STX Surgeon 10 500 Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

STX Surgeon 10 500 Lacrosse Head Review  –  Lacrosse’s heads are one of your lacrosse stick’s most important pieces.

Consider your size, interest, NFHS, NCAA and NCAA rules, placement, and playing style when you check at the STX Surgeon 10 500 lacrosse head analysis.

Consider also how much you need to pinch, rigidity, weight, and string, and whether your specifications are met by the STX Surgeon 10 500.

The STX Surgeon’s 500 head is built to optimize STX ‘s maximum ACP technology capacity.

All climatic protection is implemented to resist every climate and preserve the overall shape of the heads.

Over years STX Lacrosse has demonstrated its consistency so that a good lacrosse head is found. You will have STX Surgeon 10 500 at $109.99.

STX Surgeon 10 500 Lacrosse Head Review


The sidewall appears cool, the head looks smooth and slim with a high vigorous torch through the mouth, and the plastic does not feel thin or too thick.

Although the head is not offset as vigorously, it allows the head to move more rapidly.

Even, if you look at the bottom of its throat carefully, it blends in well to your hand and looks good, much like the goalie’s head.

They ‘re specially designed for the middle to low pocket attackers. This low-medium pocket configuration allows attackers to hold the ball with one hand and to handle defenders.

No other heads of the lacrosse can give players the power to contour their heads of lacrosse in the way the Surgeon 500 can.

You will figure out what works best for you with so many string choices.


This head is rigid but in a positive way for an offensive arm.

In comparison to this Warrior m80, the rails do not shift towards the inside when attached to a conventional.

The robustness of my head makes the release good and the shots accurate. You should feel relaxed about it when you shoot hard enough.

Field position

The Surgeon 500 certainly is a lacrosse head geared towards the attackers. It is ideal for attackers to improve ball control by providing a mid to low pocket.

The long, narrow gorge creates a given canal that provides an advantage for your flow precision and performance.

Finally, STX’s forward cant technology makes it possible for the head to tilt and twist slightly in order to make the release point more effectively and sooner.

This helps you to take a shot from the outside if you need it. You have no trouble putting the ball on the offensive side of the field on the net.


STX has focussed on the design of the scoops to help create a more accurate passage and shot path.

The rigid, vicious point-scoop provides ample strength when your team needs a main ground ball.


The throat of the lacrosse head of the STX Surgeon 500 is highly pinched and allows a given channel to achieve precision on your passes and speed during your shot.

The long thin throat provides a pathway for the ball to discharge with very little space to make mistakes.

It lets you manage your game amazingly and gives you the courage to score goals and play big times.


 The Surgeon 500 is a huge success for attackers who want to immediately boost their game with amazing ball control, accuracy, and shot rate.

An attacker is primarily responsible for caring for the ball and putting his team on the floor.

Look no further than the STX Surgeon 500 if you’re trying to improve your game instantly. When making the Surgeon 500, STX has thought all about it and shows.

The Surgeon 500 comes with a 60-day purchase return policy and comes in Black, Carolina, Brown, Purple, Neons Green, Red, Royal Blue & White.

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