Debeer Trx 6000 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

Debeer Trx 6000 Girls Lacrosse Stick – Both new and experienced players can feel the importance of Lacrosse Sticks. Without proper equipment, they will not be able to improve their performance.

Girls newly arrive in these kinds of sports. Therefore, they seem more alert and cautious in choosing the right Lacrosse Stick for their games.

Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick is a stick that offers kindled performance in women’s games. Girls, therefore, are very much after these products.

In the following lines, we have tried to offer some light about Girls Lacrosse Sticks and why the product is worth consideration.

Pockets for Lacrosse Sticks

Both the mesh and leather pockets are there.  Players these days prefer the former ones. The main reason behind this is its easy breakability.

Hard Mesh helps better holding of the ball. It delivers a solid shot speed too.

For beginners, we would recommend a soft mesh. Girls with soft and tender skin will like the great catching ability of Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick pocket. It allows faster shots too.

When the new entrants will gain some experience, we will send them to the Dura Mesh Pockets.

It is absolutely suitable for intermediate, advanced, and experienced players. With such a pocket, the players will get a few parks too. These include:

  • The pocket help increase the speed of shots.
  • Takes very little time to break-in.
  • Keep unaltered in the toughest weather conditions.

The way the of Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick differs from men’s stick

  • Men’s Lacrosse sticks are available in different settings. Attacking players will get a different stick from that of midfielders. The goalkeeper stick will vary from its defender counterpart.

Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick will vary between 35.5” and 43.25” for the attacking, midfielder, and defensive players. The goalkeeper size varies between 35.5” and 52”.

  • Mesh is another point of consideration. The Girl stick is cast behind the traditional style of men’s lacrosse sticks.

Mesh, there is woven with thick shooting strings. The strings are sometimes called as leathers. These leathers run lengthwise of the stick. These are often tied together in a tighter fashion. Therefore, of Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick is seen to have lesser pockets than its male counterpart

  • The rule of lacrosse prohibits women to use men’s stick. The traditional style in combination with a shallower wall makes ball hitting tougher than men stick.


We have so far observed that ruling for men lacrosse is quite different from the girls. One such difference is no contact feature.

With such provision, the choice of the stick has lost its relevance completely.

In spite of that, of Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick offers a consort of benefits. Let us examine those in the coming lines.

Girls have enjoyed the benefit of obeying the rules as they used the girls-specific sticks. According to Lacrosse Rules, using the men’s stick by a woman or girl means violating the rules.

The rules provide that women and girls will be using a regular lacrosse stick. The stick will resemble a boy’s short lacrosse stick.

Pocket materials and depth variations in the girl’s lacrosse stick from the boys. The men’s pockets are too flexible in-depth.

The materials used in building those packets too differ highly.

The Lacrosse Rules states that women will have to use leather or synthetic thongs, cross-lacing, and shooting strings.

The rules may seem intimidating and discriminating, but these are made for a no body-contact game. Therefore, rules prohibit the same level in play.


Debeer trx 6000 girls lacrosse stick is made in parity with the rules. The use of special technology could bring a variety of different positions in play. There are offerings for various skill levels too. That’s it for Debeer Trx 6000 Girls Lacrosse Stick.

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