STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Head Review | Everything You Need To Know

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The 500 head from STX surgeon is a branded one that is available in versions NCAA and NFHS. The conveniently priced model is now perfect for the attack, midfield, and other players. The men’s lacrosse head has a warranty of 60 days.

It has gained good reviews from the customers for its accuracy, ground balls, ball holding capacity, shooting, and other features.

Overall, it has got four out of the star ratings. The head is a specifically designed model for the maximized potential of ACP Technology. The protection in all climates will withstand the pressures on it in all climatic conditions.

It will also maintain the overall shape of the head. The designed piece shows a focus on the creation of the incredible strength to weight ratio. You will get everything in this model without the degraded stiffness or durability.

STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Head – Features and Details:

  • in this STX 500 lacrosse head, you can find a more narrow channel. This defined channel will give accuracy in shooting and passing.
  • It has a stiff aggressive type of scoop that will give adequate strength when you require the ground ball for your team.
  • The sidewalls can withstand grueling moments.
  • It is designed especially for the Attackman who is looking for both lows on the mid Pocket type of design.
  • It will be beneficial for the attackmen for carrying the ball with one hand. It will also help the defenders. You won’t find so many features in many other lacrosse heads in the present market
  • There is also control for the lacrosse head with a variety of stringing options.
  • The throat of the head ensures that it is very conveniently shaped and will have the ability to creation of the channel.
  • You can find that it will make passing and feeding on the shot effortless. There is a long and narrow throat that will lead to the creation of the ball release accurately. Moreover, it will also enhance the control over the game.
  • You can get enough convenience for scoring the goals and becoming big-time players.
  • The neck and shaft that is designed in the 500 STX model it will easily be secure for the shaft. STX now also provides this Surgeon 500 with the ability to keep from outside.
  • You will get enough velocity on the shot that will keep away the competitors.
  • In this model, you can see a solid hold on the shaft which will give you enough compatibility with all kinds of the shaft.
  • You will never face the chances of warping. The surgeon 500 will never come up annoyingly. The players will never have to be worried about the head becoming illegal.
  • It makes use of the all-climate protection technology that will give a good feel with it all year-round.
  • The surgeon 500 comes with a good field position for the attachment. This model is the oriented head that will have the ability for providing attack men with the mid to low position for the ball handling.
  • The forward cant technology in the head will ensure that it is slightly tilted and angled in the forward direction for helping with the improvement of the efficient release.
  • Lacrosse heads STX Surgeon 500 meet with the NFHS and NCAA regulations. It will also give enough position and style of play. It will also hold the specifications like stiffness, weight, pinch, and stringing options.

STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Head – Our verdict:

The new surgeon 500 now works with the all-climate performance to maintain its stability and durability. It also comes with the highest strength to weight ratio that will give increased accuracy.

The aggressive scoop, along with the controlled shot comes with the added texture for enhancing the control. Based on the customer reviews, it’s true that the well-designed piece is remarkable in terms of its length and width.

The design makes it around 10% lighter when compared to the original surgeon model.

Final Word:

The STX surgeon 500 lacrosse head now comes with every aspect that a player will love.

If you are a youth player or new to the field of lacrosse, you must look for this model that will become a part of the top of the line Technology.

The lacrosse piece is best for the high school players for its accurate stiffness. It will give you explosive shot-making capability with the one-handed attack.

The control Technology makes it fit for the advanced and elite players. That’s it for STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Head.

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