Places To Buy Lacrosse Balls in Cheap Bulk Price 2020

Finding the Best Lacrosse Balls for Cheap can be a Tough process & tiring too.

There are so many online stores to buy from, with multiple colors and cases and boxes of 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 and even 120 Lacrosse balls!

Here’s the secret for you:
The higher the volume of lacrosse balls you, the less amount of money you will pay for it.

The Best Deals for Lacrosse Balls in 2019 (Cheapest)

Best: Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls – Multiple Colors in Packs of 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12

Bulk: Velocity Lacrosse Balls – Official Sized NFHS, SEI, and NCAA Approved – Meets NOCSAE Standard | Approved Competition Colors and Single or Bulk Sizing Available

Massage: Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy. Set of 2 Firm Balls

Three important things to consider while buying Lacrosse Balls

        • Price per ball
        • Material of ball
        • NOCSAE Safety Standard

Lacrosse Balls Pricing

The easiest rule of getting things at a cheaper cost is to buy them in bulk. Usually, Lacrosse balls need to be refurbished within 3-4 weeks. Hence, it is a wise decision to buy them in bulk at a cheaper cost.

The more amount of lacrosse balls you will buy, the less cost you will pay per ball.
If you decide to buy one lacrosse ball, then you’ll have to pay around 5$. But if you bought a pack of 12, then you’ll pay only 2$ per ball.

So it’s your call, How many Lacrosse balls will you need in the next year be it for the game, massage or any other use.

Official Lacrosse Ball Size, Dimensions, Weight and Materials

The lacrosse ball size is 3.5 inches in diameter, just like a baseball or tennis ball.
What are lacrosse balls made up of ?

Lacrosse balls are made of 100% pure and molded rubber, approved by the standards of NOCSAE, NFHS and the NCAA to prevent any injuries from non standard balls.

Additional Lacrosse Ball Uses: Apart from the official game of Lacrosse, balls are used for many uses. These uses includes Massages for knots or tension in Back, Neck, Glutes, Chest, and shoulders.
Here’s a detailed video of “What’s inside a Lacrosse ball ?”

Lacrosse Balls in Cheap Bulk Price in 2020

Price per Ball: Small packs always costs more than bulk 

Colors: Available in multiple colors: White, black, yellow, purple, green, blue, hot pink.

Stay relaxed. We have done all the work to bring you the best deals, discounts of Standard & best Lacrosse balls by

This super detailed Lacrosse balls buying guide it structured in the quantity you want to buy, sets of 1, 2, 6, 12 and 120.

All these balls are approved officially by NFHS and NCAA, suitable to play for all age groups. Youth, high school, college and MLL Lacrosse.

#1. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls – Multiple Colors in Packs of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12

The Champion Sports Official Lacrosse ball is approved by an official NOCSAE and meets all standards. We have found the best deal online for you to buy 1 lacrosse ball.

This is available in Multi-colors: White, Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Yellow, Black.

It can be used as a Multi-Purpose ball. Be it for Game, Massage, Toy for pets or for juggling.

This can be bought in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12.

  • Product features: High Performance: Standard & approved for use in High school, college and ranked by the NFHS, NCAA and NOCSAE. Molded rubber you optimize stick handling, shot accuracy and scoring in the game.
  • Official Size: Official size & weight lacrosse balls best fit for practicing, training and scheduled games. Also for self-massage to relieve from pain and tension in muscle.
  • Multi Count Packs: Select from 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 balls. Perfect to have them as a backup.
  • Many Colors: Available in many colors as per your choice. Choose from White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, etc.
  • Versatile: Lacrosse balls are Multi-use balls. Use it to Self-massage to relive muscle knots, tension. Jugglers use them to sharpen their juggling skills and also can be used as a toy for pets.

#2. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Trigger point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy.

It is a Set of 2 Firm Balls.

Struggling with Sore muscles, Tension or knots? Kieba Massage Lacrosse balls for Myofascial Release are the best option for you.

It eliminates muscle knots and tension with help of Trigger point therapy massage reducing soreness. Available in pack of 2 balls. Choose from colors Blue and Red or Green and Yellow.

