Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Gloves Review | Worth The Hype?

The warrior burn Pro lacrosse gloves are experts in terms of their pricing scheme, Protection, grip, size, and weight.

They are fit into position whether you play defense, goalies, attack on the midfield. You will get the critical grip on your game.

The warrior burn pro lacrosse gloves are durable enough and protective.

They have enough breathability and grip lacrosse gloves that are of the top-notch quality. But, before buying one, you should go through the specifications.

In this article, you will come to know about its features that make it so different from the competitive models.

The specifications to let it rise:

  • The inside scoop on the warrior burn Pro gloves has a good value that makes use of the close in technology to various new high-end gloves.
  • They come also with the floating cuffs that have awesome grip and back 
  • Overall you will get maximum flexibility when you wear it. The burn pro lacrosse is quite lightweight.
  • They are perfectly designed for all hand sizes. Overall, they give better speed and mobility availability of the maximum range of colour options also makes them decent. They are aren’t too flashy.
  • The new technology in it will now show its legendary performance when used in the field. It comes with VPS backhand that leads to a reduction of weight. So, the user get superior protection to the palm 
  • The construction also gives an improvement in terms of the feel of the shaft.
  • There is maximum customization the lacrosse gloves come in different sizing for the customers to choose from the chart. It will give you a lacrosse gloves chart of sizes. They are pretty consistent in terms of 10 inches for the youth, 12 inches for the medium lacrosse gloves, 13 inches for large lacrosse gloves, and 14 inches for the extra-large lacrosse gloves.
  • There is the use of the new patent technology that is total FLX + that leads elimination of the bulk of traditional cuffs. So, the user gets maximum retention and mobility.
  • Impact LT foam backhand will lead to the reduction of weight that gives enhanced support and protection. The authentic pro+ arm Technology makes this glove a comfortable one with unmatched stick feel 
  • The Lowepro construction will give 16.7% lower profile gloves along with the superior impact performance. 
  • There is an advanced Truvent system that allows the best ventilation for keeping your hand cool. Overall, the lacrosse glove will give much protection in terms of the lightweight and comfortable feel.
  • The increased authentication makes it an advanced system for reducing the amount of trapped moisture. So, if you’re looking for the fastest field gloves, it’s worth choosing this glove.
  • They are designed in a unique way of impressing the impact of collision zones. So, the glove is equipped with middle, triple segment index and ring fingers that offer excellent control over the gloves. 
  • The clarino pump construction leads to the improvement of the field and durability. There are top-notch design aspects that eliminate the bad smells persisting in the gloves.
  • The 13″ Large weighs around 131-180lbs and 14″ X-Large weighs around 181+lbs

The motive of going through the sizing chart:

Buying the right size often becomes a troublesome affair.

For finding the right size gloves for your age, weight, height, and combination of those, it’s essential to go through the sizing chart.

Luckily, the company provides the right chart for selecting with confidence.

You can order multiple sizes of the same product. When you choose to buy these lacrosse gloves, you can get a vivid range of benefits like never before.

Final word:

You can determine which best fits you. The company is always ready to give personalized service in terms of helping the customers to choose the right model. That’s it for Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Gloves Review.

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