Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet Review | Worth The Hype?

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The Cascade Pro 7 is one of the most popular lacrosse helmets with a complete protection built with a visible screen.

The Pro 7 lacrosse helmets are perfectly designed to sit comfortably in the head of the players.

This helmet is light in weight and never offers any pressure to your neck. The Pro 7 lacrosse helmets are in- built to decrease the threat of head damage.

The Pro 7 is specially designed to safeguard the head to prevent head damage while playing the game.

The helmet comes up with three special and unique sized jaw pads to enjoy a snug fit on your head.

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Nowadays, players are finding it hard to pick the right and perfectly fit helmet. The Pro-7 needs a smaller space in your sports bag than others.

In addition, this helmet is wonderful and lightweight.

If you are the one who is troubling sizing problems or a cheaper head covering, why don’t you choose Pro-7 Lacrosse helmet!!

Pros and Cons of Pro 7 Lacrosse Helmets!


The Pro7 is designed with Cascade’s Seven Technology. Undoubtedly, pro 7 will help you to protect your head with the utmost care. Since it used supreme mono shell screen and so you will get better visibility while chasing the ball.
The Pro 7 is fully adjustable and so you can adjust the size of the helmet from an XS to an XL. This helmet is specially designed with three Jaw Pad thicknesses and so you can enjoy the most comfortable fit while wearing.
Not only Pro 7 lacrosse helmets are available in different colors, you can choose even the metals on your choice like Tungsten, Gold Chromanium, Chromanium for the protection face.


This helmet is specially designed for adult players. It is not suitable for children and so it has become a great disadvantage.
It is not equipped with a tri-liner feature and so it is something difficult to protect players head against head damage.
Pro 7 is not design with NOCSAE certification standards. Ensure that the helmets have the certified credentials and then go with buying options.

Feature of the Pro 7 Lacrosse Helmet:

  • The Pro 7 lacrosse helmets are designed with chin straps that may help players to wear the helmet securely on your head.
  • The Pro 7 is a light-weight and strong helmet to wear to play lacrosse game. The shell material of this helmet is highly durable and so can play the game with the utmost care.
  • The degree of comfort and fit of a lacrosse helmet is superb and so every lacrosse playerwould like to go with this helmet to enjoy a perfect shot.


Having a supermodel helmet is necessary to any lacrosse player’s.

Alongside, you need to pick the helmet that helps players to see the defenders with a clear vision and shoot a ball with the utmost power.

The Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet is one of the most popular and attractive helmets and worth buying. With the Pro 7, you will receive the best and secure protection for your head.

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