STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves Review | Worth The Hype?

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With the adoption of d3o technology, STX k18 lacrosse gloves offer maximum protection against severe collisions. Players who are always at the aggressive point enjoy the better functionality associated with optimum comfort.

The shipment kit equips padding support. It helps the users show lower prolific and lightweight feel. The players will be able to demonstrate extreme movement capacity with compact and tight-fitting gloves.


  • Super lightweight helps prevents the need to break the gloves.
  • Solid construction help in offering protection
  • The meshed product is also liked for durability


  • Cost is often prejudiced

STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves: The Construction

The STX k18 lacrosse gloves are constructed with contrasting matte and patent leather. A combination of these two unique features in crafting helps to bring a gorgeous look to the product.

Users get maximum comfort with the elevated textured polyester fabric. The overall feeling of using it is also great as the product material is porous enough to extract moisture thereby offering breathability.

Players – be at midfield, defense, keeper combination or attack are attracted by the bonanza of these beautiful kits.

Qualities of an STX k18 lacrosse gloves

At the time you are vending in search of professional gloves, it is important to look for the attributes offered by such a kit.

In our quest to find the best for the needs of players, we have shortlisted five different criteria for ideal playing gloves and matched those with STX k18 lacrosse gloves.

Here is the synopsis of our findings.


We know efficient game-play has an invariable connection with a protective kit. Lacrosse gloves take optimum notice of those attributes.

Slashes and checks overhand can easily disrupt a play. Ball control will also beyond the mark. Therefore, STX k18 lacrosse gloves are offered with a lot of padding in these.

The padding requirement is different for every player. the padding in a given set of gloves may not put the maximum concern of that factor. the manufacturer company feels the need to design gloves with a various set of padding.

The designers in STX are committed to bring in those gloves that offer guaranteed injury protection.


Designers of STX k18 lacrosse gloves are aware of the basic function of professional gloves; it is perfect gripping. Adopting better control of the stick or ball requires a solid grip. This is truer in wet conditions.

Therefore, the gloves are imparted with nice talky palm and fingers. It ensures better stick control too.


Gloves need to be compact in design. Loosely designed gloves tend to slip off the hands. It makes the hands and wrist more vulnerable to injury


Befit means handy; not too tight or too loose. With a tighter range of products, the players will start to feel discomfort. It will hinder the player’s natural motion too.

Therefore, the designers making STX k18 lacrosse gloves have made sure of the fact that the user is able to close their hands with comfort as they take on the gloves. It is necessary that they can easily grip the lacrosse equipment.

Though the set may appear to provide bit disorderliness at the beginning, using for some days will make this contouring to body.


Not so mentioned quality of a good Lacrosse Gloves, but you can’t simply do without it.

Perspiration is a natural consequence of gaming. There are cases when the sweat coming out of body is seen to carry fouler smells. Incessant and regular perspiring can even damage the product itself.

Therefore, experts to design STX k18 lacrosse gloves have accentuated ventilation property to the gloves.

It helps in keeping the sweat away. Cooling airflow is allowed to pass through the hands of the player.

Superior ventilation property in K18 gloves accounts for added comfort to the player.

Resting Words

From the assessment, we have come to know that the STX k18 lacrosse gloves has all the qualities that a lacrosse player would expect.

We thus recommend the players to stick to the products as long as they are on the field.

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