STX Stallion HD Gloves Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX Stallion HD Gloves touted as one of the best lacrosse gloves in the game. The manufacturer considered a variety of aspects before putting together the materials, design, and aesthetics of the gloves.

The next-generation gloves bring plenty of new features that help the players throughout the game. In this review, we are going to look at everything that you needed to know about STX Stallion HD Gloves.


  •  Durability gloves
  •  Good flexibility
  •  Experience the best mobility in the thumb


  • Less grip in handling
  • Price is high

Features Of Stx Stallion Hd Gloves

1. Design

The official in-house designers maintained the industrial design, which shines through a persona. The gloves follow the traditional pattern and comfort required throughout the game. The gloves are available in different colour combinations that I have explained below.

The colour combination suits majority of the teams and the inner part of the glove colour are black. The industrial design does not stand out in the crowd and helps you focus on the game.

The improved design allows the players to move in 360-degree flexibility without any hassle.

2. Build Quality

STX made from high-quality material, and the brand implemented Iso-thumb technology. You can get rid of the sloppy grips on your stick, and the Iso-thumb technology solves the problem.

The manufacturer made palm wrap rest in the hand because it eliminates seams. Once the seam excluded from the glove, then you don’t have to worry about losing grip after a while. The palm wrap rest solves wear, tear and rip, thus, you own a glove that will last longer in the game.

STX Stallion HD Gloves made for comfort, and flexibility, which ensures that you can focus on the game.

3. Durability

Sport gloves required to have more durable build quality and high-quality materials used in the process.

The STX Stallion HD Gloves are specialized because they made the product from High Def Polymer.

The high-quality material is lightweight and won’t add extra weight to the gloves. The players no longer have to worry about carrying additional weight in the hands and save the strength for the challenges.

The High Def Polymer does not absorb liquid substance coming from your hands or body, and you won’t feel uncomfortable.

The technology of dual-density is designed to fill up the hole in most of the gloves that are fragility.

The dual-density technology improvises the durability of the gloves, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about dropping the glove down in the middle of the game.

4. Protection Layer

Two noticeable protection functions help the players reduce complications and longevity of the gloves.

The anti-bacterial liner is going to cut the crap (pun intended) out of your odor. You got anti-bacterial coating in the gloves, which will reduce the odor and prevents it from happening.

The integrated cuff system added to the product that designed to keep the gloves coming off and remove with ease during the game.

Sports is a physically challenging activity, and the accessories play a significant role in keeping the legs and hands comfortable, and that’s why you got expanded joint fingers. You no longer have to worry about small collective fingers size.

The floating knuckle system adds more excellent value to your game, but it allows your hands to intake oxygen for better blood circulation.

None of the STX Stallion HD Gloves customers has to worry about breaking knuckle because you got dedicated domed knuckle protection features.

Currently, you can purchase STX STALLION HD GLOVES in five colours:

  • Black and White
  • Blue and White
  • Red and White
  • Royal Blue and White
  • White on White

Available sizes:

  • Medium 12in: 4’6″ – 5’6″
  • Large 13in: 5’6″ – 6’0″
  • X-Large 14in: 6’0″ + Over


STX is a well-known brand that is offering STALLION HD GLOVES at an affordable price.

So, people who would like to buy, then before that check out the above review which will be helpful and supportive for sure.

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