Warrior Cobra X | Worth The Hype?

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Warrior Cobra X – The best stick is imperfect without the best Head; that is how significant heads are to the sports.

Picking the good Head based on countless features and honestly, it massively depends upon your inclination.

In earlier days, numerous players desire to purchase sticks and head distinct depends on their necessities, but today the stick being produced as inclusive sticks.

Still, pro players love to buy Head and shaft separately.

There are thousands of heads accessible in the marketplace, but now you are in a target to acquire Warrior Cobra X head.

They have termed out this head cobra because of a particular cause, and the term itself describes the specialty of the Head.

Of course, the cobra is one of the wildest and venomous reptiles; similarly, Warrior Cobra X is a superior head designed for confronting players.

Pros and Cons of Warrior Cobra X

Honestly, this Head is primarily made for maintaining attackers in mind. Then, it has become a too lightweight design;

contrary flared sidewalls may be fit for middies too who wish certain best exactness with their Head.

But we don’t desire this Head for protectors since it will positively not accomplish the necessity of protectors for sure-fire.

In this paragraph, we will discuss a few Pros and Cons of Warrior Cobra X.


Design enables for particular stiffness and ultimate control.
Ultra-lightweight sidewall design emphasizes rigidity on the bottom.
Raised ball stop prevents the ball from being dislodged in the pocket.
High accuracy and better durability and consider one of the finest sticks for attacking players.


Not a suitable one for defenders and Less face-off.
It is not too simple and easy to string accurately.
When the Head breaks, the pouch is challenging to salvage.
Wetness can destroy the pocket, and it needs frequent and daily keeps up.

Unique Features of Warrior Cobra X

It should be kept in kind that every Warrior Cobra X head designed for attacking players.

There are a lot of features that can be comprised of Warrior Cobra X. Here are a few of them are mentioned below. 

  • Pinpoint accuracy– This cobra head enables you to tear the corners and the thread to pass via the protection it offers lightweight to the Head without giving up rigidity.
  • Beefed up sidewall– it added griped up the sidewall to the Head and a new lengthy narrow face to promote the accurateness of the Head by keeping an extensive steady channel down the core of the pocket.
  • Price– this Head emanates around an economical cost range of under $120.
  • Insert molder throat– a unique insert molder throat of this Head offers you double quality color hit so that you will be obtaining a wide variety of tint differences for your Head. 


In this article, we discuss whole aspects of Warrior Cobra X. Lastly, you may have a verdict whether this Head will obtain a place on your stick.

Yet, if you are muddled, check out full of another attacking head accessible in the flea market, and certainly, you are going to end up purchasing this Cobra X lacrosse Head.


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