Product Features- 

  • Immediate Benefits: Self-myofascial massage release helps to relax muscle knots and tension. Helps to relieve sore and tight muscles after an injury to get back at your workout routine.
  • Easy To Use: Just lean on the self-massage ball and use your body weight to release the tension in muscles.
  • Massage Anywhere: Massage anywhere, be it at home, office, at the gym or on your yoga mat. Portable, lightweight with multiple benefits.
  • Durable: Crafted from 100% Solid rubber with official size and weight for great use.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: The Best thing about Keiba premium massage balls is you can get your money back if not satisfied with the product. Simply return them within 30 days & get a quick refund without any fuss.

#3. WOD Nation Massage Ball Set – 2 Solid Rubber Lacrosse Balls

It has 1 Trigger Point Deep Tissue Spiky Ball – Perfect for Self Myofascial Release and Includes a Convenient Travel Bag

WOD Nation Massage Ball set is the unique combination of 2 Solid Rubber Lacrosse Balls and 1 Trigger point deep tissue spiky ball.

This is the only combination pack available on Amazon. A perfect deal for muscle pain recovery as well as deep relief for other body parts.

The spiky ball is available in three colors, Orange, Blue and Red. And other two balls in Black.

  • Product Features: A Unique Combo of Trigger Point Therapy Massage Balls: Only combination available on Amazon with 2 solid Rubber lacrosse Balls with one spiky ball. Two solid rubber balls for overall muscle pain & tension relief and one semi-firm spiky massage ball for deep relief for extra painful areas.
  • Revolutionary Trigger Point Spikey Ball: Other Spikey balls available are either too hard or too painful to use on your body. This issue is resolved with this soft yet more effective ball.
  • Perfect For Spot Therapy: Ideal ball for massaging Sore muscles, knots and pressure in Joints, Hips, Knee, Neck, Calves and Lower back. Consistent use will reduce any kind of discomfort & prevent injuries.
  • Easy To Carry & Recommended for healthy muscles: These light weight balls are easily portable. You can pack them in your bag & take them anywhere you wish. Using massage balls with spikey ball is highly recommended by Physical therapists.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Still not satisfied with this product? No worries. Return them within 30days of purchase & get your refund quickly. No questions asked.

#4. LAX Stars Lacrosse Balls Massage Ball Therapy

It is for Myofascial Tension Release, Fascia Release, Massage Balls for Foot, Massage Balls for Back, Trigger Point Therapy Balls, Yoga, Pack of 2 Balls

Here’s another option to help you stop suffering from stiffness in the neck, muscle tension or aches in the back, thighs, hips or feet.

Approved by NOCSAE standards & meets NFHS specs.

These balls work perfectly for an Energy boost, myofascial pain relief and enable to living your day to your fullest. Increases flexibility & blood flow in the body.

Available in a pack of 2 with multiple Colors with great quality rubber.

  • Product Features: Pain Relief, Energy Boost Trigger Point Massage Balls: Remain healthy, active, free from pain with this massage balls. Trigger point therapy to increase blood flow.
  • Massage for Foot & Back: Use these for pain in Foot or Back. Workout freely without caring about any pain or injuries.
  • Premium Quality: Available in pack of 2 with colors: Green Black, Orange, Red Blue and white. Solid & premium quality rubber.
  • Mobility Balls Miracle Trigger Point Therapy Ball Massager: Works like a miracle with trigger point therapy massage. Just lean on the LAX Stars ball and self-massage to relax your muscles

#5. Velocity Lacrosse Balls – Official Sized NFHS, SEI, and NCAA Approved

It Meets NOCSAE Standard & Approved Competition Colors and Single or Bulk Sizing Available.Velocity Lacrosse Balls – Official Sized NFHS, SEI, and NCAA Approved

Don’t get fooled by the costly lacrosse balls.

Velocity lacrosse balls are tested & approved by Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) set forth by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

Low cost, manufactured through approved methods & rigorous testing which qualifies to all the standards.
Made with high quality vulcanized rubber and polish for smooth handling and control of the balls.
Product Features:

  • High Performance: Velocity Balls made with molded rubber which acts perfect for practice, official games, at any stage. Be it from elementary school to college play.
  • Official Size: Being approved by NFHS and NCAA, balls are official size and weight providing shooting accuracy & improving handling during gameplay.
  • Durable & Easy to use: 100% Solid Rubber Built. Each lacrosse ball is of high quality and long lasting with many benefits.
  • Massage Therapy: Use these balls to improve your health with super easy massage for all kinds of pain anywhere in your body.

