STX Professor Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX Professor Review – Improving the game of lacrosse was not accessible before. A perfect tool in hand can turn out to be amazingly good at any time.

Whether it is about the lacrosse shaft or lacrosse head, we need to select each part very carefully.

But the final selection might be quite complicated due to the presence of many options out there.

The best thing one can do of learning about any tool is to know about its features, pros, and cons.

We very well understand our reader’s issues, and that’s why we have come forward here with an honest review of STX Professor.

We have gone through different websites and have checked mixed online-offline surveys to provide you the correct data only.

STX Professor: Pros and Cons


One of the most beautiful lightweight lacrosse head
Sleek, streamlined design suiting well to the needs of lacrosse players.
Ultimate ball control
Amazing shot speed
A stiff and robust frame for a better experience,
Recommended for the college players


Pricing is a bit higher
Does not suit well to the needs of professional players

Change the Game With Stx Professor

If you are willing to improve your lacrosse gameplay, STX Professor is the perfect option to go.

It is one of the lightweight lacrosse head options in the series that enhances the gameplay of the emerging players.

There is incredible shot speed and ultimate ball control, and much more is there that makes this beautiful product the best one in the series.

STX Professor comes up with a beautifully sleek, streamlined design that has made it one of the preferable options by various STX professionals.

The frame included in this lacrosse head option is quite strong and stiff.

It offers users the ability to scoop the ball from the ground while very conveniently running down the field.

This lacrosse head is one of the most preferred choices for the offensive players and makes the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Features of STX Professor

The introduction of beautiful lacrosse heads like STX Professor has enabled many high school and college players to improve their lacrosse game.

The tool is amazingly useful and comes up with a wide range of features like:

  • The scoop of the STX Professor is quite strong and stiff. The design ofthis lacrosse head enables users to pick up the ground balls at full speed. It also makes it quite comfortable for the players as you don’t need to bend your head even at the highest level of competition. One can easily maintain the possession with the help of a gradually rounded tip.
  • The STX Professor comes up with 13 stringing holes. It means that the players have versatile options now. Moreover, this lacrosse head is also wrappedup with the right amount of plastic that adds more to its durability.
  • The throat involved in the STX Professor comes up with an incredible amount of pinch. Users can now easily enjoy fantastic ball control and accuracy.
  • STX Professor came up with a firm, and supported the The presence of reinforced plastic makes this product perfectly fit for withstanding any checks over there.
  • STX Professor is a beautiful lacrosse head that can be easily used by any skilled offensive midfielder. One can now easily have sharp passes without making much effort.
  • The STX Professor is a beautiful product that can securely be usedwith any lacrosse shaft. The neck reinforcement provides a sure fit that makes this beautiful product an innovative design.


STX Professor is one of the lightweight and sturdy lacrosse heads available in the market.

The lacrosse head is quite famous for its versatility in the offensive end services.

One can now quickly improve their gaming capabilities and pick up the ground balls with this beautiful product’s fantastic speed.

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