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Lacrosse Gifts – Well, few months are remaining at Christmas, but we can understand it is a bit difficult to decide gifts for your loved ones because deciding gifts need a lot of planning and plotting.

So is there anyone obsessed with the lacrosse? If yes then this article is for you, we are here with some lacrosse gift ideas for lacrosse lovers.

Well, any festive season whether it is Easter, Christmas or New Year, everyone waits for a gift from their loved ones.

Below we have listed some cool stuff, that your teens or younger children will love. You can get all the listed items on Amazon at a very convenient price


We have categorized the Lacrosse gifts ideas so that it won’t be a tough job for you to choose:

  • Lacrosse Stickers
  • Lacrosse Accessories
  • Lacrosse Equipment or Gears

So start exploring.

 Lacrosse Gifts for Boys

#1. Lacrosse stickers

Children usually used to love stickers of their favorite movie, character, and games. So if your child is fond of Lacrosse, then you must go through these products.

Skull and LACROSSE Bones shaped Sticker (Play Shaft Stick Ball Player Goalie)

Most of the children have a unique kind of love with skull’s stickers and posters it seems to be cool to them, its dimensions are 5.3×3.9×0.2 inches, it is perfect for outdoor use as it has a vibrant color and you can stick it on your children’s favorite lacrosse toys or wherever you want to.

Wall Vinyl Decal Home Decor Art Sticker Crossed Stick Helmet Sports Sportsman Boy Man Kids Room Removable Stylish Mural Unique Design

It is suitable for indoor use as it is a wall sticker, it is designed with high-quality material. It is available in different color options, it is suitable for any clean smooth, light-textured, flat surface.

You can easily remove it whenever you want, it won’t leave any mark behind. Its dimensions are 8 inches × 8 inches to 22 inches × 35 inches. Dimensions may vary with the design. You can get it on Amazon.

Lacrosse Stick Patent Print Old Look (8.5”×11”) M11193

It is printed on Acid-free Heavyweight Old Look Matte paper, it is designed to last long, printed with archival inks. It comes in different color variations: Old look, Midnight blue, Gold, Chalkboard, Blueprint, and black matte, you can get it in different dimensions according to your wall. You can find it on Amazon.

Pastabilities Lacrosse Pasta, Fun Shaped Helmet, Stick, and Player Noodles for Kids, Non-GMO Natural Wheat Pasta 14oz (2 Pack)

So, what is for dinner? A lacrosse pasta with the shape of lacrosse equipment, cute helmets, stick and a lot of funny shapes your child or children will love for sure, it’s 100% safe made with powdered vegetable and durum wheat, it’s made with the old Italian way so that it won’t get dry before the time comes in a spongy texture and more delicious, it is healthy and fun eating you can find it on Amazon at.

Decal Serpent But First, Laxer Color Vinyl Sports Car Laptop Sticker – 6 inches

Best for indoor as well as outdoor use, you can apply it to any surface, it’s a quality product with durability in all weather conditions.

People loved this product and it has an excellent rating and reviews. You can get it on Amazon at a convenient price.

#2. Lacrosse Accessories

Kids usually love to collect items like T-shirts, tank tops, etc. Of their favorite characters or games. Kids also love to get mini versions or toys of their favorite game equipment.

And the kids who are learning games, then these types of equipment can help your kids, so explore this section if you are making your mind to gift such useful things.

Night Lacrosse Led 2 – pack

This one is cool. It comes with two LED Ghost shafts, one LED Ball, Batteries included (CR2032 Lithium Battery). Children love the luminous thing, the will love it for sure. The balls and the sticks come with LED lights. You can easily play at night with this, it’ll look very cool.This one suits better as a Christmas gift.

Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse Balls

It’s best for beginners, it is designed for kids who are playing lacrosse for the first time, it is soft and lightweight than a regular lacrosse ball. It comes in vibrant colors that help kids to see it. Its circumference is 7 inches, a regular lacrosse ball is slightly bigger than this, due to its lightweight, small size and softer texture it’s easy for kids to handle it. It is available in two package options first one includes and the second one includes 6 balls.

DC Drifter Slide Sandal (little kid/big kid)

It’s 100% synthetic, it’s sole is soft as it is made up of rubber, it’s durable and comfortable, it has an eye-catching design, it also has an adjustable strap that can be beneficial regarding size issue. It is available on Amazon.

COLORFUL SKY Men’s USA Lacrosse Stick Flag Neck Tie Polyester Silk Soft Businessman Gentleman Tie Necktie

It’s fabric is100%Polyester which gives you a soft and smooth feel, it’s quality is excellent. You will get it in a perfect size, well standard adult length:57 inches and width:3.2 inches.

Brine Blueprint Backpack Custom

Its quality is really good, it comes with a laptop sleeve, an accessory pocket that is zipped, there is a padded panel which is there for comfort. And it has a stuck loop that can hold one complete lacrosse stick. It’s is available in 5 colors: Red, Black, Black Grey, Royal Blue, Forest Green they all look cool so go an own this backpack for your kid.

