Nike Vapor Lacrosse Head Review | Worth the Hype?

Nike Vapor Lacrosse HeadLacrosse heads  are the most essential piece of your lacrosse stick. While choosing a perfect head like Nike Vapor Lacrosse head, you need to keep in mind the price, NFHS and NCAA regulations, your position on the field, and the style of your game.

Also, don’t forget to check stiffness, weight and stringing options you need in the head, and if the Nike Vapor lacrosse head meets all your expectations.

Nike Lacrosse is a top-quality defensive lacrosse head which has prov

en it’s worth for years. The Nike Vapor should fulfill all your needs on the field.

Do checkout other Nike Lacrosse products before finally buying one, and make sure you watch the video review we have posted at the end.

The Bottom Line for the Nike Vapor

The Nike Vapor is a sleek and lightweight lacrosse head which is stiff and durable. Gradual offset present in the head provides optimal balance between catching area and ball retention. The bottom rail is designed to increase the speed and smoothness of releasing while shooting and feeding.

Multiple stringing holes makes sure that the head has unlimited pocket options. It’s aggressive and bold design stands out from the rest of the products. Complaint for NFHS play only.

College and High School Lacrosse Head Size Regulations:

The legality changes according to the Nike lacrosse head’s pinch, length and width. In the 2012 season you may use a lacrosse head marked with U or X at all levels of play (NCAA and NFHS). For high school season you may only use lacrosse heads marked with HS (NFHS).

Before buying the lacrosse head, make sure it is legal for high school or college lacrosse.

Final Words

We did our best research to review the Nike Vapor Lacrosse Head just for you. Hope this helps to pick the best one. Cheers!

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