STX Proton Power Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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Lacrosse games were developed in the USA; but, the modest practices and eased rules converted it into a top consulted team game.

Players use sticks and balls to carry, passing, shooting, and catching the goal, i.e., scoring. This explains why there is a need for the right kind of Lacrosse Head.

While choosing the best and fittest one for you, it is expected that you will consider the best features only.

When you consult an experienced person in this matter, he will tell you about STX PROTON POWER LACROSSE HEAD. 

Know why? The products offer the best features in this regard. In the following segment, we will discuss the best features, positives, and lacks in these devices.


Impeccable strength and unmatched flexibility

· Offer stability is shots

· Lightweight promotes agility

· Facilitates efficient ball pickup


· Not suitable for low pocket

· Need continuous adjustments

Lacrosse game players enjoy the presence of top-notch lacrosse heads as one of their essential game accessories. Many of them like the flexible ones, while the others go for strength and sturdiness. STX PROTON POWER LACROSSE HEAD belongs to the former variety.

The device helps you become a goal-getter. Again, experts vow for strengths also as this offers durability too. Flexibility and lightweight material affect sustenance.

Keeping this in mind, the latest varieties are made with an inept sturdiness. The lightweight feature has not gone away, though.

It incorporates a C-channel technology and a scalloped scoop. Such configuration guarantees strength, stability, and the required flexibility too.

The presence of numerous stinging holes in the STX proton power lacrosse head facilitates the gameplay pattern. The head is one of the lightest versions in this regard. Proton Power ensured optimal playing experience with such heads.

The other benefits that the head offers include creating ball retention, easy shooting, and passing. Ball pickups become more efficient too.

Ball rattling is reduced by far extent. Therefore, strength and steadiness will be reached momentarily.


The Sidewalls

Like its other peers, STX PROTON POWER LACROSSE HEAD has holes. The holes in these devices have non-entity. Still, these can create pockets.

The sidewall laces ensure strong adherence to the holes by tying with the pouch. There will be a smooth ride from cradling to winding with the ball. The pinch is useful for the mid-pocket.


Throats in these lacrosse heads have diverging openings. These openings present good work for developing a channel.

The two holes at the bottom are made four is it is required. Additional leather is used for the purpose. Positive signs are induced over passing and shooting.

The Neck

Necks in these devices are deemed to be strong. Another unavoidable approach is the flexibility. The heads retains its flexibility at the time the sidewalls stay attached with the bottom area of the throat.


Accumulated disposition will put the player into wrong track. Therefore, scoop ensured about non-presence of any lips or volumes at the back.

At the time the holder struggles with the ball possession, the other players can quickly withdraw the tip. With a broad smooth back, the ball-possessor can move ahead. Broader backlash may help others approach towards the ball too.

All players will enjoy the gathered flexibility at the time of shooting that the unique bending capacity of the scoop in STX PROTON POWER LACROSSE HEAD provides them.

The Verdict

From the discussion, we can settle to the point that STX PROTON POWER LACROSSE HEAD is most suitable for middle-class players. These players are practicing to improve their skills in shooting precision and picking up.

The devices constitute great training equipment at a lower cost. These offer proper value for money too.

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