Colors: Choose from multiple Colors available: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Black, Blue, Teal & Mix Colors.

#6. YOGU Peanut Double Ball or Set of 2 Firm Massage Lacrosse Balls

Suitable for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy Massage Ball.

YOGU Peanut Double Ball

Yogu Peanut Double Balls are perfectly designed with 100% Solid rubber and meets NFHS & NOCSAE standards. Use it to perform standards on the filed or treat yourself with deep tissue massages.
Recommended by Doctors and Chiropractors to relieve muscle knots, pain orrecovery after surgery.
Product Features:

    • Solid Lacrosse Ball: Manufactured using 100% rubber which doesn’t wear out in no time due to poor material used during construction. Hard and doesn’t distort it’s shape even after heavy use on the field.
    • Regulation Size & Weight: Meets all standards. Great for practice with official size & weight, available in multiple colors.
    • Great Self Massage Balls: The solid rubber construction provides deep tissue massage. Helps to trigger acupressure points, self myofascial tool for reliving muscle knots, tension or pressure in your back, neck, thighs, calves or shoulders.
      Pack of 2 Single Balls or 1 Peanut Double Ball: Pick the best option of high quality Lacrosse ball for you. Available as 1 Peanut Double Ball or 2 Single Balls.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Not exactly what you’re looking for? Reach out in any case of dissatisfaction experienced to get your issues solved easily.

#7. LBS-2 Pack Lacrosse Massage Balls

These are great for trigger point massage for pain relief, lacrosse practice and much more.LBS-2 Pack
Product Features:

    • 2 Pack Balls: These are available in pack of 2 balls with colors, Blue & Green. Perfect pick if you’re not into buying in bulk.
    • Effective Massage: Works great for massaging trigger points, muscle knots and reduce pain or tension in Back.
    • Toy For Pets: Yes, you can use these balls as a perfect toy for your pet. Helps to keep your pets healthy and fresh with fun & safe games with officially approved balls.

#8. Champro NOCSAE Lacrosse Balls – Multi-Packs

Champro NOCSAE provides Official size and weight in sizes: 3, 6 and 12 pack.

These balls meets NCAA/NFHS specifications as certified by SEI which makes a safer ball.Champro NOCSAE
For years 2017-2020, CHAMPRO Lacrosse balls will be the official ball of the IHSA Championship.
Product Features:

    • Consistent Performance: These balls are made with NOCSAE standard as certified by SEI. Also by NFHS and NCAA for safe & accurate balls.
    • Premium Rubber: With all the official standards, these balls are made of molded premium rubber for all types of play, from practice, tournaments, training, or myofascial release, trigger point therapy.
    • Multi Pack & Colors: This set comes with 3, 6 and 12 lacrosse balls. And with colors: White, Yellow, Orange, and lime green.

#9. Velocity Lacrosse Balls

Official Sized NFHS, SEI, and NCAA Approved – Meets NOCSAE Standard | Approved Competition Colors and Single or Bulk Sizing Available.Velocity Lacrosse Balls
So you are done with choosing a perfect ball for you, now let’s choose a ball bag to carry them.
The lacrosse ball bag can be used for keeping other items than lacrosse balls. Don’t worry, we’ve got best deals of Lacrosse Ball bags for you.

The Velocity Ball bag is a sturdy design, made from an extremely durable with heavy-duty zipper nylon which can carry up to six dozen balls very easily.

Greaser Gripper Lacrosse Ball Resurfacing Tool

Worn out and old balls are unsuitable to use effectively as it’s accuracy gets compromised.Greaser Gripper Lacrosse Ball Resurfacing Tool
You don’t need to always buy new ones, you can easily resurface older balls and use them as new ones.

The Greater Gripper will help to make your old, slippery and worn out lacrosse balls feel and play like new in no time.

It is made with a plastic head which makes it super easy to apply light pressure while resurfacing the ball.

Here’s a reference video on “Lacrosse Ball Refurbisher”

And that’s it! These are the places where you can buy lacrosse balls at a dirt-cheap price. I hope it helps you to save money because Penny Saved is Penny Earned.

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