Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse Head – Lacrosse sport is particularly popular among college-goers and the youths at an earlier age. The game enjoys very little support from the local people in the zones where it is played.

However, people dislike could not change the player’s perspectives.

The game is completely corporatized. Therefore, it is based on a very little zone, Lots of Law and Order issues are thus avoided.


  • Players with the sticks enjoy the super break-in time
  • Color seldom fades
  • Stripes and other designs get through while offering great appearance
  • After the initial break, the mesh at the nose hits the sweet spot and retains there for a longer period.
  • With earlier sticks, the mesh used to take a longer time to break-in
  • With these sorts of the lacrosse head, the ball grip is excellent. Perfect stinging property is thus revealed.
  • The players are able to practice in the rains too. They stung and un-stung property keeps the releasing property overall unaltered.
  • The above-mentioned property helps in good turning too.


  • The cost is slightly prejudiced.
  • At the time of stringing, a slight imbalance in the content proportion may create a problem for the player.

The utility of a Lacrosse Head

Lacrosse Head is that part of Lacrosse Stick attached at the tip. It is definitely no better piece of equipment but helps the players make the scheduled hit and score for his/her team.

Of course, there are players to make the game attractive with their majestic stick play. This is feasible in all sorts of games.

In the following lines, we have tried to elaborate one of the premier fashions of Lacrosse heads – The Maverik Optic Universal Lacrosse Head.

About Maverik Optic Universal Lacrosse Head

The Maverik Optic Universal Lacrosse Head is made for a power player. The head is designed with lightweight yet sturdy material. It ensures both velocity and accuracy at the time the game is on the line.

The hinder side has a small and sharp angle. There the top of throat flairs to the top of the head.

Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse Head – The Review

The Company, Maverick, is a big name in lacrosse gear. The variety is their best product as per the latest market survey report.

The product is particularly designed for attacking players. But the user versatility has made it equally enforceable for midfield players too. For face-off, the variety is a bit stiffer.

However, for whatsoever purpose you use the head, the manufacturer serves commitment in every way. You need to be stung the ball perfectly for holding the ball well. You will enjoy the entire shape as soon as you are able to get the ball completely under your hold.

Some reports mention about missing bumper and that the sticks are not fitting just right. Therefore, the presence of mild issues can’t be negated at all.

Players like the availability in various colors. But the feature is available in other variety of heads too.

The product is liked by all Maverik loyal customers. The main reason is that the product explicit the same rank of performance offered that the peers offer. The designers always use their innovative skills to include new features for the product.

The product meets all the specifications for NCAA and NFHS.

Another major benefit that this product offers is the head can be swung with nominal effort. Players, who had little practices over stringing ahead before, can enjoy havoc from practicing with this head.

The manufacturer makes the Lacrosse Head extremely lighter. It induces easy movement of the device. The innate optimum sturdiness ensures long time sustenance too. The players are thus enjoying the great sensation when the head is paired up with a Maverik stick.

The stiffness of the head is a deal-breaker for some users. It is counted as fairly basic for the technical part found in other heads.

The Final Word

Attacking heads are designed to offer the best speed and generate powerful shots. There are normally thinner than defenders’ heads.

The best and most attractive aspect with an attacker’s head is its style. The style fits the player’s position. If he is the main shooter, there must be something that helps him control the situation.

The Maverik Optic Universal Lacrosse Head satisfies all these conditions.

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