STX K18 U Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX has to denounce that their STX k18 U lacrosse head was inspired by LXM superstar Kyle Harrison K18 details. The company lacks the stock of duel shot heads.

If any player is on the look for an aesthetic product that are offered at better prices, K18 is ideal among these.

The product provides the required stability and versatility, thus meeting the demands of international rank players.

The patented dual shot materials are used in compliance with NCAA and NFHS rules.


· K18 variety is different from other heads. These can help players at all levels.

· Separate options for field players and goalkeepers.

· Range and specialty are specially made for defenders.


No grievance.

Stx K18 U Lacrosse Head Product Description

The multiple colored stx k18 u lacrosse head is stung with STX Dura Mesh NCAA 3 factory stringing. Its design is inspired by Kyle Harrison. The product comes with custom K18 details.

The features can provide stability and versatility. As an overall effect, it can meet the demands of an intermediate level player. The product is equipped with the patented dual shot material process.

Offering position-specific Lacrosse Heads

For an elite level player at the Lacrosse may include the NCAA. Besides, there are skill setters who are after such products. The expert designers for STX k18 u lacrosse head are well aware of both strips.

Therefore, they balance their manufacturing skill with better matching to the individual types of requirements. With improvised skills, each of the sets is sure to favor a particular set of skills.

Here is the account:

Specific position for Attacking Players

Players in the attacking position with Lacrosse prefer stx k18 u lacrosse head with the lightweight feature. It facilitates precision accuracy and quick release.

Players at every field know how tough it is to score a goal. Therefore, attacking players try to move faster with the ball towards the opponent’s goal and score at the first opportunity.

STX has designed attack heads with a small face and narrower throats. Leaders of these types enhance accuracy in both passing and shooting. Pockets are placed at some distance in the backward direction. It helps in better ball control and quick release.

Head for players at Midfield

In any form of sport, expert players in the middle position need to offer the best portion in both passing and accurate ball control. For promoting effective defense organization, heads in the stick need to be stiffer.

Some players needing to take faceoffs desire more resiliency. It helps them attain more success in the field.

Designing of the STX k18 u lacrosse head for midfield players need to be more precise. It enables them with more shooting, passing, pick up the ground balls, and defend eventually.

Players at defense

While designing the head for defensive players, STX had to make more account for the stiffness and ease of picking the ball.

Thus, STX k18 u lacrosse head for defenders belongs to stiffer varieties. It helps the player to force turnovers at the time of contacting the opposing player stick.

No flexibility is considered, and the entire force went into forcing a turnover. With stiffened heads, ground balls are picked up fast following a forceful turnover.

Head for the Goalkeepers

Lacrosse heads offer a unique pattern for the goalkeeper position. These products are so designed that it can’t be used in any other position. The STX K18 U Lacrosse Head for goalie position are much wider so that the balls are gripped and stopped with little effort.

The pockets that these players are supposed to protect are made much deeper and softer. Heads with space help them control the after saving with ease.

Keeping away the material and string, not much variation is offered in these heads.

The final word

We have try to add all important information about Stx K18 U Lacrosse Head in this article. Hope it can help you to get complete about this product. That’s it for now.

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