Nike Vapor Elite Gloves Review | Worth The Hype?

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The Nike Vapor Elite Gloves boast one of the “coolest” feelings in a Lacrosse game that comprises an awesome first-class leather palm.

The Nike fitting is also a little larger and spacious without floating all over your hands.

However, the Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse gloves are made for those high schools, and academic players who have extreme switches while they texture like their hands are not in body-hugging fit gloves.

These gloves are made to guard the player’s wrist, hands, and forearms from checks or lawful protective hitting general.

Construction and super high-quality material.

These gloves are at the peak of the sport! In this article, we will discuss a lot of information about Nike Vapor Elite Gloves with its features, pros, and cons in detail.

 Pros and Cons of Nike Vapor Elite Gloves

It is significant to know the first-class quality to look for in the greatest lacrosse gloves.

In this paragraph, we will discuss some Pros and Cons of utilizing Nike Vapor Elite Gloves.



Protective gloves are dynamic to avoid injury, and it is a common tactic in lacrosse. Checks and slashes to the fingers can interrupt a play or make a fail of ball switch. But, these flawless Nike Vapour Elite Gloves have plentifully of packaging.


No one is poorer than icy fingers or hands on an even icier lacrosse stick. Maintaining your hands cozy with gloves retain you warm. With drop ball, gloves will be rescuers on and off the lacrosse sector near-term about the curve.


The momentous workings of vapor lacrosse gloves regarding performing are essentially to deliver you with the finest hold. You can acquire a greater grip your stick while you have a steady hold, predominantly in a showery environment.



Many lacrosse gloves are profoundly designed with a great density to defense yourself from the hurt. Apart from that, weight gloves can make you feel painful playing with the weight of the gloves. Meanwhile, it takes more time to wash and dry for reuse.


Countless Nike vapor elite gloves fail to perform for a long way while it comes to wear for lacrosse-playing. Sustainability is the greatest significant aspect to contemplate rather than other features of the gloves.

Slowing of work

It can lead the performers to perform slowly with the heaviness of the Lacrosse gloves. While wearing these gloves in your hands, you will not accomplish your expected goal.

Excellent Features of Nike Vapor Elite Gloves

There are a lot of features that are widely included in Nike Vapor Elite Gloves. Here are some features that are mentioned below for your eyeballs.

  • Elastic high-density foam provides the best security and excellent elasticity
  • 20 grams lighter than the preceding model
  • Unbelievably light and streamlined design
  • Low-profile cuff grows mobility
  • Premium Pittard’s natural leather fingers deliver huge snug with an improved expected grip


We conclude this article by listing the full list Features, Pros, and Cons of Lacrosse Gloves to accomplish all your necessities and expectations.

Wear your spotless Nike Vapour Elite Gloves and perform on the sports field to fascinate spectators with your high-class sport.

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