Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

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The EVO 4 X head comes with the design for the several purposes in the modern-day lacrosse games.

They work for empowering the players with the means for domination. Regardless of the aspects like picking corners, making the accurate feeds, throwing takeaway check or owning the face-off circle, the various heads will give adequate service at the different levels to the players.

Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head – Features & details

  • You will get the availability of the perfect balance when you use this lightweight and stiff head
  • It will give the maximum number of string holes that will serve for the customised placement of the pocket
  • availability of the new interior sidewall Mirrors will provide reduced weight, but you can rest assured that it won’t sacrifice the stiffness
  • It will be perfect for the on-field dominance
  • The product weighs around only 4.8 ounces that makes it pretty easy to move.

The speciality of the Warrior Evo 4 X Head:

There are many reasons for this lacrosse head to become different from its competitors.

The EVO 4 X head comes with the great features that you won’t find in other lacrosse heads. The third version was a bit different. In this piece, you can see that there is everything just like the Classic model.

You will get the expected Technology used in it that makes it better over the competitors.

When it comes to durability, the head is extremely strong and made to last for a longer span. Irrespective of the weather conditions, you can see that it won’t be vulnerable to degradation.

You can use it constantly for four months whenever exposed to slap, check, lift or ground.

The head shows no deviation in its original build-up. There are no chances of warping even when it is exposed to the high temperature.

When the head is exposed to temperature surround 85 ° F to 30 ° F, you will see that there is no direct impact on the stiffness and longevity.

There is a plastic portion on the head that will become the right match to your expectations. The piece is made of good quality ingredients and is not vulnerable to cracking even when you use it rigorously.

Stringing in this model is also a good one. This is the feature that users love the most. The stringing of EVO 4 X is the easiest way out.

What makes it a good setup is the largest of string holds that will make the triangle top easy and an effortless way to string.

There are also huge bottom holes that you can find on the rear portion. The stringing holes on the sides are also helpful.

There are sidewall holes right at the top that are quite large. It will allow around two or three strings to go through and fit in the position.

The head is perfect for the medium or low pocket that you can’t find in some other models.

In terms of appearance, the head EVO 4 X looks beautiful just like the original X. There is a wide face shape along with the pointed scoop.

There are recent updates on the website for giving information about its aggressive cut-outs. Right on the throat region, there are sidewall designs for showing that it can serve the versatile purpose.

Besides, you can also get a variety of colours from which you can choose. Once you find the one that will suit your purposes, you can use it readily on the field of lacrosse.\

In terms of stiffness, the EVO 4x is very durable and extremely stiff. It is not so capable like a defensive head, but for other positions, it will serve excellently well.

The warrior EVO 4 X does not tend to warp at times. The plastic surface makes it become the original one even when it is bent in many angles.

The idea about the parts

The scoop is angled and a round one for improvement of the efficiency on the ground balls.

The latest model EVO 4 X is very real if you don’t want to compromise in terms of its stiffness, toughness, sturdiness and other aspects. It becomes an excellent choice for the situation of the ground ball.

The sidewalls can replicate the type of pockets. When you are attracted towards playing with the different style of pocket, then you can make use of this head.

There are new sidewall designs for making the piece extremely versatile, light, and strong when compared to the other editions.

The throat is a unique one where at the bottom you can see the holes will hold greater pinch. Again, on the top portions, you can find that there is more space for catching the ball and reduction of the ball hitting.

The neck comes with a good amount of stiffness for providing a good base. It will allow the shaft to fit into position with flexibility. It also provides the forward cant that will lead to the improvement of the velocity of the shot.

Final word:

The game-changer Warrior Evo 4 will give the personalised output. The lighter but stronger structure will give a better improvement to your game.

Midfielders love the lightweight design. Again, the Long stick midfielders, as well as close defenders, love the stiffness and durability. That’s a whole review of Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse review.


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