, pockets, as well as length.

Besides, the company also abides by the criteria of using only composite in making them stick.

The use of traditional lacrosse stringing makes this designed piece stand out. It also falls within the category of a size 35 1/2 to 43 1/4 inches.

The stick does not incorporate the use of deep pockets.

The Brine dynasty Elite Girls Stick now comes with the weight reduction and mirror Technology Strategies for offering an enhanced sweet spot on the side walls.

There is a good control angle for the pocket formation. So, the players love the sweet spot and also the quick release of this stick.

The women’s lacrosse stick meets with the specifications given by FIL. The availability of the 6000 series aluminum shaft makes it a well-designed and strategic stick.

It comes with the matching shape on both the inside and outside of the sidewall.

Improved accuracy and durability is something that makes beginner to advanced players appreciate.

Final Word:

Overall, this piece from BRINE Dynasty is the tailored tool for the women’s game of lacrosse.

You will get the quintessential fit.

When compared to the previous versions from Brine, this piece shows the remarkable top rail transitions for the creation of a multi-directional string hole.

If you want to excel in your skill in the sports of lacrosse for the next tournament, it’s worth starting to practice with this stick.

There is the eradication of even the minute flaws. That’s it for Brine Dynasty Elite review.

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