Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves Review | Worth The Hype?

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Lacrosse is a physically intensive sport that requires your body to move in impossible ways. Every lacrosse player should own high-quality gear to ensure that they are not hurting legs, hands, thighs, and more.

Lacrosse plays a considerable part in the game because it covers essential positions in the game that includes attack, defense, goalie, or midfield.

In this review, we are going to look at Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves that made for Lacrosse sport.


· It is comfortable to use

· Offer versatile look

· Lightweight to handle


· It is expensive

· Durability is poor

Features of Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves

1. Design

Most of the cheap Lacrosse sport gloves are gimmicks in terms of design. Of course, the aesthetics wise, the more affordable versions do look great, but they are not comfortable from the inside, which makes it difficult for the player to use it for a more extended period.

I didn’t even mention the lifespan of the product, which is not impressive in cheap products. Warrior Evo plays a crucial role in Lacrosse sport, where the design maintained the modern standard and did not compromise in the quality.

The manufacturer equipped the product for comfort for backhands while retaining the contemporary design.

2. Build Quality

Customers don’t feel spending money on products that don’t last long as advertised. The manufacturer added Truvents, so the oxygen can flow through the hands, and have good blood circulation.

The product has textured Nash palm that offers strong feelings and is durable throughout the game.

The material used the manufacturing is high-quality and will last longer in the long run. Comfort is not a problem and does not create rashes in the hands due to the bacteria in sweat.

3. Protection

There are many protection layers added in the gloves, but I did not mention Floating Cuffs. In sports, you have to flex your hands frequently, which is a standard move, and it puts stress in the hands.

The Floating Cuffs protect the player’s wrist throughout the day and decrease the impact.

The lightweight design eliminates the additional weight added by the gloves, and your hands won’t stress at all.

Warrior Evo has D30 Aero foam, which creates a comfortable environment inside the products, and you will feel comfortable wearing it.

The Cage FLX backhand technology eliminates the impact of the fast movements of hands and minimizes the overall effect.

The designers followed Ax suede palm structure, which is the ultimate form of comfort. The odour is a significant problem in gloves because of the nature of the enclosed environment, and Wartech brings “No Oder” liner.

Warrior has a strong base for sweat absorber that won’t leave a bad odour, and the No Oder Liner will prevent it from happening.

4. Color options & Available Size

Unlike other products, Warrior unable to bring multiple colour options to this special edition. Currently, you can choose two colours, and they are Black and White.

You have to check the Amazon website for the availability of the colour options, but a Yellow & Grey is lining in the inside part.

Coming to the sizes of the gloves, Warrior has covered players aged 9 – 17 or above, and there is nothing to worry about children and adults.

The manufacturer considered individuals heights and weights, where height starts from 4’6″ and 70 LBS weight. You can read the information below for a broader idea on the weight, and height support of the Warrior Evo edition gloves.

Youth Lacrosse Gloves (10in): 4’0″ – Under

Medium Lacrosse Gloves (12in): 4’6″ – 5’6″

Large Lacrosse Gloves (13in):  5’6″ – 6’0″

XL Lacrosse Gloves (14in): 6’0″ & Over

However, before getting into the usage, it is necessary to know about the pros and cons involved in it.


As for adults, the manufacturer bundled a part of Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves for players with height 5’9″ and weight 150 LBS over, you can visit the nearest Walmart or retailer for the broader idea of the product and test the size of the product thoroughly.

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