Lacrosse – Saint Christopher Double Side Sports Religious Metal 2/3 inch an of Dime – Sterling Silver

It is available in solid 14k gold yellow or white gold, and in Sterling silver, the chain is not included. It is available in their different the sizes: 17mm –the size of US dime, 19mm –size of a US nickel, 25mm – the size of a US quarter. You can get it on Amazon.

Kurt Adler 5-inch Lacrosse Boy in Blue Uniform Christmas Ornament

It is made up of resin, according to people’s review it’s details can blow your mind. You can use it as an ornament or as a decorative item it’s up to you. Its dimensions are 4L×2.5×W×4.74H. If you want to gift it to Any lacrosse lover then go for it you can get it on Amazon.

Warrior EVO Warp Mini Complete Lacrosse Stick

This lacrosse stick is a mini version of a regular lacrosse stick, you don’t need to adjust WARP pocket as it comes perfectly adjusted, its handle is made up of aluminum which provides it strength and durability, it won’t break easily. Its dimensions are 35×8×2 inches, it is designed to last longer your kids will love it definitely.

SWAX Lacrosse Training Ball- same size and weight as regulation lacrosse ball but soft – No rebound, less bounce practice balls

It is created for beginners, it is same in size and weight as a regular lacrosse ball, it’s best for indoor play, it won’t harm the floor. It was created by a long time lacrosse coach and tested by college-level players. Yet it is designed for kids but not under 4 years.

It is durable and it can absorb the shock. It comes in 12 colors and graphics: Flag, Maryland, Maui, Orange lax stick, plum pink, Rainbow, Red, Stars and stripes, Tiger, White, Yellow. Price may vary according to color and graphic. It is available on Amazon.

Cloud Jackgold 

– Cloud Jackgold Vintage Wall Decor Metal Warning Sign 8×12 inches Sign Lacrosse Player Parking Only Violators Will be Trampled Novelty Metal Sign Original Country Home Décor.

It is a durable tin plate made up of the highest quality aluminum, it’s lightweight and comes with 4 pre- drilled holes, you can easily mount it on walls, pillars or where ever you want to. Its dimensions are 12×8 inches. You can get it on Amazon.

Crooked Arrows

It is a DVD with 1 hour and 36 minutes of the film, your lacrosse lover kid will love this movie for sure, it’s reviews and ratings are great. Your kids will enjoy the gameplay and actions in this movie.


Midline Lacrosse Logo crew socks

It is an athletic crew sock with 2% spandex, 93% Nylon, 5% Elastic that’s why it is comfortable, Blister Control, Ergonomic Cushioning. Its fabric is very soft with good quality, it is available in different colors and sizes, you can get it on Amazon at a convenient price.

Youth Lacrosse LAX Tee

It is designed for kids who love lacrosse, it is available in different colors and sizes with good fabric, texture, and graphics. Its price is the same for every color and size.

Chalk Talk Sports

Guys Lacrosse iPhone X case | USA Lacrosse Stick Flag

It is made from high-quality clear durable plastic, this case will protect your phone from scratches but it won’t save your device from the high drop, it looks good and it is slim and sleek to give a bulk-free look to your phone. This case is designed for iPhone X 6/6s/6 plus, 7/7 plus, and 8 as well.

For lacrosse players or lacrosse lovers, this will be a great gift. It provides extra production to the camera without blocking its view. You can own it at a convenience price.

#3. Lacrosse Equipment or Gears

This section is for teens who are playing Lacrosse at the high school level or college level, you’ll find some useful lacrosse gears for your kid’s elevating game level. All the lacrosse gears can fit your budget. So check out all these products and find a suitable one for your kid to gift this Christmas.

Evolution – Lacrosse Multisport Stick Rack and Organizer

It is a wall organizer that can organize your sticks, balls, pucks, tape, Jersey, lacrosse, hockey and more light gears. It can hold up to 60 lbs including 6 sticks or bats. Bats can also fit in but not wider than 7 – 8 inches. You can install it easily, it’s a very good product for organizing sticks and bats. You can get it on Amazon at a convenient price.

EZ Goal Professional Folding Laxer Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feet

Its frame is manufactured with the highest quality of material, its trampoline mat surface is 20% larger than other brands 6’ High × 4’ wide which provide the ball a required speed for practice, it’s UV –protected material won’t go down with time and worst weather conditions.

If your kid practices with the ball against the wall so the required rebound won’t be there but it provides better rebound and force to the ball which can help in improving your kid’s game.

It can also work as a goal of a ball chaser if you add a backstop rebounder net. It is a great tool for improving your shots.

It is easy to store as you can fold it and keep it side when not in use. This product is worth buying if you are planning to buy it, trust us your money won’t be in the vain. You can get it on Amazon.

Training Lace 5 OZ Lacrosse Stick Training Weight by Lace-Up

This is the only alike tool in the market, it simply helps to build power and speed in your shot while maintaining proper form, well we’re not going to tell you that how it works because that is a bit longer process to explain each and everything.

