STX Crux 100 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX Crux 100 Girls Stick is now booming in the present day markets that hail from the brand STX. The stick is good for Girls/Women.

The lacrosse stick is good when it is of the grade 100 and a good performer over the competitors. The Women’s Complete Sticks is always available with a full warranty. Besides, there are certain aspects that will cover the player up to the optimum level.


  • The STX Crux 100 stick for the girl’s lacrosse games becomes the stick that will give you competitive playability.
  • It is a marvelous one that sticks to the industry-leading Crux line and is designed for the rec level player
  • There is a Sidewall design for the reduction of weight.
  • The stick is also available in different attractive colours life lizard, blush, or orchid.
  • It will provide great ball feel
  • It has the flexible scoop for smooth and easy ground ball pickups because of the Raised ball-stop. This feature allows keeping the ball protected in place
  • The Complete stick comes with the 6000 handle
  • The Position of this stick is Attack and is a remarkable choice for the Beginners.
  • It comes with the Legality USL and a Precision pocket type.

You will get everything when you have this killer all carbon fibre shaft. It will work perfectly for middies and attackers.

They also come with a prestrung head that offers enhanced sidewalls. It will also provide better impact resistance.

Overall, you will also get longer endurance. There is a sidewall design which will provide CRUX 100 an overall reduced weight without sacrificing the strength.

It abides with the Girls Lacrosse Stick Rules and Sizing

  • You will get the girl’s lacrosse stick that is optimum and strikingly different from the sports of men’s lacrosse. Besides, it also goes with the specific rules sticking to the girl’s pockets, stringing, lacrosse sticks, and stick length.
  • It is strung with the help of the traditional lacrosse stringing and does not make use of the lacrosse mesh!
  • It meets with the standard of the Girls lacrosse stick sizing that is, 35 1/2 – 43 1/4’‘. You’ll get the full-length head as well as the shaft.
  • These are the girl’s lacrosse heads that will abide with the criterion that it is has a 7 to 9’‘ wide head at the top.
  • The goalies in the girl’s lacrosse come with the same head similar to the boy’s lacrosse. The same norm goes for the STX Crux 100 lacrosse head that will serve essentially the young players for building confidence in the game. With time, the player will understand the mode of catching and throwing.

Players who get the maximum benefit:

The stick is fit for the girls like -youth, high school, or college. The STX Crux 100 is the entry-level and the cheapest in the crux series. Beginner girls or people getting started can find the maximum benefit out of it.


Lacrosse head that comes with the unique sidewall design and optimum weight reduction facility will never compromise on the strength.

The precision pocket will give the maximum control and feel to the player.

You will get everything with the 30” STX 6000 orthogonal shaped shaft that has the built-in end cap holding.

The stick is also an easy way out because it comes with the non-slip finish. So, now buy the piece on the online platform and become the leading player in the field of lacrosse. That’s a whole review of STX CRUX 100 GIRLS LACROSSE STICK REVIEW.

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