STX EXULT 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX EXULT 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review – If you’re looking for the high-quality lacrosse stick for girls, it’s worth choosing the STX Exult 300 lax stick.

It is fit for the youth, high school, or college girls. Moreover, it falls in the affordable pricing range.

The All STX Women’s Sticks now come with a full warranty!

STX EXULT 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick  – A Detailed Overview

STX Exult 300 girls lacrosse stick now comes with the Lacrosse Scoop.

This is the standard women or girls lacrosse stick some of which are also available for sale today. The stick is a great option that fits your needs!

It is the high-end head for the advancing youth players. The quality designs that are straight out of the Revolutionary Crux series are dominating.

The collegiate level girls and seniors have been seeing incredible benefits for the past years.

You will get incredible ball handling differences when you use these heads over the old school designs.

The advancement in the technology of these youth players sticks to let it stand out.

The beginners and professional players also get the output of this technology that takes their giving to the new level.

The Original Quality of Stx Exult 300:

The new exult women’s complete stick comes with versatility.

So, it is in great demand among the midfielders. There is a scoop angle for providing accuracy and whipping. So, the girls get shooting and passing capabilities on the run while using it.

There is a Runway pocket that is unique without overlapping the Centre string system. So, it will allow Centre runners to get flexed out and hug the balls.

This aspect delivers a better hold. The flexible scoop also ensures better ground ball pick.

The is a massive stiffness capability in the stick for stability and control. Overall, the better output is due to the7075 handle.

The Stick Abides by the Lacrosse Stick Sizing and Rules for Girls.

These girls lacrosse sticks abide by the specific rules for These girls lacrosse sticks, pockets, stringing, as well as stick length.

They also maintain the standard of falling under the category of wood, hard plastic, metal alloy or composite composition.

The girl’s lacrosse head comes with the pieces that are durable.

It has strung portions using traditional lacrosse stringing. There is no availability of the lacrosse mesh as per the rules.

The lacrosse stick sizing falls within the range of 35 1/2 – 43 1/4 inches.

It has a full-length head and shaft. These lacrosse heads are also 7 – 9 inches wide just at the top. These lacrosse pockets aren’t deep as well.

But, at the same time, there is the lax ball that sits even with the sidewalls.

The goalies get the benefit of the wider head.

STX EXULT 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick  – Features & details

  • Scoop angle gives the attainment of whip and accuracy right on a straight head
  • There is a flexible scoop that guarantees easy ground ball pick up
  • Overall stability and control are provided by the scoop system.  It is soft with the improved pinch for the capability of the ball retention
  • The result 300 Complete Stick becomes an ideal piece for defenders. The option ensures ball handling with smoother control. You can get the capabilities of the intense games.
  • The availability of the patented elastomer mould ensured the prevention of the ball from rattling. This happens so because the net comes with the unique runway point. There is an overlapping centre that allows the players to retain the ball with ease.
  • There is an availability of the head in many colours.

To Conclude:

The stick has got all the customization to make it suitable for intermediate as well as beginning players.

Sometimes even advanced players get benefits out of it. That’s it for STX EXULT 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick.

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