So, you can simply go through the given link and figure out. It’ll be a useful tool for your kid, it is available in 3 different weights: Training Lace 12 Ozthis one is must for every player, Training Lace 8 Oz this one is suitable for high-school and college-aged athletes, Training Lace 05 Oz this one is suitable to all ages of boys and girls.

This is also available in combo packs:

  • Train Up Combo 8 Oz and 5 Oz:
    It is designed for youth women’s lacrosse players.
  • Double Combo 12 Oz and 5 Oz:
    This one is designed for defensemen and goalie.
  • Man Up Combo 12 Oz and 8 Oz:
    This one is also for defensemen and goalie.

You can get it on Amazon, it’s the price is different for combos and single-piece tools so, go and check out this unique tool.

SISU Mouth Guard Aero NextGen

SISU Mouth Guard Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth / Adults

It is designed to be slim and lightweight it is 50% thinner than any other mouthguard.

It is comfortable to use, its material absorbs the impact throughout the entire mouth guard, it is made up of Diffusix Technology that distributed the force over large areas and this protects you from any dental injury, it also has a bite pad to improve moldability that ensures a perfect fit.

You can easily remold it at home with hot water.This mouth guard is ideal for lacrosse, hockey, roller derby, soccer, basketball, etc. It is available in 3 sizes: Small 150cm this one is designed for children with smallmouth approximately 7+ years old,

Medium 150cm – 180cm this one is suitable for average mouth size kids approximately 10+ years old, Large 180cm this one is for 13+ kids for largemouth size.

It’s available in 16 colors: Awesome Aqua, Charcoal Black, Electric blue, Forest green, hot pink, intense red, lucky lavender, mighty maroon, neon flash, Nobel Navy, purple punch, royal blue, snow white, spring green sunny yellow, tangerine orange.

There is a difference in price according to color and size.

Maverik A1 2020 Lacrosse Shaft Attack 30 inches ( Black )

It’s designed to be lightweight and it is made up of Scandium alloy, that is considered to be a very strong metal for a lacrosse stick, it provides flexibility and strength and it comes with predesigned grit or sandpaper grip this grip is best and it works very well in any weather conditions, speed, shape.

Maverik is good knowledge and trusted brand. So you can go for it your kid will love this lacrosse shaft it is available on Amazon at a very convenient price.

Boy’s Freeze V2 Agility Lacrosse Shoes

The fabric used in manufacturing is synthetic, it’s sole is also made up of synthetic, TPU Molded Spike outsole, TPR outsole.

There is a kind of plate built to support the angles every lacrosse athlete cuts, combined with a mesh upper and elastic heel strap, this Spike enables every athlete to cut harder, it looks cool and also has a great quality. It is available in different sizes for 4-8 year kid and 8-12 year kid, there are six different color options, price does vary with different sizes it will cost you between $36-$96.

Shock Doctor Boys Core Brief (2 pack) with Bio – Flex Cup

Its fabric is anti–microbial and it can absorb the moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry.

It’s comfortable and secure to wear, keeps you sweat-free, maintains ventilation, you won’t feel irritation because of its waistband, way cup removal so you can wash it, it includes bio – flex Cup, vented bio – shape body with integrated gel perimeter pass for unrestricted movement, it’s available in 4 sizes and prices vary as per the size.

EPOCH Integra Elite Lacrosse Gloves

It is made up of a composite material so that it is lightweight and flexible with rigidity. It is designed to perform like an original human hand it feels comfortable, it reduces odor, dries quickly and provides protection from UV.

This glove features a one–piece Palm made with AX Suede so that it can absorb the moisture.

It won’t restrict your hand’s movement, it has molded cuffs to enhance wrist mobility, it is available in 3 different colors and sizes and prices do vary according to this, it is a bit expensive but it’s worth your money it has a premium quality you should try.

McDavid HEX Chest Protector, Heart Guard Sternum Protection Padded Shirt For Baseball, Football, Lacrosse And Goalies Youth and Adult Sizes

Constructed from a compression and mesh blend fabric which keeps it ventilated and it’s moisture management technology keeps the athlete cool and dry. It’s perfectly positioned HEX Technology protects balls, pitches, hard hits or minor chest area injuries.

Yet it is a strong chest protector still it lets you move freely without any restriction and keeps you safe as well, you can easily wash it in a machine with your other clothes as it dries quickly it will be ready to use before your next match.

It is available in different sizes and price varies as per the size. You can get it on Amazon.

Last Stroke:

We hope that this list was helpful to you and you might have chosen the best gift for your kid for this Christmas. don’t let them disappoint this Christmas when you can gift such awesome and budget-friendly gifts to them, this will not only amuse them but this will also help them in improving their gameplay so, why not gift them such thing which they love and admire, this gift guide has gifts for every kid weather he or she is younger or elder.

So gift your loved ones what they love. And that’s wrap for Lacrosse Gifts.

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