OG Blade Review | Worth The Hype?

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If you are an expert in the game of lacrosse or even just beginning out, you have furthermost possibly heard of the renowned OG Blade.

Driving down in the books as one of the top Face-off heads out there, the Blade OG utilized to be an aspect of a legend because of its termination output ages before.

But once warriors re-released this breath-taking head last year, fable and legend again turned into truths and statistics.

Meanwhile, it is popular because of its unique features.

The Blade OG was exceedingly well-known and popular throughout the whole lacrosse community, cheers to the mysterious appearance and feel of the head.

However, the Blade OG provides an especially widening sidewall that is durable, flexible and offers a lot of benefits of existence capable of making a quicker clamp during face-offs.

Pros and Cons of OG Blade

There are minimum pros and cons that we will discuss in this paragraph.

Tiny pros and cons of OG Blade are points out below for your eyeball. It can assist you to know detailed data on OG Blade.


At first, the re-birth of the OG Blade produced a limited query regarding performance and design. Warrior stayed out to the innovative specs down to the malleable, keeping this head at a similar top of excellence.
An expert of the OG Blade grip factual with its renaissance. The aptitude to fundamentally vacuum the ball out of your challengers’ stick.
The re-release of the OG Blade makes a cyclone of enthusiasm in the lacrosse. Although there was only a tiny OG Blade up for grips, the truth returned to life voices for itself.
Out of all heads out there utilized for Face-off, the Blade OG can manage it great. Sure-fire it will cover, but that can be fixed by stuffing a softball in there and obtain it near to normal.


It is not extremely mere and effortless to string accurately.
While the head breaks, the pouch is challenging to salvage
Humidity can abolish the pocket, and it often wants and regular maintenance.
Not Flexible one and Ball lip off on top plastics.

Unique Features of OG Blade

The OG Blade has become very popular among the lacrosse players within a short period.

On the other hand, it rapidly turns into one of the most familiar and rapid vending heads in the sport, particularly while it approaches face-offs.

Just like the innovative, the OG Blade features a similar super-flared face and traditional sidewall appearance. Here some features are given below for your eyeballs.

  • Ultimate for central and face-off positions
  • Intended for middle and forward-thinking play
  • Marginal string holes to keep up the standard appearance
  • Included from the comparable resources as the original blade head from 2001
  • Super-flared face and old-style sidewall provides all-out pinch and hold over the ball
  • All-out offset enables for wonderful keen pockets and value-added ball control
  • Able to give a reliable release and exceptional shot at retaining
  • Universal specs


The OG Blade was a well-known attractive lacrosse head amongst pro lacrosse performers, and it is made with great flex points in the sport, and it wraps correctly around the ball to maintain it lovely and firmly held for an exceptional switch.

However, OG Blade is considered as one of the most popular ones rather than other tools.

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