Brine Rob Pannell RP3 Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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BRINE ROB PANNELL RP3 LACROSSE HEAD is on the way to become the new standard in the Lacrosse verge. These products are made to serve the aggressive and offensive players looking towards their achievement. They require scoring like the Rob Pannell.

The user, however, is able to customize according to the pocket that h/she has to hit. The core-tech design and a better number of string holes help them in the process.


    • Pockets are perfectly designed for the brine rob pannell RP3 lacrosse head.
    • Best knitting helps the customer to make tailor-made use.
    • The head or the pocket need not make any adjustments with shooters and sidewalls.
    • Plastic fingers on the bottom help the player to sit over a shaft receiving end with acute convenience.
    • That the shafts befit perfectly over the fingers and under the plastic make screwing an easy job.
    • Being made lightweight and durable, the players can fearlessly throw the ball with incredible accuracy and precision each time they come to play.
    • Proper gripping helps to throw with optimum strength too.
    • The maximum number of the holes in the string comes helps one to adjust with the help of the customizable pocket.


  • Players do not like the ball flipping overhand at the time of practicing and playing.
  • Flipping reduces consistency too.
  • The provision of two pockets may ease the adjustment.

Brine Statement

The all-time NCAA Lacrosse Point Leader has helped to design the principles inscribed within ROB PANNELL RP3 LACROSSE HEAD. In fact, the leader has worked directly with the Brine team. Such cooperation has helped in creating the product.

The product is designed with the aim to allow the players to do the players they deserve the best – create offense and score the goals.

Pannell’s head is reinforced with the innovative Core-Tech sidewall design. Such designs have precision-engineered depths in the sidewall. The device is thus able to control the amount of flex besides cutting down the weight.

It comes with a tight face shape. Such shape helps in better ball control in the pocket. It helps in better and consistent channel releases too.

The availability of a maximum number of string holes helps provide completely customized pocket placement too.

Brine Rob Pannell RP3 Lacrosse Head – The Advantages

brine rob pannell rp3 lacrosse head is recommended as the total game-changer with the solidarity offered by the sidewall offers the best precaution against side hits. The looks are also highly appreciated.

With several air-pockets, you will also escape the shivering heat while on the field. The air passing through the holes helps to sweep off the perspiration. Thus, you will always have some cooling sensation while enjoying the pocketing.

Rules and regulations for using the High school Lacrosse head:

Talking about the Brine Rob Panell lacrosse head certainly, it wins the heart of the students because of their comprehensive design.

You can stick to using those lacrosse heads that have the tag of x or U as a patent mark approving the rules of the NFHS and NCAA. But before buying the lacrosse head just confirm whether the product is legitimate and meets the standards of the college norms.

The final word

The brine rob pannell RP3 lacrosse head offers an overall positive experience to the players.

The constraints are also managed with the brilliance of the designing team. They have arranged for alternative shafts to overcome the negativities.

Concluding, that we want to say that you can get the product from Amazon. Thus, we hope that the entire article would be helpful to you. Just don’t hesitate to buy because it is worth to invest.

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