5 Methods to Improve your Lacrosse Team with these Drills

If you are a true games fan, you might very well be aware of the Lacrosse game and it’s ever increasing popularity. It is one of the most preferred games in almost all areas including educational institutes, etc.

Owing to its increasing fan base, we thought of sharing with you all the best drills to improve your Lacrosse Team.

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So if you are into Lacrosse or are considering playing this game, do have a look at the below methods to improve your Lacrosse Team with these drills –

1. Ground Ball Drills

The first one to begin with is the Ground Ball Drills. For this drill, you will have to pair players first and then roll up the ball so that each player can get it.

It is a very basic drill that boosts the players to get the ball and also not let other players to get it. What can be helpful here is using the body in order to box out the other player.

This way the players will get more comfortable in opposing other players using the required aggression.

Most of the time in Lacrosse, it is seen that people often get carried away and become way too aggressive. This might not only result in a foul but could be dangerous for fellow players as well.

Hence Ground Ball drills forms a major portion of the Lacrosse team improvement drills.

2. Clearing Drills

If you know Lacrosse enough, you might also know that the Goalies have to have the practice of making clearing passes after a save.

To practice a clearing drill, you can simply make one player shoot the ball and the other can move downfield towards the midfield line so as to receive the pass from the goalie.

Further, making the goalies pass to stationary players and then changing it by making receivers on the move catch the goalie passes can be helpful.

3. Catching Drills

Another significant drill that can boost your Lacrosse team is the Catching drill. Catching, although might sound very easy, is a tough and crucial part of Lacrosse games. It is very important that the players on a team are well practiced in catching.

It will be better if you start catching drills with two players first and then increase the number of players. You can also initiate with stationary catching drills and then shift to moving catching drills.

It is also advisable that you begin with throwing the ball and catching first from the left side and then to the right side once the players get used to it.

Once the players get comfortable with the stationary Catching drills, you can start up with the moving Catching drills.

After the players get aware with the stationary catching and throwing, throwing and catching of ball while running can be drilled.

What can be done as a next level is throwing bad balls or poor balls so their catching skills get enhanced.

4. Shooting Drills

Shooting Drills can be performed in a number of ways. These drills change with respect to the game situations.

Hence this dynamic drill forms a crucial part of the Lacrosse team improvement drills. In case of shooting drills, the fundamentals include shooting while on the run to both the right as well as left of the player.

To increase the difficulty level, one can also practice shooting with a defender on their front. Shooting after scooping the ball off the ground could be helpful too.

Also, other shooting drill methods can include shooting when coming from around the back of the net.

Cones so as to add specific target areas can be used as well. This will help in building an accuracy in the shooting features of the Lacrosse players.

5. Cradling Drills

Last but not least are the Cradling drills. The name might sound a little weird but just like all the above Lacrosse Team improvising Drills, Cradling drills mean a lot as well.

You can make your Lacrosse players cradle the ball when the player is running down the field. At the beginning you can start with using both hands.

Once you think your Lacrosse players are comfortable, you can shift to one hand. After shifting hands, you can go head for more difficulty by using one hand once.

You can shift it from one hand to another.

What is a Lacrosse Game?

Lacrosse is a team game where all the players on the team try to get a rubber ball, the lacrosse ball into a goal or net.

The players make use of a long stick having a net at the end of it. The game includes running, catching and throwing the ball, shooting, and passing using the net stick.

The team that gains the most number of goals or points wins the game.

Certainly the game demands a lot of physical activity and hence players have to practice a number of drills in order to improve their performance. The game demands speed and constant concentration and all of it can be achieved only by practise.

It helps in increasing the physical wellbeing of an individual and boosting their physical fitness and overall health.

Lacrosse would be a great option if you want to add credits to your profile and also achieve a fitness goal.

The game is gaining more popularity over time and has become one of the most loved games especially in the US. And hence if you are looking to play this game, the above drills could be very useful in building up your team.

Final Stroke:

I hope that you have found the above article of use. These were the most efficient Drills with which you can improve your Lacrosse team.

In case you have any more amazing suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know how the above drills turned out for you. We will be glad to hear from you.

Happy Gaming!

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