Lakota U Review | Worth the Hype?

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Lakota U Review – Lacrosse is contemplated as a swift-budging and entertaining sport to play with a lot of protecting apparatus.

When carrying out the competition, Lacrosse heads become the most significant Lacrosse stick—many necessities to be intending while picking a spotless lacrosse head for an individual sport.

However, the Lakota U Lacrosse head is good worth in the privileged class for midfielders.

It highly enables for a lovely pocket in the center for the lacrosse head for rapid relief and optimum ball switch on the run for evolving attacking lacrosse game performers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, pros, and cons of the Lakota U lacrosse head. Just scroll down your eyeballs and know more about that.

Pros and Cons of the Lakota U

An exactly taped lacrosse stick may be designed for various dissimilarities in your playing game.

In this paragraph, we will take a closer look at the full pros and cons otaf Lako U Lacrosse Head.



Durability is a vital advantage that was executed in the design of the head. Every kind of game performer can utilize the Lakota U except for goalies. It is considered a multi-purpose hard worker.


Lakota U was highly designed with two tints: one is White, and the other one is Black. Players can choose their preferred head based on their preferred color.


The Lakota U weight is 8 OZ and the best lacrosse head for all kinds of performers. However, Midfielders and attackmen can utilize it. The width is absolutely a major pros in Lakota. This one builds it effortlessly for the performers to catch the ball.


The Lakota U lacrosse head is one of the furthermost lightweight head choices. The thin head can highly help you to tap the ball with your expected target against the opponent team.


Strange Design

It may be tough to identify in-stock at certain stockpiles. And not each player will identify this design to their liking.

Narrow shape

The narrow shape of the stick may not be suitable and appropriate for more unprofessional sports performers.

Fail on adjustment

Not Adjustable one and Ball lip off on top plastics that can make the player feel disappointment and frustration while playing.

Often maintains

The white head can often get dirt while playing and also wetness can destroy the pocket, and it needs frequent and daily keeps up.

High-class Features of the Lakota U

There are exclusive features that are hugely comprised in Lakota U lacrosse head. They are listed below for your consideration. They are:

  • Highly made for the leading midfielder
  • Gives extreme pinch and compact design for best ball control
  • Strengthened lesser sidewall provides improved durability and stability
  • Designed to universal specs for all stages of play
  • Numerous stringing holes for a range of stringing choices
  • Bottom rail made for mid-to-high pocket


When choosing out of the best lacrosse heads, you should learn what status you have to play; you want it unstrung or strung, the color and material of the lacrosse heads.

Well! These are widely comprised in one head that is Lakota U lacrosse head.

However, this well-known head has been a great vendor from youth via a big school phase for three years of running. That’s it for Lakota U Lacrosse head review.

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