STX Exult 500 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review | Worth The Hype?

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The lacrosse stick plays a very important role when a player which to engage in sports of electricity.

This stick is designed so that the head is roughly triangular, and there is a stick attached to it. All the strings are loose that allowed the ball to be caught.

A player needs to understand that if it is not available with them, they cannot play very well. Here we will be going to discuss STX Exult 500 girls lacrosse stick review.

This will help them to understand about the product in detail.

Pros: Cons:
· Best for advance players

· For reducing the ball rattle, patented elastomeric over mold is available

· For blocking the shots, there is an increment in surface area


· Sometimes a user feels like it is heavy in weight

· Expensive

Who can use the STX Exult 500?

All those players out there who wish to be more focused considering the lacrosse game and want a slightly wider scoop that will help them to catch the ground ball and allow draw the control, this stick is the right one to consider.

Whether you are a professional, beginner, or a player in high school or intermediate, this stick will fulfill your requirement.

Also, they put their 500 pockets here, and the results a player will be going to get hour are extraordinary.

Additionally, a 10 degree patented shaft is available to loan to deliver maximum shot speed and velocity.

In feeding for a quicker release, ball hire is also available in the pocket. For all the advanced players, this is proven out to be a boon.

STX opinion about STX Exult 500:

When it comes to looking at the manufacturer’s opinion, they have considered being a complete stick. Also, for a midfielder, this is a versatile stick to have. The 10-degree technology available will allow them to hold the ball for a longer duration and allows them to experience them appropriately.

The pocket is launched in which is known to provide a tapered runner system. It provides a player with great ball control and according to their requirement date and deal with it.

The surface area is wider, which blocks the shot and intercepting passes.

A player will not feel like it is not fulfilling their requirement or is not getting the results they want.

Moreover, the manufacturer explained the features, which indicate that this stick is fulfilling their requirement completely.

Rules and sizing parameters for choosing girls lacrosse stick:

When choosing a lacrosse stick for girls, the parameters a player needs to follow are different compared to men. The same are as follows:-

  • In girl’s lacrosse, the goalies must have a wider head as the same available in boys’ lacrosse goalies.
  • At the top, the lacrosse head for girls stick needs to be 7 to 9 inches wide.
  • Deep pockets are not required in the sticks for girls because with the sidewalls of the head, the ball will sit evenly.
  • The sticks for girls are usually made up of hard plastic, wood, composite, or metal alloy.
  • Lacrosse mesh is not allowed.
  • Traditional lacrosse string is used for stringing, and the head is made up of hard plastic only.
  • The size must be 35 1 /2- 43 1/2 increases. This includes the total size of the stick.


STX Exult 500 Girls Lacrosse Stick is best to choose for all those who want a durable stick and fulfill their requirements.

A player will not feel like they need to purchase any other stick for the lacrosse game they wish to play.

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