STX Crux 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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The STX Crux 300 review about the girl’s lacrosse stick will give you mindblowing ideas. Playing with it will never become a difficult process.

The STX girls lacrosse sticks are better when compared to the competitors because it comes with affordable pricing.

The best women lacrosse sticks are better than the $ 150 to 250 range. The Killer all carbon fibre shafts are better both for attackers and middies.

What Makes It Different?

It’s better than the 500 series and is in high demand among the high school as well as advanced youth players.

This popularity is all due to the little better grip that is present on the ball. The design alignment is a good one where the ball will sit in the pocket.

The revolutionized women’s lacrosse is definitely developed on the technology of superior ball handling. It has the ability to cradle with the ball that is higher in the position of the pocket. 

Specifications of the Model:

  • New STX Crux 300 becomes the attackers’ choice for developing the precision shooting. 
  • There is an extreme scoop angle for the addition of snap for more power. You will get the addition of power for shots. 
  • STX Runway Pocket will be a remarkable one for the player because it presents the unique string system. The overlapping centre allows the two centre runners for flexing out and hugging the ball.
  • There is a minimum sidewall height that is perfect for the deepest legal pocket. It comes along with the 7075 handles.
  • The material is a hard one and composite. Hard plastics along with the traditional lacrosse string makes it an exceptional one. It has the Crux 300 complete stick structure designed for the beginner, intermediate, as well as pro girl’s lacrosse player.
  • special texture with a comfortable grip makes it effortless to master the art of throwing and catching the ball. 
  • The Crux 300 comes with the pointed scoop allows that delivers accuracy on shots as well as passes. The users get an added snap due to the extreme scoop angle. 

The Inspiration of the Model

The STX Crux 300 becomes the exceptionally designed complete stick.

The inspiration is STX Crux 600.

The gorgeous model is perfect for the attackers demanding accuracy on shots Youth offensive players also appreciate the design aspect to a great level due to the precision shooting.

Due to its modern and sleek look over the traditional women’s stick, presently he has become the foremost quality: of national-level players!


Though there are not many downsides, yet one serious issue is that the price is a bit higher than some competitive models.

Moreover, if you are just focused on buying a lacrosse stick for playing in the backyard for fun, we will not recommend you to buy this expensive product.

You can look for cheaper alternatives.

Final word

Experts usually like this product over the cheaper alternatives because they do not come with the typical flatheads and Shallow pockets.

So, you will never experience regardless of the development of your skills when you are playing with this quality product. That’s it for STX Crux 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review.

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