Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head Review –  While playing the game the Lacrosse heads become the most important part of the Lacrosse Stick.

A lot needs to be considered while choosing the right Lacrosse head for a specific game.

It is necessary for you to understand how much stiffness spit or weight is needed for you to play a better game.

Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head would be your right choice if you are defending against experienced teams.

While playing with this Lacrosse head, it will provide you with the best possible defense for your team.

Let us have a detailed look at what this Lacrosse Head has on offer.

Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head – A Complete Overview:

The Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head offers you a wide area on the top to lift up the ball from the opponent’s grip very easily.

This wide head becomes one of the most important and essential features of this Lacrosse Head.

The narrower portion holds the ball well when you are facing a hassle retaining the ball with you.

Its reinforced core design delivers a good amount of protection to the head.

While playing you might face a good amount of vibration when you are getting hold of a fast-moving ball.

The reinforced core construction ensures that your Lacrosse Head can withstand these vibrations.

It also protects it from the impacts of opponent’s sticks.

Even when the ball is moving at a high pace at tricky heights, the innovative design of the Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head helps you to catch it with ease without harming the stick at all.

The protective design ensures that you can hold on to the ball without losing it.

This quality also works for the midfielders since they can easily grab the ball from the opponent’s strikes and divert its direction to their own players.

The Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head is built with Injection molding technology.

Due to this reason, the head has a super tensile strength which doesn’t allow the head to bend or deform against high force or pressure.

This advanced stiffening technology keeps the side rails, the bottom and the head in shape, in spite of the continuous wear and tear of the field.

Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head Pros on offer:

  • It supports easy adjustability of ball retention with String holes.
  • Its Broader face can easily scoop balls from opponents hands
  • The narrow back is well designed to hold and retain the balls for longer durations.
  • High tensile strength materials have been used for better absorption of shocks and vibrations.

Final Words:

According to the manufacturers, the Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head is built for the toughest defensive players for their toughest games.

You cannot simply ignore this statement after considering the features of this Lacrosse’s head.

With a tough tensile strength and great scooping capabilities, this can be a game-changer in any Lacrosse game.

Its High pocket with a maximum number of string holes is designed to give the player with easy adjustments on the run.

Getting a hold of the balls even when they are high up in the air, would seem to be pretty easy with its wider front.

With absolutely zero negative sides, this becomes a perfect choice for a Lacrosse Head. And That’s it for Brine Triumph Lacrosse Head!

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