Ghost 7 Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

Ghost 7 Lacrosse Head Review  – A Big part of Lacrosse is Face-Offs. If you don’t have the ball, you can’t score goals. We also see players trying to figure out which heads the difficult face-off duel should stand.

While you can use any head you want, there are face-to-face heads that are best for the face-off, aside from a goalie head, of course.

Also, heads are explicitly built to withstand all this violence.

It can be hard for a face-off expert to decide what suits your play style best, so you can last a long time so that your replacements do not need to continue to be bought.

Ok, here at Universal Lacrosse we assume we could have just found the head of the lacrosse.

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Ghost 7 Lacrosse Head Review

The Ghost7 head is designed specifically for the offensive player.

The Ghost7 is the lightest available head today, with just 94.7 grams. This head is perfect for any player, both NCAA and High School legal.

The Ghost7 is perfect for face-to-face because it does not lose its shape.

This head can stick about the ball and suck it literally to provide not only the benefit but also the face-off win.

I saw players transform and turn this thing upside down and bring it back into almost complete shape instantly.

The Ghost7 has dominated the college face-off for the last few seasons and it was taken to its benefit by some of the top face-off specialists.

It’s definitely not only the world’s lightest lacrosse head but also the most versatile lacrosse head ever.

And, in fact, it is one of the best heads in lacrosse ever. If you are a face-off middie, you can also give Ghost 7 lacrosse head a crack.

Combine the lacrosse head of the Ghost 7 and the Tri Kor Sub 5 shaft with the lightest ball in the world.

Here is the following list of functions :

  • Weighs just 3.6 ounces and is nuts.
  • Tons of string options (particularly for medium to large pockets)
  • Zebra dye, who apparently dislikes goalies because they can’t see it!
  • Will fight the New York City bus’ strength

It’s not only the lightest lacrosse head in the world, but it ‘s certainly also the most versatile lacrosse head ever.

And it’s probably one of the best lacrosse heads ever. You can also give Ghost 7 lacrosse head a crack if you are a face-off middie.

Combine the Ghost 7’s lacrosse head with the Tri Kor Sub 5 shaft and the world’s lightest puck.


The Ghost 7 head is the most versatile, modern and yet straightforward head for Tribe7.

This has many of the facial features previously provided by Tribe7 hands, but also a more flexible stick that any player can use.

This stick is a great choice for a beginner or an advanced player. It’s well worth a look, especially for secondary school players or above, if you face off.

The short throat is somewhat inconvenient, but this head is a lot and a very strong product for the price. Well done on this new head to Tribe7.

This is a guard. It is a guardian.

That’s it for Ghost 7 Lacrosse Head Review.

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