Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head Review  – Heads behave as a necessary part of the Lacrosse stick for every player.

Head is the part where the ball contacts legally, it is the part that decides how the ball should go out of your stick.

With a good shaft fitted with head, you would be ideally the strongest defender on the field.

These days there is a huge importance of the Lacrosse heads. They are becoming a necessary part of the stick by Lacrosse.

Head is essential for every player which refers to the part where the ball contacts in a legal fashion.

It is the ultimate part that makes the decision about how the balls should go out of the stick when you have a good shaft fitted with the Maverik Tank Lacrosse head.

You can rest assured about being the ideal and strongest defender on the field

Tanks have the capability of being defensive during. The name Head of the tank means it won’t easily let opponents score goals by invading. 

Purpose of the head

 As we know that the tanks are usually used in the war because of their defensive nature, they won’t easily allow the enemies to invade.

So, they are given the name head of the tank. It doesn’t allow opponents to score goals.

When you use the Maverik Tank Lacrosse head, you cannot stay guaranteed about winning, but it will ensure that you perform remarkably well.

Overall, the head becomes the added advantage of being the Strongest in the world.

With it, you can be happy because the Maverik is one of the famous manufacturers of Defense Gears.

The top-selling product on the online market will serve you with an enormous range of benefits. 

Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head Details 

The Maverik Tank head finds a use for an elite defenseman.

There is everything that comes with the suitable features defenseman wants and needs. First of all, there is the Level 5 bottom rail that will help on two fronts.

It will give immense control immediately. Especially, the impact is felt off the ground with groundballs. So, overall, you can get a quick release/high pocket.

In every say, it will satisfy the defenseman.  Again, the True Form technology specification lets the Tank stay in the shape even after rough use and long-term abuse.

The availability of the new 4-strut design is the backbone for assisting in the objective and provides the maximum stiffness you desire. There is yet another feature that is the wideness of the heard.

Thus, the defender gets every possible advantage with the use of the groundballs, checks, and picking off passes!

The availability of the two screw hole design helps with the removal of rattling on the shaft. 

Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head Exclusive Features 

  • Lacrosse’s heads are the fundamental pieces of the lacrosse stick. The head comes with the normalized price, value, NFHS as well as NCAA regulations. You will also get the position and style of play. 
  • There is enough pinch, stiffness, weight, as well as stringing options. Over many years, people like the Maverik Lacrosse. It has the proven quality that categories it as the high-end good lacrosse head. 
  • Level Five Bottom Rail is responsible for the guaranteed excellence in the control with the groundball. You will also get the quick and immediate release that is favourable for the defenseman.
  • 4-Strut Design makes the head Super stiff along with the monster power. The property allows the attained of powerful checks from the attackers. This property makes the head harder when the weight is less.
  • You’ll get the availability in different colours like Black, Grey, and White.


  • Availability of 4-Strust Design
  • True Form Technology makes it worth the purchase 
  • Average price cost range.


  • It is a Bit heavier than the competitive models.

Final word:

It’s good to keep in mind that all leagues don’t come with the same rules.

So, the leagues must make the choice of the bat depending on their needs. Maverik Tank finds maximum importance in most places. 

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