STX X10 Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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STX X10 Lacrosse Head ReviewLacrosse heads are the most important part of the lacrosse sticks. If you have planned to get one, the most important points of concerns for you will be the price, value, NFHS and NCAA regulations, and your position. Your style of play will also be considered.

STX X10 LACROSSE HEAD is one of the top survivors among these products. While choosing the best one, the user will have to decide on the extent of punch, weight, stiffness, and stinging options he needs. The product is adored for the innate compatibility and best quality.


  • The holes are evenly placed
  • Sturdy trestle sidewalls offer the required rigidity
  • Wide face shape helps proper interception


  • Suggested that intense checks can make an easy warp.

A brief review of STX X10 LACROSSE HEAD

Designing of STX X10 LACROSSE HEAD was done on a preconception that the unique shape will bring out more perfection, A perfect customizable pocket was ensured as the resultant product was made lightweight yet strong.

The X10 variety is most potent lacrosse head made so far. The manufacturer has introduced the technology of All Climate Performance, abbreviated as ACP to the product.

With use of classic trestle sidewall design, the product is able to impart additional strength and stiffness to the heads.

The lightweight yet sturdy design helps the user take on fierce game with desired flexion. The ultimate designing for ball feel and clack has also made flexible.

Flexible designing has been successful to offer the user a good control over the ground balls. Implementation of ACP technology has worked well for enacting with the reinforcement walls of the Lacrosse Heads.

Use of advent technology enables the forwarding sites offer the product at much lower rates too.

Construction and specification

STX X10 LACROSSE HEAD comes in a way to enable the users customize the lacrosse pocket to befit his/her needs. These can be segregated in accordance with the superior stiffness. Uses of better metals in the construction offer the required rigidity too. The ultimate products offer durability and flexibility that are most adored by the users.

These popular defense heads obey the entire specifications offered in NCAA and NHFS. Addition of innovative technologies and unique design features enable the user equipped with the best lots of defensemen requirements. Observing both the NCAA and NHFS requirements mean that it can be used in both school and college levels.

If a high pocket does not come into user’s preference, use of customizing property would let him/her get the pocket of preference.

For instance, there is a Level 5 bottom rail helped creating a high pocket. It enables the users gain efficient ball control. H/she will be able to channel the ball into the pocket at the first attempt.

With imparted resilience, the products show no sign of fragility even passing hardest shots. Therefore you can be rest assured about speed, accuracy, and consistency of the shots that you make.

The products do have a rounded aggressive scoop too which is tilted forward. Therefore, the player is able to attack even the balls at ground levels. The shots can be practiced from any angle too. It is one of the advantages that is characteristics of the STX X10 LACROSSE HEAD.

The side rails too are made impeccably strong. It enables the user to enjoy a durable design. Not only that; the unparallel design has made the products extremely attractive in looking too.


X10 Lacrosse Heads are excellent for those who belong to intermediate or novice player looking for strong, durable, and dependable stick to pick their game to the next level.

STX X10 LACROSSE HEADs helps them in boosting their skill.

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