WARRIOR RABIL 2x Lacrosse Head Review | Worth The Hype?

WARRIOR RABIL 2X LACROSSE HEAD is the hottest head that comes with shot power and accuracy like never before.

It is re-engineered for slimming down the throat and stiffening the flex points.

Overall, the translation of the high-end power for the advanced players make them striking.

2 shot technology from the Rabil is now no more prevailing.

It comes with a single form and super lightweight classic styling that makes it stand out. stringing holes comes in addition to the pocket set up.

There’s a scoop with slightly forward cant which. Overall, there is a presentation of the simple rips rope.

The power middie head is better for the advanced players. When compared to the original design, this model is a standard one.

You’ll get plenty of outputs with the Warrior Rabil 2X lacrosse head. The affordable head comes with better pinch, weight, stiffness, and stringing.

A Detailed Review

These heads become the important pieces of lacrosse stick Warrior Rabil 2X. It complies with the NFHS and NCAA regulations.

There are a plethora of positions, and styles of play. Overall, the Warrior Rabil 2X meets your needs. There’s a proven quality of the Warrior Lacrosse for years,

The good lacrosse head Warrior Rabil 2X pure performance. The designs are special for the all-around players in the game.

There’s a presentation of the New Sym-Rail twist that will now deliver the greater precision sidewall engineering.

Overall, there is a maintenance of the stiffness without sacrificing weight.

There are max string holes that maintain the high pocket shot power. These regulations comply in terms of heads pinch, length, and width.

The head is an excellent performer of the high school or college lacrosse.

When you go through the reviews of the top Lacrosse heads on Amazon, you’ll find that this head is designed and sourced by a laxer for better playability.

It is comparatively cheaper than other models on the market.

The inspiration of the Rabil 2 Box lacrosse head is a high end designed head with the Paul Rabil model in mind. Overall, it comes with superior shot power and accuracy.

There is a Sym-Rail that provides maximum stiffness. You’ll get the lowest possible weight.

original set designs for the all-round players in the games come with the twisted sidewall for maximum thickness.

The lowest possible weight with the bottom rail designs is compatible enough for the needs of the players.

The high Pocket placement will provide superior quality short power and accuracy.

Since it is strung with soft mesh, the designed piece becomes suitable for elite players.

Perfection in the design of mid-high pocket with the stringing holes and sidewalls makes this lax head a standard one in terms of its aspects.

The latest head is better than the predecessors in terms of its new and elegant design.

The face shape is a top-notch one that is not too much pinched up towards the top of the head.

Again, the face design is remarkable in terms of building the space for the ball. So, there are chances of warping of the head.

19 sidewall holes make this model enough creative.

There is enough space for the creation of the degree of the offset. The head will guide the user to utilize the pocket.

The pocket lets the ball to sit in the middle. In this way, it becomes the most suitable piece for the offensive players.

Review on Behalf of Customers:

The bottom rail comes with the aggressive incline for ensuring a quick release of the ball. There is an elongated face that gives for providing power to the ball during release.

String lock technology prevents bagging.

Again, they say that the Sym-Rail Twist will definitely make the head lighter.

But, it doesn’t make anything so strikingly different aside from looks. Overall, the head becomes aesthetically appealing and smooth.

Flatter scoop is an amazing system for better performance, especially on groundballs.

It is not that abnormally pointed like the original Rabil. The previous model can not be considered the best for groundballs.

The Rabil 2 falls under the category of a great new head for offensive performance.

It comes with the remarkable captured key improvements that set it apart from the original version.

Since it meets with the high school specs, the head becomes essential even for the MLL professional players. That’s it for WARRIOR RABIL 2x Lacrosse Head.

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