STX Crux 500 10 Degree Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

STX Crux 500 10 Degree Girls Lacrosse Stick – Finding an ideal lacrosse stick is a difficult task considering that there are plenty of alternatives that are available in the market.

We are going to make it easier for you by reviewing the STX Crux 500 that is a girl’s lacrosse stick.

The STX Crux 500 is a 10-degree lax stick. STX as a manufacturer kept all ages in mind that includes girls lacrosse sticks for Elementary School players, High School players, and College players.

The 10 degree STX Crux 500 has different sizes and fits players of any given age, and you can select one from Amazon website.


Pros Cons
· Control is great

· Handling is composite

· Lightweight


· Quite difficult to use for beginners

· Expensive to buy


Build Quality of STX Crux 500 10 Degree

The players can utilize the STX Crux 500 spinning in a ball using 10-degree technology to the desired spot and change the course of the game.

With players aiming skills, and proper equipment, the STX Crux 500 is the right equipment to move the ball as you desire.

The Elastomer Overmold technology eliminates ball rattle or reduces to some extent, which makes a massive difference in the ball game. You have the absolute control over the ball and swing it wherever you wish.

The pointed scoop adds more excellent value to the player that has aiming skills, and it will improve accuracy and ball placement.

The stick can handle 10 degrees, which will give you more control while moving and aiming at the spot.

The durability of STX Crux 500

The CRUX 500 is designed by professionals focusing on eliminating stress elements that cause the users to perform lesser than expected.

The high-end shafts made of top of the line, which makes CRUX 500 exceptional in the game.

The CRUX 500 won’t improve your skills, but it will create a balance for better ball feel and quicker movement. The STX edition brings the best out of your abilities and makes you more confident.

Colour durability is also essential for modern individuals, and the 10 Degree composite shafts colour matches with Crux 500 heads.

The material used in the process withstands weather conditions and seasons, so don’t worry about discolouration.

The STX Crux 500 has a lightweight alloy shaft to decrease the excess weight on the hands and let the player focus on the game pressure.

The Mild Sandblast finish adds more excellent value to the player because it makes them feel better and sturdy control.

Girls Lacrosse Stick Sizing and Color Options

Women Lacrosse is completely different than Men Lacrosse sport, which also has a difference in the aesthetics wise.

Allow us to explain the differences below, which will give you an in-depth idea on the concept.

  • Women Lacrosse shafts made from different materials such as Metal alloy, Composite, and Hard plastic.
  • One of the significant differences can be seen in stick size, where 35 1/2 – 43 1/4 inches is the most common size.
  • In women lacrosse, manufacturers are not allowed to make the mesh, and strings made up of high-quality plastic.
  • However, there is one similarity with Men Lacrosse, where Women Lacrosse allowed using the full head, similar to the Men Lacrosse.
  • Women/Girls Lacrosse cannot have heads that are above 9 inches and allowed to have anything lower than the mentioned number. Unfortunately, deep pockets are not allowed in girl’s Lacrosse.


Currently, STX is offering the Crux 500 in two colours, and they are Black/Black and Black/Lizard.

You have to double-check the availability of the product on Amazon official website, and you don’t have to worry about colour options as both are available on the popular shopping website.

It would help if you also read the reviews coming from customers, who have been using it long-term, and it will provide an in-depth idea on the usage.

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